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idk you can read if you want
Very Lost Log
Well, Never thought I would even post on this thing again. I kind of forgot about these. Man the things I have been through, but that's not what this is about. Its been years since I have been really active on here. So much has happened I am no longer the person I was 6 years ago.

I currently living on my own now, which is pretty cool actually. I get to do what I want on my own time with out having to worry about bothering anyone. Though being on my own for a bit got me thinking about my passed and also reminding me how nice it is to have someone there. I would like to reconnect with some people I used to talk to on here. I'm realizing a lot that has happened in my life was because of the things I did on here. A lot of my personality was created from this. From the people I met in random Chatterboxes to the RPs I would be apart of. Heck I even meet my first BF on here. Thought that s**t was a dream come true. Was with him for 2 years then moved states to live with him. That was for another 4 years and sadly some things just have to crash down. That in it's self taught me a lot about myself.

I don't know how you guys are doing and I hope everyone is doing alright, but I honestly would understand if your not. Times are really hard right now. With everything going on in the world, plus a lot of us are adults now and have experience a lot of our own difficulties. Trust issues, money issues, living situations, and so much more. I just hope that you know there are people out there, myself included, who still think about your well being and wishes you the best. So if you read this at some point and wondering why I am writing this. To simply to put it. I want to some how wish as many people possible better times then what they are going through now. If things are great right now, I hope they go even better. If things are just s**t right now, Things will get better, it will just take way more time then you think it will sadly. But it will come.. I had to learn that myself.

I miss you guys oh so much. If I had a chance to meet each one of you I would love that, but sadly time is short for me now. So meeting each of you wouldn't be possible anymore for me..... If you read this far, thank you. Thank you for taking your time to go through this and see what I had to say. keep being the amazing person you are. Even if you feel like your not because of something that has happened. You are still amazing. We are human and sadly mistakes happen from anywhere from being simply to devastating. So don't let that eat away at you. Just do better for yourself to help better those around you too. Otherwise you will lose out on the time you have with those who are around you.

Thank you for being apart of my life. Goodbye and the best wishes to you all.

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