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Saebella's Random Thoughts!!

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Ive decided that I'm really ADHD in bookstores. Seriously, I run around the place and talk nonsensically. People probably think im crazy, because I'll be walking down the isles, hand running across the books muttering to myself. I actually just saying things like 'read it' or 'sucked' and also 'authors good, may want to read'. But from an outside point of view I look bat-s**t-crazy. But as much as I love bookstores, I sometimes don't like the people working there. Because they are sometimes not so nice of people. I especially hate the ones who just because you ask for help they think your an illiterate imbecile. I couldn't find the book- doesn't mean i can''t read it! So heres my recent encounter with one such worker.

Sae: Hi! do ya'll have Rachel Cain's new book Carpe Corpse?
BookstoreWorker: That would be in young adult...
Sae: Yes, I know it would be. But ,see, I looked, but it isnt in alphabetical order so i was kinda confused..
BW: Its in alphabetical order! (sounds offended)
Sae: Then why was Westerfield next to Cabot?
BW: We have science fiction and fiction section (talks as if this is the most obvius thing in the world)
Sae: .....that was not clearly marked
BW: There are signs on the shelves. (same tone)
SAe: The only sign on those shelves is an odd warning urging parental supervision.
BW: .....what else were you looking for (the you idiot was kindly left unsaid, but was still implied)
Sae: Hamlet and Sidarrtha, I have no clue how to spell that so please don't ask.
BW: Hamlet would be in the Shakespeare section (by now i am wondering if her voice is just permanently like this or if im special)
Sae: Ah, yes, once again, I know this. Where is said Shakespeare section?
BW: In literature.
Sae: Seeing as how the literature section is half this store could you be a little more specific?
BW: *sigh* Fine, one moment and I'll show you.
Sae: Thank you *big cheesy smile* (While shes looking up whatever it was she was looking up i begin to play with a ball filled with glitter sitting there. BW glares at me but i smile and continue, eventually i read the warning tag) 'Do not leave in sunshine unattended, may act as a magnify glass and cause fire'.....thats pretty awesome.
BW: (she dosnt see the awesomeness of a glitter filled ball spontaneously combusting things as i do and glares some more) Yha well those things can be pretty delecate. ( i toss the ball up and down just to spite her) Allright follow me.

In Shakespeare section

BW: Theres two, the larger one is more expensive
Sae: Why?
BW: Its the European version
Sae:....its still the same play isnt it? (she doesn't answer)

In Literature Section

Sae: I get the feeling that the literature section is the stuff that they just couldn't find any better place to put it.
BW: No, its fiction
Sae: Yha well, thriller is fiction and so is romance and mystery, but they've all got there own sections. Then there's literature, which is rather nondescript.
BW: Literature is general fiction.
Sae: Meaning?
BW: Its the books that dont fit a specific category.
Sae: ...which is exactly what I just said....

She was really happy to see me leave, haha.

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