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Chronicles Of Iren
This an story i'm working on! Note:Some part sometime change Pleases Comment ^^
here this the first chapter ^^

Chapter 1
I slowly opened my eyes, how long has it been since I dreamt of my parents death. When I was little it was the only thing I dreamt of but over time it happened less and less, this was the first time in years. The funny thing is can’t even remember their faces, it’s all blurry. Heck I don’t even remember what my family’s name was. Yawning I got up and looked out my window, which was pretty much pointless because there wasn’t much to look at besides other dorms and a few trees. Little hill orphanage was the place I ended up in. Everyone agrees that the person who named had no imagination what so ever!
It’s not a bad place to live; three meals a day, a roof over our heads, education, health care and a bit of cleaning duties. I mean it could be a lot better but I’ve heard of worst places. I remembered the seeing gates for the first time; Sten was with me holding my hand saying it was a right. I wondered how Sten was, I haven’t seen him since then and I missed him. There was knocking at the door breaking all of my thoughts.
“Come in” I yelled
“Iren! HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY!” Kara yelled in excitement, she burst through the door and hugged me really hard.
“Ouch! Kara! You don’t have to hug so hard!” I complied. Kara was my first friend I made here and was as close as a sister, though she can be a bit… out of this world at times.
“Aww, don’t be like Iren, think one year then you’re out of here!”
“The better the sooner!” I replied, it’s not that I hate this place it just that I can’t what I want to do. I want to have a bit of fun in my life and not just sit around a wait for someone adopt me. Beside no one would want to anyway, I’m too old. Once you hit ten, your chances are slim. And I don’t want to wait a whole another year to leave.
“Man Iren, you’re so negative! Have some fun!” Kara whinnied while collapsing on my bed.
“There’s nothing fun to do around here!”
“Get a boyfriend or something!” Kara suggested. I looked at her wide eyed for a minute.
“What would I want one for! It’s pointless to have a relationship with somebody!” I replied. Sorry but I don’t just randomly fall in love. Also I don’t really feel like dealing with an relationship I’ve got better things to do then to drool over some guy.
“Don’t get so worked up over it! I just suggested it; you get so grumpy in morning!” Kara complained then looked at her watch. “Time to get ready sleepy head, classes start in 15 minutes” Kara continued and then ran out the door to get herself ready. Signing to myself I went to find my uniform. I’m not the cleanest person in the world. Once I found it and put it on, I look at myself in the mirror, I put my long brown hair up in a ponytail. My uniform was a bright red plaid skirt with a black long sleeves shirt that matches my green eyes. I never really cared how I look but I admit I look a lot better with the uniform on.

I walk into Math class, and find myself a desk. Well it’s not really a desk; it’s more like this long wooden table on a set of stair’s and at the bottom is a small desk for the teacher, with a chalkboard behind it. Kara spotted me and sat down right beside me.
“You ready for the test?” I asked
“I wish, I studied all night but I still don’t get it!” Kara said and started playing with her red hair.
“That’s what you get for waiting in till the last minute!” I smirked, that’s one of the problems with Kara, she waits in till the last minute to do anything.
“You’re so cold Iren! If I fail another test I get cleaning probation for a month!” Kara whinnied. We may not have parents but the orphanage sure does a good job of filling in.
“Well, just try your hardest! And you’ll do fine!” I tried to reassure her but I don’t think it worked very well.
“Easy for you to say! You get straight A’s in everything; you don’t even need to study! You’re the best of our whole grade!”Kara augured.
“No! I work just as hard!” People are all ways overestimating me; I probably work harder than most people just to fill their expiations. Then the tests were passed out to us.
“Ya right!” Kara said more to herself then me, and then we took are tests.

I hate math tests! I mean I hate all test, but math test are the worst! As far as I know, all I need to know is addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Sure I might be the best of the class but this is giving me a headache. Time slowly passed but after what seemed like hours, I finished it! I got up and turned it into the teacher, who smiled and took. Then the bell rang letting me know that class was over and passing time had started, which by the way is chaos!
I somehow managed though the door and into the hall, I was looking for Kara. But I all saw was a bunch of giggling girls in the corners sharing the latest gossip and groups of guys running around like crazy. I felt a poke and turn around to see Kara.
“Hey, so how do you think you did on the test?” I asked
“F-a-i-l” she moaned. We both walked into history class and sat down.
“Well it’s not like then world! You’ll do better on the next test!”
“It might!” Kara answered; I rolled my eyes and gave up. When Kara sulks, she’ll stay like that for a long time. I started to doodle on a piece of paper, when then the teacher started class.
“Today we will start a new unit, it will be on the country Lianne!” he told the class. I dropped my pencil and stared in shock. My mind flashed back to night my parents died, and remember how my Father had asked the girl if she was from Lianne. Years back I tried to find stuff about it but I couldn’t find anything.
“Students please keep in mind, that are country and Lianne aren’t really on the best of… terms. So we have very limited on information.” I raised my hand.
“Yes Iren?” He called out.
“Umm a long time ago heard of a place called Lianne, so I went the library but I found nothing on it. And if I couldn’t find anything about it, why is that?” I asked
“I’m surprised you have heard of Lianne Iren. Not many people have even heard of it because we erased it from are maps and history, so it has been forgotten.”
“But why?”
“Well you see, Safira and Lianne used to be one whole country. But due to religion and the way the looked at the world they split up into two different countries. Lianne thought that Lian, God of the day was more important the Sari, Goddess of the night. Another reason is that Lian’s believe that the world should move on and create things that would help them make life easier. But we on the other hand, think the other way around and that caused a civil war.”
“So you then why are you teaching us about them now?”
“After the war we left them alone and they left us alone, we also sign a peace treaty that says if anyone from the other country enters there land, their punishment is death! Lately they have been breaking that treaty and some…Induces have happened. So there’s talk of war! And if there is going to be war, we need to learn to learn as much as we can about our enemy!”
“What induces?”
“I’m afraid I can’t tell you about that” The teacher shifted uncomfortably.
“But didn’t you just say if we’re going to war we need to know about the enemy! I think we should at least know why! “I yelled, I don’t get this!
“I’m sorry Iren! But the government doesn’t want you or even me to know, were just going to have to trust it.”
“But no country is perfect, so how do we know we’re going the righ----“The teacher cut me off.
“That’s enough Iren!”
“I said that’s enough!”
“Yes sir!” I said. For the rest of the lesion I blocked out of my mind. There were too many questions in my head. I for some reason couldn’t let them go; I felt if I let them go they would just haunt me! I felt like I could scream any minute! I was so lost in my thoughts I lost track of time so when the bell rang I didn’t hear it.
“Iren! It’s time to leave! Come on!” Kara said as she was jerking me.
“Huh? Oh right” I got up and left the room Kara. It was lunch time but I wasn’t hungry.
“Iren! What with you? Every since History you’ve been strange!” Kara asked.
“I’m just… I don’t know…. Look I’m going to ditch for the rest of the day.”
“Well that should do you some good; you need to take a good long break so I’ll cover for you!”
“Tell Darren, Percy and Shirley what happen to me ok!”
“Sure whatever you say.” Kara said while running to lunch. As for me I just slowly walked to fine a good place to ditch. Even if some teacher fined me I doubt I’ll get in much troubled, due to me being an honor student.

After a little while of searching I finally found a place to ditch. It was tree by an old abandoned warehouse; I used to play around this place when I was younger. Memoires of me playing with Kara here flashed though my mind why I was trying to climb up it. It was a bit hard because I had a book in my hand that I got from my dorm, but I somehow managed to climb up it. I sat down on a branch not to high from the ground and started to read my book. It was about a boy who suffers from memory suppression and travels with his cousin who is a bit insane then they meet this guy who has some strange obsession with books. I finished the book by the time the sun went down, I can’t wait for the next one I said to myself.
“Iren you never change!” I looked down to see Kara on the ground smiling.
“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” I asked while climbing down from the tree.
“A bit of both! I recall you being as cold as steel, unlike the other girls. Heck you still like that Iren.” Kara replied laughing.
“You’re the same too!” I said and I finally was down from the tree.
“I see ditching has cured you! Come on your going to miss dinner but Iren you have to tell me what was on your mind earlier!” Kara told me while walking back to the dorms. I followed her to dinner. I knew there was something I had to do and Kara wasn’t going to like it very much, but I’m sure she will understand after all we grew up together. But this was something I needed to do… no I had to do.

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