Okay so I've bounced an Idea around in my head for i dunno how long now and no matter who I tell it to I just don't seem to get any good feed back.I mean I love the concept. okay check this out.lets establish the two chracters.First shelly,the cute adolecent little girl.Now Doo-doo, her faithfull but moronic canine companion.Depending on who you are you might have heard of these two. I've had these two charaters for a good amount.
The most recent of story idea is a great adventure. As most of my friends know I love the Idea of cartoony style characters embarking on parilis and endagering adventures with the semi-serious atitudes dispite there funny goofy apperences. As this cartoon is a perfect example as such. Shelly the young girl who awakens in bed to find her self in a post apoceliptic future with only her pet dog Doo-doo,both of which are mysteriously unharmed waking up after what seemed to be the end of the earth. I mean C'mon I love the idea.I'd definitly read the graphic novel or go see the full length animated movie film for theaters! I dunno, I guess that could be considred biest either way its definelty somthing I'd like to work on in the near future.