okay, so here it is.
me and mariano were sopposed to
go to the movies. i got there and he said he was on his way.
so i buy my ticket and go inside.
i saw a few of friends standing by the line
for snacks, so i go and stand with them.
we are just talking when i get the text saying
he cant go any more because his mother is
being a b***h. so i stood there a moment not
saying anything.
so me and my friends go sit in the
mariano is texting me saying sorry over and
over. i told him it was fine but he could tell i was a little
pissed. and i was.
then he brought up the subject of "is this gonna work out?" we got inn
a big argument of never seeing each other and how i still like my ex. i kept telling him that i LOVED HIM. but e couldnt understand that for some reason. he was asking me if i had douts about our relationship. and i didnt want to lie so i said yes.
as much as i wanted him, he didnt want me the same. so he let me go. now
i cant stop thinking about him.
i just want to tell the world how much i love him.
but that would be impossible.
words could never explain how much i love him.