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July 16, 2007

I had a dream my mom told me Terry was coming. We were in an office, there was another guy there, an ironed suit was on the desk wrapped in plastic


I rode on a bus to a city. I've had dreams about this city before. There's alot of iron work, a bridge maybe. The buildings are huge. We get off at a place with giant slides, guys take turns sliding down them, staying as flat as possible. I wanted to try. There was a wall, behind it some guy chased me and my close friend and threw small rocks. I threw them back and we escaped. after that we tried the slide.

july 26

I had a dream about school, I was in a class. I don't remember what was being discussed. At first it was a football game where the coach, a man then later a woman, was instructing which warm up to do. Our team captian, or someone we all looked up to, got confused and did something different which all of the team soon followed. the coach noticed and we got in big trouble. The other team laughed at us, then the couch turned into a woman, most likely the coach of the other team, and pointed out how they had gotten it wrong to and how they're captain, or the hot shot who had made the comment, was no better than us. he had sort of a bowl cut with a mohawk in the center. Anyways, without skipping a beat it turned into a classroom, and the female white captain turned slowly into a black women while she talked. She said something about two new sections in the bible. One about Music, the other about sending souls that have gone to hell to heaven again, they said it'd worked before. Then the woman, now fully transformed, held my hand and prayed on me. I was busy talking to the girl behind me. She had an interesting pair of shades. Becca came in the classroom at a later point, she had really really wanted to hear my story. The one that I was writing in real life. This is her second time asking in one of my dreams; this time she asked why I did not bring it when I said I was. I left the class room and suddenly the words "Based On The Eliza Weird Story" popped up. Then I woke up.

Eliza Weird. The name brings up a story about a girl in a fantasy world with talking lizards and robots.

But to use a synonym for the word weird, such as strange. Elizabeth Strange comes up, and many links to her family tree. Thy both may need looking into.

August 6

In this dream, at the very end, I'm reading my myspace comments. One girl says "I know how you feel. Must be difficult living with your band like that." Another says "Do you think I hurt him?"

I've noticed the 6's to. I don't plan it like this, it just randomly happens.

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