I bought Hubby a copy of Left 4 Dead 2 for Christmas and we've been playing like addicts ever since. XD I thought I'd make a little journal entry about it as an additional fangirl outlet. There are a few spoiler-esque tidbits ahead, although it's not really a storyline-heavy kind of game.

January 2010: To the chagrin of my teammates, my friendly fire rate is very, very high. ._. One time a teammate sees five red arrows pointing behind and spins around and there I am holding an M-16. No zombies. Just me. I need to work on this before we advance out of Easy mode.

If you have four players it's freakishly easy to get Wing and a Prayer. @_@ All you have to do is stay in the safe house while the other three go off and trigger the event at the downed airliner. Hello, a-cheat-ment. My Hubby got Wing and a Prayer the hard way though. Respect.

Favorite Moment: A Tank launched me from the balcony of the plantation house into the branches of a tree. I was untouchable for a few glorious minutes, but I ended up getting incapped anyway when a second Tank threw a chunk of concrete at me.

February 2010: All-time friendly fire high is 40 so far. T_T

The current favorite joke between our team of four is that my Hubby is not allowed to pick up grenade launchers. He was taking aim at some zombies that were quite a bit away after we'd cleared a mini horde. I thought we were done shooting so I stepped forward to take point. KA-DOOM! He shot me right in the back of the head. I think the entire party took damage on that one, and it wasn't the only time he had big time friendly fire. Now every time an NPC yells, "grenade launcher here," you can hear these human voices piping up immediately afterward. "No there's not!" "Don't even think about it." "NO!"

We've gotten all of the achievements now except for Strength In Numbers, the two that you have to play on Expert level, and the one where you have to get a medal just using a melee weapon. Dude. Yeah right. We can't even get to three minutes in Survival yet. XD We're such noobs.

March 2010: Woo, we made it to the Bronze Medal stage in Survival! Once we get decent enough we'll have to try for that achievement where you medal with just a melee weapon.

We tried playing on Expert with realism enabled just for kicks. Oh man...we died on the first map. *laugh*

We've played through all of the campaigns so often now that we don't care which one we play when the usual foursome gets together, so the lobby leader plays campaign roulette and we just play whatever happens to come up when s/he lets go of the joystick. I'm a die hard 100+ hours RPG game girl so I'm amazed that I haven't gotten tired of this first person shooter yet. I'm pretty sure it's all about the zombies. X3

April 2010: My sister bought me two copies of Left 4 Dead for my birthday! (We have two XBoxes because when we got the Red Ring of Death on our first XBox I made Hubby go out and buy another one that same night because I couldn't bear to be without L4D2 for the two to six weeks that it would take to get XBox #1 repaired and refurbished.) Is she not the best sister ever?

We sped through the first campaign, picking up achievements left and right pretty much by accident, like killing a Smoker before it can do any damage to a strangled opponent, and burning a Witch and a Tank, and killing a Witch before it can do any damage to any Survivor. The number of zombies you have to kill is staggering. @_@ I only had to kill 10k in L4D2! What the heck is up with over 50k kills?! My sister's SO says it's a reference to another game. Something about the population of a certain town and needing to kill off enough enemies in the game to account for every single person. Dude. Pick a smaller town.

The comment in the caboose something along the lines of "you're a coward and you let your children die" makes me sad and nauseated. TT

Am SO excited to play "The Passing!" I want to see the Bride Witch. heart

May 2010: I heart the Passing, however I'm very sad that Bill died. I was hoping it would be Louis, if it had been an arbitrary kill-someone thing, but I understand it was done because the voice actor who voiced Bill passed away. The bride witch is awesome, and I love having foot lockers full of infinite pills and adrenaline lying around.

The "Bleed Out" mutation was fun, as well as "Last Gnome Standing". The realism versus didn't really ring my bell, but I think it's because I prefer cooperative play rather than PvP. (One of my Strengths Finder 2.0 results is Harmony. XD) "Last Man on Earth" made me super, super sad. My character just kept yelling lonesomely and I totally got mauled by the Tank. x_x Strangely enough I didn't get credit for the mutation either, so I'll be a week behind my play-buddies in getting that "Mutant Overlord" achievement. *sulks*

July 2010: Freaking love these Mutations, except for the pointless ones like "Room for One". Seriously? That's one of the ideas that made the cut? Give me something that I can't play on my own during a regular campaign with three friends by mutual consent. Gib Fest rocks. It's like Chainsaw Massacre but with a long-range option. This would be the week where people pick up the Expert level achievements.

I want to dress as a bride witch and make my Hubby dress up as a hunter and sit on our lawn for Halloween, creeping the hell out of children and getting cool points from the teenagers.