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Usagi aka Luna

Luna Hitomi
Community Member
Luna was her name. She was a beautiful young woman with bright blue eyes and long light brown curly hair. She was mid height and slender, she almost looked like a model except her wonderful blue eyes showed no emotions. Her family was poor and so her father barrowed some money to help. Then came the day when her family had to pay it back. That’s when it all began.
Her family couldn’t pay the man back so her father stood up grabbing Luna’s arm and shoved her to the older man saying, “Please take my daughter as payment she can work as a maid for you to pay off our debt or at least until I can gather up the money!” The other man just looked at Luna’s father with shock. To give up their daughter in place of money seemed desperate. He stood Luna up and looked at the young woman then back at her parents that were kneeling before him. With a heavy sigh, he accepted their proposal.
The next thing she knew Luna was packing her clothes and leaving the small house she lived in. She had an expressionless face and her blue eyes were as cold as ice as she got into the car and drove away. Shortly after getting into the car, she was stepping out again. They had arrived at the mansion were she would work off her parents debt. They walked into the mansion and into the living room. “Please have a seat Luna. Oh… By the way, my name is Watari Kouto you can call me Mr. Watari if you like. Please wait here while I get my sons to introduce to you.” Luna sat down on the sofa and waited patiently while Mr. Watari was gone. A few minutes later Mr. Watari came back into the room follow by three good-looking younger men. Luna stood up and bowed her head. Mr. Watari turned to his son’s and spoke, “Boy’s this is Hitomi, Luna she will be our guest here and.” “Your new maid…. I will be your new maid until I pay off my parents’ debt to your family.” Mr. Watari looked over to Luna. “No I couldn’t have you do that Luna. Just enjoy your stay here I’m sure your parents are working really hard to get the money to get you back.” Luna lifted her head, “My parents do not care about me. They don’t even want me around. I am just a disgrace to them just because I am different, so with all do respect I doubt you will ever see my parents again. They probably already gather all of their stuff and left. I will work off their debt and then take my leave.” Mr. Watari stood there and watched Luna stay calm after what she had just said and turned to his son’s who were staring at her. “Let her do what she wants dad. If she wants to work let her work.” “Satoshi, Hold your tongue! I’m very sorry for my son. That one is Satoshi he’s my oldest, although he doesn’t act like it. Next is Rio he is my second oldest son.” Rio smiled and bowed his head, “It is a pleasure to meet you Luna.” “And this is my youngest Toga.” Toga smiled also, walked over to Luna, and hugged her around the waist, “It will be awesome to have a girl back in the house!”

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