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..... more bleck
every donation I've ever got:

OpeningTheDoor- 10k
Jiraffes - 10k
Peup - 10k

drainedrainbow - 5,769g
Crowened Polar Bear - 5k
Unguarded Beauties - 3.5k & Opal Borealis
xzpwnz - 20k & Vampire Hunter Hat & Silent Knight
-_Zeh N i p p l e Queen_- - 20k
Miss_Mochilla - 2k
Enchantress Sabel - 5k
Fumetsu Chi - 5k
Kataly - selling me Coco 30k less~
SirEvil- Dark Star +more
Crystal-1ite - lots of things
Aiichu - 20k
Striptease Plz Demonic Sash
-Viradechtis- --User Image
The famous cookie - 5k
PocKet RagDoLL- 5k
Derelict Sermon V3 - 100k eek
Capricious Puppet - 8k
Gloriarocksoutloud - 20k
Deathinblueshoes - 20k
Mokiba - masterpiece
Lopsided Oreo- 15k
xDeadly_Beaver- 77k

Malevolent Ashy - User Image User Image User Image
- - stuffed e e y o r e - 2 mil! heart
Edgecrusher Asakuun - 1k
Corrupt_Enigma- 7152g
leftystevens - Clinohumite diamond dog
DJ H u g g i 3k
Wolf_n_floW - 30,132g
Yutora - 17k

Signs for me =D

User Image
User Image
User Image
from: Yuiisuki
User Image
User Image
- Suicidal Paper
User Image

I wasn't about to make an entry with just one thing in it so here is a story Ive received.
The maniacal smile, paired with wide, staring eyes, are the first things that capture the attention. They do not blink, do not lose focus, just stare, relentlessly. Unnervingly. The sword, although sheathed, does little to dispel the sinister aura, and the tattered black trousers and belts only add to it.

A spiky black tail flicks, jerkily, from side to side, and a dark, shadowy halo spins lazily above her head. She reaches up and lazily flicks her winged cap, tilted at a jaunty angle which seems to make mockery of the world, and all in it. And then, just when it seems all is revealed, a small black kitten peeps round from behind her head, and leaves the observer wondering just who - or what - they have seen after all...

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