Wooohooo. I took the SAT yesterday; felt pretty good about it, and although I slightly wasn't satisfied with the essay, I think it'll be good enough. Blegh.

Hmm-hmm. Also played an RPG at Simon's house today; good fun. It's really weird how Enzo looks so incredibly different and Ross looks exactly the same. xD The boys spent a little time playing Halo after dinner, but I sort of suck really bad at that game (I tried it once at Chelsea and Julia's), so I just watched. I'm rather good at that, since it used to be all I did of video games. Once upon a time when I couldn't find my way around four buttons and force feedback scared the hell out of me. ^_^

Now, math. I'm maybe sort of waiting for mom to go to bed so that I can have some dessert (not because she'd say no, just cuz... I dunno, it's lame. But it's what I do?). Mmm, tea.

So I have a first generation of that Seracila thingy. It's pretty neat. :3 Bought it on impulse but now I really like it so far.