My mind wanders, while I'm aimlessly walking around lifeless.
Dead, cold, with no heartbeat left.

The smell of Blood indulges my senses, entices me into a state of lust!
Desiring it ever more so.

The touch of warmth strikes me with more force than that of a lightening bolt!
It's my heroin, my addiction.

The darkness of my soul sees no light. It is my sanctuary.
Nothing but, old memories left to haunt me with.

The nights are endless, Madness takes over me,
Like the night has the day.

Never to really feel.
Only to desire is like wanting to breathe again.
Longing for the suffering to cease

The only battle I Fight, is the battle that rages inside of me,
Between what is right, and what is wrong.

I've lost all self control

My mind is corrupt

My life is no more.