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Land of Nothing

In the Year 3025, technology has increased and the human population has decreased. The causes were known. Nuclear power plants are the most popular technology for energy. But the nuclear waste has been a burden. Barrels of this waste have been dumped in junkyards, lakes and rivers and there were no more places to dispose of it. The radiation was at an all time high. People have been dieing of cancer and radiation poisoning. People have become impotent and unable to reproduce. 995,000 people died each day. This has been the world's most devastating death rate in recorded history a month later there was no one alive. Animals died instantly from drinking the river water. Many years had passed and the elder gods decided to intervene to help create life on earth again. But the gods of fire, water, wind, and earth were too old and so were the others. They could not even create a single life form or the energy for the necessities to live on earth. Then the gods had an idea. They would let their offspring give energy to make the green grass, fresh air, clean water and other things that would be useful to the new earth dwellers. In the year 4000, the elder gods had taught their children, how to use their powers. There is Korana the goddess of the Sun, fire, and light. The elder gods found her a dangerous goddess cause when she was born. She killed her mother during birth and she has mostly does not have the aptitude to control her powers. But during a battle with Vorana, the goddess of thunder and lightening, Korana accidentally killed Vorana. And in guilt she put Vorana's soul into her body. Vorana has tried to get out and try to find a host but she has failed. She is still able to cause thunder, lightening, and darkness by waiting for Korana to get weak when the clouds get so thick that its gets dark and becomes weak and that's when Vorana escapes and makes it rain or snow. Vorana hopes that one day she will have a host so she can leave Korana's life alone. Little is the God of life and death. He got the name cause his legs were cut off cause he disobeyed Neotic the head of the gods. He judges and locates the souls to where they belong. There is one person he is trying to catch, Yin, cause of his evil ways he must parish. He also creates cyborgs, which are called bots. He uses the dead bodies to make these cyborgs so they can find lost souls and protect people that can't defend themselves. He hopes he would be able to kill Yin so he can use his body to make him into a bot. These goddesses created and cleaned up earth. After they were done they made there own land. There is the shadow lands, where it's always dark. Vampires, bats and demons live in this area. Corona Territory where Korana lives and Corona Warriors live. Corona Warriors have to live in warm places and are vulnerable to cold areas. They were the first people to use magic to make fireballs and shields. They share they knowledge to the ones that want to know it. The Reality Zone is where Vira lives. This place can turn you mad in seconds Virtual Warriors live there. They wear glasses called VRs. When worn they know what is reality and what is an illusion. And it's common for Virtual Warriors to be color blind they can only see shades of blue so the glasses can give them a color view of the world besides blue. The Forbidden Garden is where there are roses and plants that can possibly kill or harm you. Deep in the garden there are Rose Warriors. They are born by warrian roses. These roses contain human females. People still don't know how they can talk the warrian language and the ability to fight. Thorns protect these beautiful warriors before they are born. Thorns grow where people try to touch or destroy the rose. These thorns grow very rapidly so it instead of a p***k it's a stab. The Dead Lands is where Little lives. Nothing grows in that land. Most defeated warriors go to this place to and kill themselves cause they were defeated or they lost their families and friends during wartime. Little sometimes don't use these bodies to make bots cause most warriors rather spend they're time with there family or because they are suicidal. The gods wanted to make the earth dwellers think they are thinking of them all the time. That's when they created the seven-warrian crystals. These crystals have the power to give you one wish. Theses crystals can also bring the end of reality if the wish is selfish or immoral. That means that the gods will become human and the possible, impossible, this includes they are unable to morph, super strength, magic, and portals. There are people that don't believe in many gods. They believe these gods like Korana and Little are just like everyone else, but stronger. They have common powers like warriors. These people are called Outcasts. Outcasts believe in one god and believe that he was the one who created everything. These people wear trench coats and carry guns, which can kill a warrior at any strength, instantly. Like other warriors they carry something like a remote and can't kill, but harm the warrior, but numerous shots can kill. These remotes are called scopes. These scopes don't make much of a sound but can disable anyone if shot at the right place. Warriors also carry another weapon, which are called power poles. Power poles are not usually carried on their persons, but in themselves. These poles are energy formed with their thoughts. Which means the warrior can make it spin, curve and return. But if they lose the power pole that doesn't mean anyone else can't use. This energy is part of their strength. Its like if someone caught your fist and prevents you from moving your arm away. If the warrior was defeated and killed and had his power pole out the victor can take that pole and transfer the pole's energy into his pole or can have two poles instead of one large. This can also make the victor be stronger. Warriors can morph into any animal but it's difficult to maintain that position. Gods can stay even longer as any animal, but become weak cause of the energy to sustain that position. The most harmless animal on earth in the year 5000 is Draco. Draco is a very large dragon like creature that flies. Draco lives in the all parts of the super continent but never touches land. People are still studying how Draco stays afloat. It has no wings and if they're no link to the portals that appear when warriors open one. Portals are the warriors' and Draco's way of transportation. They can go to almost anywhere on the super continent. And they can also go back in time. It just depends on what color of the vortex is. This phenomenon is still unknown. But they cannot study the portal cause of religious beliefs, which is time travel is illegal. There are some places you can enter but can't get out with the portal. So that means that if your planning on going to the middle outer regions plan on going for a long walk. The area they live on is called the super continent it is where warriors live and hunt.


My name is Rita Miller, an assassin. I have black hair, not very tall and I always have a gun on me. My story starts at Neo Tokyo, 2025 when I was about to take a life. His real name is unknown but he wanted to be the next president. Someone from an outside source told me that he was trying to be president so he can start a war and so he can be the ruler of the world. I set up my assault rifle on the fifth floor in an open window of someone's apartment. It was a hot day and the owner of his home had no air conditioner. The owner went down to see the parade where my target was. Right before I had the chance to pull the trigger something opened behind me, it felt like a breeze and very bright, someone grabbed me and pulled me into a vortex. Then I woke up in a desert. I couldn't remember how I got here or how long I was unconscious. I looked around took my gun out of my trench coat to protect myself. I saw a tombstone with an unfamiliar symbol. Then a bright flash broke out into the sky and I saw a portal open and I just ran from what I saw, a large reptile that looked like a dragon, popped out and roared and went into another portal about fifty yards from where it came from. I ran and ran hoping that the terrible beast won't come after me and eat me. When suddenly I saw the weirdest thing, the desert stopped and grassy plain was covering as if there was an invisible line there. Then I noticed a small village I went down there to see if I can get any help. At the village people were staring at me and whispering comment. These people had different color hair as if they dyed them. Even the children had green hair. These people were even carrying weapons and wearing tight clothing. Then when I came up to one of the villagers she ignored me so I went to a cavern. The cavern was huge and people were cheering at two guys that were fighting in a ring. The brawlers were using weapons and using some kind of magic, they were saying something and lightning and fire were coming out of their hands. Then one of the fighters changed into a wolf and jumped the other fighter and tore into his neck and a person in a hooded robe and yelled, "enough!" And people yelled and hollered. I went to the bartender asked if he knew where I was and he looked at me and said, "We don't mingle with The Outcasts." I tried to ask him again where I was and he screamed, "There's a Outcast in our village!" Then everyone paused and looked at me and some of the villagers grabbed me and people started to chant, "warriors' end." Repeatedly and They dragged me to the back of the cat walk where fighters come out and one of the villagers said, "You will now fight for your right to live." And gave me a weapon and then he said, "If you win I'll tell you what you want to know." Well finally someone that's going to help me find out where the ******** I was. Then a lady came up to me and said that I need to change my attire, so she took me to her room and told me that I should wear what they are wearing. It was a black suit that looked like a leotard with a short skirt. I couldn't complain cause everyone in this village was wearing one, except the guys which they wear a suit with heavy armor there was a slight disadvantage on my on part. That's when it came to me what happens if my opponent turns into an animal and rips my guts out. I was so scared, then the lady said, "This suit will harden when you wear it and will protect you." Then I thought what happens if he aims for the head some help it would help me, but I didn't tell her what I thought. I had confidence that I would win. "We're ready." A man said, "You'll fight Foxx." The lady looked discouraged, I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Foxx was never defeated. All the Outcasts were killed by him." Then I said, "What are you- " Then the man interrupted, "We're ready. Come on." When I came out people were booing and hissing at me yelling outcast. I didn't know what they were talking about. Then Foxx came out and people were cheering him on and yelling to kill me. He was very large and he had orange armor all over his body except on his face he had red eyes black hair and very tall. Then I remembered what the other fighter said when they were battling so I tried to get the element of surprise so I raised my hand and said, "Zoi" and a burst of flames came out my hand. I sure surprised him all right. He started rubbing his eyes then, Foxx teleported behind me and pushed me I thought this was it just a push then I grabbed my sword where one of the villagers gave me and Foxx raised his hand over his head and said, "Toi!" Then out of nowhere a pole with a sharp tips appeared in his hand. Foxx started to grin and spun it at me, and the pole started to spin towards me I eventually dodged it, then I remembered I still have my gun strapped to my leg so I grabbed it and shot him three times. But it had no effect on him then I thought his body couldn't be all hard so I aimed my gun to his head and fired. Foxx fell back, hazed and knocked down. And I remembered the about the pole that was stuck near the wall of the catwalk so I got out of the ring and grabbed the pole then I repeated the same words that Foxx said. I raised my hand over my head and said the magical words. Then it started to move so I loosened my grip on the pole and it started to spin then I flinged it toward him and clubbed him on the head. There was gash on his head and was blood spewing out after the pole hit him. Then I noticed that his wound healed and he started to charge at me and I countered by giving him the clothesline then I told him that I didn't want to kill him and he said, "I'm not the one that's going die." Then he started to chant something and his entire body was glowing bright orange and gradually was morphing into an animal. He changed into a wolf. He was snarling and growling then he lunged at me then the same villager that gave me the sword said, "He is now weak kill him!" Then Foxx attacked me when I wasn't looking and knocked me down and dropped my sword. Then he got pissed at me and he tried to bite my neck with his sharp teeth. I resisted and just before I was going to give up, my sword was beside me so I grabbed it and thrusted to his chest. Just like a wounded dog he yelped and returned to human form he was bleeding. Then I thought I could finish him off, I gave him my hand and said, "That's call it a draw." "NEVER!" he replied. "We can't do this forever." I said. "But I got to kill you, you are a Outcast." He said. I replied, "I don't know what a Outcast is." "If you not an Outcast member then, why were you wearing a trench coat?" Foxx Said. "Look tell the tell them to call it a draw and we can talk." I said. After his wound on his chest, healed, we both got out of the ring and went to sit down on a barstool. Foxx was a very tall person and very strong. "I'll buy!" I said. And I took out a fifty-dollar bill the bartender look at me and then looked at the dollar bill. "What is this, a joke?" The bartender said. "What's wrong?" I questioned. "This is a piece of paper with a face on it." Said the bartender. I thought he was trying to spite me cause I didn't want to fight. I told him in a stern voice, "That is a fifty-dollar bill that's enough to buy four pitchers of beer, what's wrong with you?" Then right before the bartender could say anything Foxx interrupted and said, "We use gold and silver for a source of trading." It seems that dollars had been out dated for a long time and they started to use silver and gold. Well anyways Foxx paid for the beer and we talked. I asked him what I've been wondering since I got here. "What year is it?" I asked. Foxx looked at me and said, "There is no way back." Well that didn't tell me anything what year it is. Foxx got up from his stool and took the pitcher of beer and drunk it as if it was water. Foxx walk me out of the cavern it was already dark the sun was about to set. Then it came to me where would I sleep I can't sleep on the ground it probably has ticks and lice. Then I turned to Foxx he was ready to turn in I asked him where should I sleep. He didn't have much to say. Then when I looked in the sky it looked like a ghost I said to Foxx, "look at that it looks like a ghost." Then Foxx looked at me as if the beer had a toll on him, "Where is she! Tell me!" "Over there." I answered in confusion. I pointed to the sky then he grabbed me and started to run out of the village and into the forest. He was so fast that he literally took me off my feet. Then I looked in front of me and through the trees I saw a bright light. Then it just popped in my mind he was trying to get me home. Then I started to get on my feet and run as well. And as much as I was surprised I was able to run faster than before. When I got enough strength to catch up. Foxx jumped up in the air and I kept running towards the light when I got to the light I noticed that it wasn't another portal it was a women. A woman that had red-orange hair and she was laying down on the ground and the light was her energy flowing out of her, then she looked as if she was in pain, but she didn't scream in agony. "That's Korana Kay The goddess of the Sun and light." A voice came out of nowhere. When I looked around to see who's was there. It was Foxx "Where have you been?" I asked. "I was trying to get Vorana." He said. "Vorana?" I questioned. "Who is Vorana?" I asked. "Vorana is the soul of a goddess that died by Korana's hands." Foxx said. When I looked at Korana she was on the ground breathing heavily as if she had a panic attack. "We must take her home." Foxx said in a commanding voice. "Where does she live?" I asked. "She lives behind those mountains in Corona territory." Foxx grunting out the words while picking up Korana from the ground. "No way! That's over ten miles!" I protested. "Fifteen." Foxx said correcting me. "There is no way I'm going to walk fifteen miles to her home, anyways don't you live around here? We can take her to your place." I said. "Who said we are going to walk?" Foxx said with a smile "We're going to transport." He added. He lifted his hand and opened his fist wide open and the same light that I was at the desert, I panicked and then I hit the ground as if someone threw a grenade. "Get down!" I ordered. "Why?" Foxx asked. He didn't seem to know what is going to come out of there. "Get up." Foxx said as if I was a child. "You are afraid that Draco will come out of there, right?" Foxx said. "Draco? I'm worried about that flying lizard that is coming out of there." I replied. "Don't worry Draco will only go through it's own portal." Said Foxx. It only took me less than a second to figure out who Draco was. It was the lizard. "Are you coming or what?" Foxx said when he jumped in the portal, and I followed.

Seconds later we exited the portal, a gust of hot air hit me. I was so hot that my face felt like it was going to melt. Foxx in the other hand felt fine and the female warrior on his shoulders came to. "What. What happened?" Korana said in a sedated voice. Foxx didn't say a thing and neither did I. What could I say; a spirit escaped and flew like a birdy. Then I just remembered, "I have to go Foxx." I said as I looked around for a portal to open. "Where are you going?" Foxx said. "I have to go back to my time and finish my business." I replied. "You can't leave you're stuck here." Foxx said. "There's got a be a way back to my world." "Time traveling is not allowed in this world." Korana said still in her sedated voice. "Why not!" I cried. "Cause that if anyone goes to the past they will altar the future." Foxx said. "But I belong to the past, how can I altar the future if I belong to the past and not planning not to go back to the future." I said. I turned to Korana and she looked at me. "You, you're Rita." Korana looked at me as if she knew me. "You were hired to kill Tydal Wave, but Shok Wave interfered." Korana finished. "I didn't kill anyone body with the last name Wave." I exclaimed. "But you were going to until someone grabbed you. Right?" Korana said sternly. "How do you know that someone grabbed me?" I asked. "It was Shok Wave that pulled you in the vortex" She said. "Wait a minute, Foxx, said that we can't alter the future." "Why did Shok stop me? And what makes him so special that he can alter the future? I said. "Well the reason he stopped you cause if he became the ruler of the earth he would start a war in the present, and would kill all the gods and the power would be transferred to him, and he will become the ultimate god" She said. "Do you know what the person looked like?" She added. I was trying to remember what the person looked like, and then I remembered. "He was tall as Foxx and had no hair, his eyes were strangely blue." Korana looked at me, "Tydal a quad warrior, he was the strongest warrior that Foxx and I have ever fought." She said. "What should we do?" I asked. "We can't do anything." Korana said. "Why?" I asked. "Someone has made a deal with Little" Foxx said. "Who is Little?" I asked. "Little is Death himself." Korana said while she was looking deep into my eyes. "How do we get a hold of him?" I asked. "We don't." Foxx said. "We have to gather the seven warrian crystals." Korana said. "Why? Can't you just call him, you are a goddess?" I said. "I'm a goddess in a mortal's body I can die and mortals can't just find Little we have to collect warrian crystals to get a wish or someone from the dead." She said. "And I can't kill Tydal anymore, someone has wished him back and we can't wish for him to be dead cause that would be a immoral wish we have to make a deal with Little with the warrian crystals he can also make deals." "So who's going to kill Tydal Wave?" I asked. Then they started to look at me I knew what they wanted. They wanted me to be the one to kill Tydal Wave. "No way. Can someone else kill him?" I replied. "But you are the one with the weapons that could kill Tydal" Foxx said, "Why don't' we find someone that could kill him?" I said, "That's not going to be possible all warriors are weak against Tydal and you're the only one that has the fire power." Korana said. "So where do we find a warrian crystal?" I asked. "Well we usually find them in certain places." Foxx said, "First, we have to get some sleep, it's late." I haven't noticed that its night cause of the heat in this place.

Morning came and I didn't get much sleep cause of the heat. In the morning it was even hotter I woke up next to Korana we shared a bed and Foxx was down stairs on the couch. Korana's place was huge but it didn't have much rooms I would have been happy in Antarctica with the fishes, cause the heat in here was unbearable. How can she stand this place I'm sweating my a** off and she laying there, as if she turned on the air conditioner. I looked at my digital watch to look at the time and my watch was acting screwy. I looked around the room to see if she had a clock. I saw she had a computer and I thought maybe I could check to see what time it is on there. I booted up the computer and it looked like everything is encrypted I checked to see what time it was and it was the same thing on my watch. Then all of a sudden a ring came out of the computer. I tried to shut down the computer, but it kept saying, are you a wake? Then Korana said, "yes." Then it shut downed and Korana went back to sleep. I went down stairs, to find the kitchen. I was starving. I opened the fridge to see what's in there but all I saw was beer. Then I went to the cupboards to see if she had cereal, but if she didn't have milk then she might not have cereal. So I took a beer and try waking up Foxx. Foxx was already awake drinking a beer. "Isn't it early to drink?" I joked. Then Foxx looked at me and said nothing. "Wake up Korana." Foxx said, breaking the silence. I went up stairs to Korana's room. I: woke up Korana, she stretched, and yawned. Then she said want some breakfast. I smiled and rose my beer bottle and said, "I already ate." "Okay then, why don't we go to the volcano?" She said. "WHAAAT!!" I said in a surprised voice.

At the volcano it was very hot. "Hey Korana, you're a goddess, why don't you make it cooler around here, It's hot." I muttered. Then it started to snow. "Vorana." Foxx grumbled. "We'll deal with her later.'' Korana said. "Well what are we doing here?" I asked. Korana looked around and she looked under the rocks and looked at Foxx and I and said, "someone was already here." "We got to find Little before its too late." Korana said. Foxx raised his hand and opened a portal.

When we exited the portal we were somewhere else. "Where are we now?" I asked. Foxx looked straight ahead. He didn't answer. Then I noticed a strange little kid crying. It was a boy; he was a bald and wearing black torn clothes. I walked towards the little boy knelt down and said, "what's wrong?" "The boy looked at me and lifted his finger. He was pointing at my forehead and right before he could touch me, Korana grabbed the boy's arm and threw him away from me. "What is your problem?" I yelled at Korana. "That's Little." Korana exclaimed. I took a closer look at him and noticed that his shins were severed. "How could you be so stupid?" Foxx exclaimed. "I thought it was a kid." I responded, "Why would there be a kid in a middle of dead lands?" Korana said. "Like I knew this place is the dead lands and that wasn't a little boy!" I replied. "Hey, you guys have the crystals?" Little asked. "Uhh, not exactly." Korana said, "Someone took the crystal from the volcano area." "Well I guess you guys are screwed." Little replied. And Little started to walk away. "Is there a other way we can get a wish from you?" I asked. Little paused and looked at me and said, "Why is there a Outcast following you guys?" "Why is everybody calling me a Outcast?" I asked. "Cause you are wearing a trench coat." Korana said smiling. "Look you guys, lets make a deal with, kill Yin." Little said. "Yin, that sword swinging buffoon?" Korana said. "That buffoon killed ten of my best bots, and I can't even find the bot that disappeared two nights ago." Little said. "So where is the sword swinger?" I asked. "Behind you!" Korana yelled. I turned around and there he was. He was wearing a ninja suit and holding a kitana sword. I drew my gun and started firing; I fired three shots all of them landed on his chest. Then he backed away struggling to stay balanced. He was bleeding from his mouth and chest; I must have punctured his lungs. Trying to breath, and struggling to stay balanced he cupped his hands and started to chant. Then his hands were filled with blood. He drank the blood and then streams of energy were surrounding his body. "Shoot him again!" Foxx demanded. So I took out my forty-five, and I started to shoot rounds of bullets to his chest again. Then Korana said, "Shoot his head!" I started to focus on his head. When I got a lock on him he started to run towards me. I aimed my gun then I pulled the trigger. I shot him. He stood there then collapsed. "NOW!" Korana said to Little. Little started to run towards me then jumped up and over me and landed on Yin's back, grabbed Yin's kitana and chopped his head off. The blood sprayed all over the place. The ground painted red with his blood. I noticed that Little was carrying the head of the corpse, I didn't care what he would do with it, but I did care that we made a deal. "Hey!" I said, "We made a deal?" Little looked at me and said; "You will see her in the Grav territory. Then Little opened a portal with a blue vortex. "Lets go." Foxx said. Then Foxx opened a portal. We took the portal to Grav territory. The people there wore revealing, tight green suits. And their hairs were green. "Don't stare." Foxx said, "These people will pick a fight for just saying hello." I thought he was joking, but I didn't want to pick a fight with these people. Most of them looked very strong. But I couldn't help it that all the villagers are female. Then all of the sudden a loud sound came through out the village. "It came from the tavern!" Korana yelled. We ran to see what was wrong. There was a bar fight. I took out my forty-five and fired a shot in the air. Everyone stopped. I was amazed it actually worked. Then I heard a fizz. I felt an itch on my stomach. When I came there to scratch it, it felt wet and there was a hole through my trench coat. I was bleeding someone shot me in the stomach. I felt dizzy, I couldn't feel my legs, I fell to the ground and everything went black. "Nine-nick-trom-flock-dine." An unfamiliar voice, chanting. I was weak to get up. I felt like my body was on fire. I tried to open my eyes, to see who was there. It was a green haired woman. "Where-" I tried to talk. It was hard for me to speak. "Shh, try to sleep." She said. Then everything went black again. The next day I woke up. My stomach still ached, even when I moved. The pain was like I ate a hot poker. I looked around the room. There was a poster of the human body and, next to it was a picture of a half human and half horse. "That's a Zorph." A voice from behind me said. I turned around to see who it was. It was that women that was beside me when I woke up. "Where am I?" I asked. "You're in our medical ward." "You should be so lucky, your friends helped you when there was a fight in the village tavern." She replied. "Where are they now?" I asked. She said, "They're looking for somebody in town." "Okay, I'm leaving." I said, while I was leaving out the door. She didn't seem to care if I left. Then she said, "Take care, now." As I exited the room there were people carried in stretchers. And the doctors were chanting the same words to the patient, like the women that told me to rest. I made a note of those words, in my mind. After I left the medical ward. I decided to look around to find Foxx and Korana. "Come here, come all!" a voice calling to the people, from down the street. I went to check what going on and there was a slave dealer with five women with red hair in a cage, and they were dressed in dirty rags. Almost showing their breasts. "Come on, don't be shy." The dealer said to the crowed, "These are Rose warriors, only be found in the Forbidden Garden." I wanted to take a closer look. They were chained and looked kind of weak. Then one of the Rose warriors looked at me, and bowed to me grabbing my leg and said, "Nink-ming-chok-no-kink." I looked at her, and she looked at me. And some how she attracted me and I was attracted by her. I was curious what was the Forbidden Garden was. And I was scared to ask them; cause of what Foxx said when we got here. An hour had past and I couldn't find them. Then I checked in the tavern, where I got shot. I looked around and there they were. I scrambled to Foxx. "What's wrong?" Foxx said. I asked, "What is the Forbidden Garden, cause there is a slave dealer that's selling Rose Warriors?" Korana looked at me and said, "whose selling Roses?" Then Korana run out the bar, she went down the street. "Hey, what the ******** are you doing to them?" Korana yelling, to the dealer. "Its just business, babe." The dealer said. Then suddenly Korana grabbed the dealer and tossed her. I ran to catch up to Korana. She looked around, to find the Rose warriors. There was only one left. "It's too late, she sold them to the Grav." Korana said. "Nink-ming-chok-no-kink." The Rose warrior said, as if she was trying to comfort her. "Nin-ton-mik- kon." Korana said to the Warrior. "You can understand her?" I said in shock. "Of coarse, she said not to worry." Korana said. Then suddenly the dealer got on her feet, and tried to run away. Right before she had a chance to run. She ran into Foxx. Then Foxx grabbed her neck and lifted her from the ground. "Give Korana the gold pieces." Foxx demanded. The dealer refused to give up the gold. "Maybe if you let go of her neck, she will be able to talk." I said. Foxx looked at me as if he thought I was kidding. "Ko-ra-na please-." The dealer said, trying to talk. "Let her go, Foxx." Korana said. Then Foxx raised her even higher and slammed her to the ground. The sound echoed through the streets, and the grunt of the dealer hitting the ground. "Holy s**t is she dead!" I asked. Foxx as usual, didn't say anything. He looked at me as if asking, "do you want some of this?" "Foxx!" Korana snapped, like a master does to his dog, "Stop it!" Korana said. Foxx looked at Korana, then walked away. We had forgotten about the Rose warriors and the warrior that supposed to fight Tydal Wave. We left Grav territory and camped outside in the woods. It was nightfall and we haven't found that warrior. It got colder outside as the sun was ready to set. We started to make a bon fire. There was no place to sleep so I rested on a grass. Korana and Foxx said nothing to each other since the incident with the dealer. And we left the Rose warrior that didn't sell at Grav territory. The dealer. That was slammed half way to hell probably didn't survive the trip. The temperature was getting even colder and Korana was sitting too close to the fire. Then Korana looked at me. Then she sat next to me, "We have wasted enough time, and we can't seem to find the warrior." She said, "You have to fight Tydal Wave." I looked at Korana. I was scared. I only looked at Tydal Wave once, which was the day I hired me to kill him. The look in Tydal's eyes, and the size of him, gave me a chill down my spine. I looked at Korana and tried to change the subject, "So what are Rose warriors?" I asked. Korana looked at me and said. "They are warriors that are born in giant roses. They don't speak our language, they speak warrian." "Nobody has ever fought a Rose warrior. But they found remains of skulls and bodies near the garden which looked like there was a fight." Morning came by and I was still lying on the grass. I felt a presents near me. Actually hugging me. Someone's breath steaming my neck and the air smelled like flowers then I felt someone licking my ear. I opened my eyes and rolled to my right, and there was that Rose warrior from the village, sleeping next to me. "What the ********!" I yelled out, waking up Foxx and Korana. The Rose warrior was smiling, as if it was all a joke. I didn't know how to react, to be honest it felt great, but I didn't want to look gay so I grabbed my gun to blow her away. When I raised my pistol; she grabbed my arm, pulled it down, and kissed me. She rammed her tongue in my mouth. Then she took her hand and rubbed my breasts. I pulled away, "What the hell is your problem!" I yelled. Foxx and Korana were laughing. "You think this is funny!" I screamed at them. Foxx said "Didn't you know that Rose warriors are attracted to the same sex." "And it's twisted!" I added. "Kee-shin-din?" Korana asked the Rose Warrior. "Ni-hik- tin-bon-fin-feg-don." The Warrior said. Then she looked at me and smiled. "She is coming with us." Korana said. "Why?" I asked. No answer. Not even from Foxx, but I wasn't surprised. We took the portal from the woods, and came out to the desert. The air felt clean and fresh. Finally a place I can stand. "Vorana was here." Foxx said. And just as I saw the Rose warrior to come out I wondered what was her name. "Korana.'' I said, "What is her name?" Korana looked at her. "Lets call her Rosella." Korana said. "Why did you ask her what her name is, instead of just giving her a name?" I asked. "She just came out of her rose, the closet, and she doesn't even know how to speak our language." Korana said. "Show what she knows." A murmur came out of the Rosella. "What the ******** did you say?" Korana said in surprise. Foxx and I were surprised so was Korana. She was speaking warrian all this time and she understood us, and not only that she can speak English as well. "Hey Rita!" A familiar voice from behind me said. "Holy s**t! It's Tydal!" Foxx said. I tried to look from the corner of my eye and then turned my head I looked up and saw two extra arms and looked very strong. "Oof!" As Tydal's fist plunged my stomach and where I was wounded. I collapsed to the ground, struggling to breath. "Stop it!" Rosella yelled out. Then she ran to hold me. She held me, crying. "Are you alright?" She said. The mind that she kissed me before hasn't crossed my mind. Then Foxx and Korana came to my rescue. Korana did a flying kick to Tydal's chest, making the four-armed fiend back. Foxx then threw his pole. "AAAARRRRUGHHHH!" The scream of Tydal in pain. Foxx has cut off the lower left arm Tydal. The arm of Tydal was lying there, motionless. Tydal then fell to his knees. "Shoot him with your revolver." Korana said. I aimed my gun to Tydal's head then pulled the trigger. The shot rang out through out the desert. Then something unexpected just happened. He dodged it. He charged at Korana and started to throw punches at her. Foxx then tried to stop him and Tydal then grabbed Foxx by the neck, pick him up, and slammed him to the ground. Korana couldn't help she was trying to catch her wind. Then Tydal went back to Korana and then grabbed her neck, lift her eight feet in the air and slammed her to the ground. The thought of my friends those are now possibly dead. All I could do was protect Rosella. Then Tydal started to walk towards me. Every step he took, my heart pounded. Then Rosella stepped up and looked at Tydal in the eye. Then Tydal looked at her and said. "She is a new born she doesn't have a chance." "Leave her alone, Tydal" Rosella said. Tydal looked at her and laughed. Then out of nowhere Rosella went behind him and tore both upper-right and left arms right out of their sockets. The blood spraying on Rosella's torn clothes and showering her face. The screams by Tydal echoed throughout the desert. Then the silence broke the screams of Tydal. Tydal is dead. And so were my friends. Then right after Tydal's body spontaneously combusted. I looked at Korana and Foxx. I was in the urged for tears but I remembered. Those words I heard at the medical ward at Grav Territory. Nine-nick-trom-flock- dine. Those were the words that healed me. So I went to them chanting those words "Nine-nick-trom-flock-dine." Then my hands started to light up. I kept chanting those words over, and over again. Then I heard a cough from Korana, "Oh s**t that ******** hurts." Korana said. Then Foxx got up, "s**t, feels like I was kicked by a Zorph." I was happy that it actually worked. "Rosella killed Tydal." I said. Foxx looked at me and said, "Well, what should we do now?" "Lets find Little if Tydal made it to hell." Korana said. We arrived to the dead lands and there was Little with someone then from a distant, Korana shoved me aside and ran. "No!" Korana yelled, "That's Vorana!" "That's why that we couldn't find that stone at the volcano. Vorana got to it before we had the chance." Foxx said. It was too late Vorana made her wish. The next day, Rosella and me became lovers. I don't know why but I found her attractive. Foxx went back to fight at the village where I met him. And Korana is looking for a place for Vorana to live. Vorana has her own body so Korana doesn't have to share hers. So what, I'm stuck here. Where I was, in Tokyo I was stuck in a world of nothing new. And this place I have the powers that no one ever has back in the past.

The End

Old Entry from 2004 (Warrian's End)
I remember, the blood running through my hands, and the screams of my beloved. I loved her so much... I don't know what came over me, "Father is it time?" The Catholic Father nodded and said nothing, he closed his bible, and the jailer opened the door. "Dead man walking!" The Officer announced, as if he was mocking the other prisoners on death row, that there are next. I closed my eyes while I was walking. I was trying to listen to the voice of the Priest, and hearing the clomps of the officers feet in unison. Something queer about that priest that makes me wonder. Where is his Cross? What is he chanting, and the word that keeps coming up? "Koont'a kentai schniel?" Its not german... and "no da moanlite sneal?" And with out realizing that i was repeating the words out-loud, the prison guard, swung his fist into my stomache. The Preist, looked shocked and stopped his preyer. "My son..." the Preist called to the officer, "Why must you treat him like this, isn't the chair enough for his sins?" The officer looked at the Preist, then picked me up. "Follow the words of my Future Brethren, my son." The Preist whispered into my ear, "When the time comes, you must schniel." I haven't noticed but he placed a metal object in my prison clothes, right after he spoke to me. He began to chant again the same words, while we walked to the chamber, where my execution will take place.

I began to remember, my beloved. ohh my darling, Ami. The pain in my heart was about to risen, and ready to begin a rage inside me. I was about to go into tears. The pain was going to my throat, and a tear has shed from my eye. The Father was trying to look to see what was going on. "This is why, you must go my son." The Preist said, in a calming voice. "Father?" I said, in a broken voice. "Will I see her again?" I added, weeping in agony of my heart. "God has a Plan for all of us, Jason." As the Father said and smiled, "You are going to a place where you had never seen, but in only your dreams." He added

As we continued walking, I closed my eyes again. I saw a blue light in front my eyes. As I was walking, it looked like I was going to go into it. I saw a shadow with white light surrounding her, she wanted me to hold her hand. As I was continued to walk, i got closer. I opened my eyes and noticed that the officer made a quick stop to the door, I was trying to stop, but i bumped into him. He was not pleased. "What the hell is wrong with you, huh?" The guard, said. With in-patients in his eyes. "Keep this s**t up I will beat you to death, boy!" The guard, added.

When we got in, there were people sitting behind a glass window, looking at me with impunity. As if I was a animal in a zoo. "Ok, son." The warden, looked at me with a smile. "Wipe those tears, boy." He handed me a hankerchif, and i wiped my tears. As they were guiding me to the chair. I again closed my eyes as they restrained me. The blue light again, as i smiled I saw her again. I tried to catch up to her. As I did. I saw her face. It was Ami! "AMI!" I, cried out loud. "AMI!" I, cried again, as I was trying to scramble out of the restraints and the officers trying to put me in bondage. "Pull the Switch, now!" The warden, exclaimed. As I was, they threw the switch. As I was twitching, and biting hard a rubber mouth guard. I could hear the people, oohing and awing. Then I felt something hot in my prison uniform. It was the medallion that the Priest had hid in there. Sparks and people screaming as I litteraly lit up and the warden, was trying to shut it off. The Father appeared in front of me. He rose his hand in front of me, and yelled out loud. "GO TO YOUR DOMAIN, WARRIAN OF THE QUAD!" The Father, said as he disappeared.

As everything was getting dark, I couldn't feel the shock of the electric chair no longer. The pain was no more. I seen a bright light, its the blue light again. And my darling Ami was there. Her orange hair, those eyes, those eyes are not hers. She is not my Ami! She is not the women I fell in love with! But her voice. Its like my beloved. Could she lead me to the heavens where I can be with her. For long eternity! But how, I was un faithful to her. I had sinned against my love and my God! Please O' Mighty, please let me be with my AMI! Please God! Please God! I'M BEGGING TO YOU O' LORD! As the echos flew in limbo with my Ami, staring from a distence. The light has modified itself into white. As I opened my eyes, I was unable to move. My entire body felt numb, and it felt like I was still in bondage. My hands clinched to the sandy ground, I grabbed a fist full of grained sand. And as my eyes trying to adjust to the light. I see a man, skin so pale that it looked like the pure light. His eyes, dark as the abbys. "God?" I, muttered. "Oh no, my dear friend, you are far from, what you humans call, the Pearly Gates." He said, as he smiled. "Well I do not feel tormented nor fear of where I have ended up in. Where am I?" I said, as I was trying to get up. "Oh, Gyro. I am glad that you had arrived at last." He said, with a grin on his face. "You're in the Dead Lands." With a million questions in my head, I did not hear, what he had called me as. "What?" I exclaimed. "You mean, This desert is Hell?" I asked, in a state of shock. "Hmm, you seem to be confused." He said. "Your far from death, you have reincarnated yourself." As I turned around, to see the aid of my help, he was small, draw f like. "huh?" I said, with a puzzled look on my face. "This is where fallen warriors go, for their final resting place." He said, while i was picking myself up and dusting my clothes. "These garments, these are not what, I came in with." I said, as if i was complaining. As I looked at my self, wearing light, armor, of different shades of blue. I stumbled to look, that I had two extra limbs. "What kind of trickery is this, I have four arms!" I shouted at the small man. "Listen foul being, turn me back as I was." I was going to attack the drawf, as I pounced onto him. He disappeared. "Oh Gyro, you are very lucky, if I hadn't moved, your life force would of been diminished." The small man in the tatored rags, gloated. "I heard of this, a man touching, a being in your garments, you must be Death." I declared, as I arose from the sand. "Yes, I am." He said. "But, no one has never called me that since This earth was reborn." As he bowed his head low. "You see, my name is Little." He said, as he looked away from me. "But that is in the past, we are now in the present." as he rose his to me, and gave out a evil grin. "You smile at me, like a cat at its prey." I said, acting cautious. "Don't worry, Gyro. I will not do you no harm." Little said, with a serious look on his face. "Where do I go, now?" I asked, with a little hope in my mind, that I won't be damned in this place. "You will go with a Dream Reaver, back to Grav Territory, where you will be with Korana, The Goddess of Sun, and fire, and light." "Who is this, Korana?" I asked, with a blank look in my face. Little, looking at me, as if to say, that I am ignorant. His look, so insulting to my eyes, and to my conscious, that I felt like hurting him. But I had to be civilized to him. He is what people fear most, in their dreams, when we are ill, and when we had aged to a limit of wisdom. "Is that him?" A voice from behind, said. That made me stunned from thinking even further and to move. "Yes thats him." Little, said. As I turned around, I foreseen, a women with one orbital red eye and the other green, and the hair color seemed to look like green. Looking very lewd, with her skin tight garments, torn and revealing her skin. Our eyes met, and without I thinking of adultery, she was looking at me with temptation. Right before that I could speak. She walked up to me, and laid her lips onto mine. As our lips met I began to feel fatigued. Trying my best not to go into slumber, I then collapsed to the ground.

When I awoke no one seemed to be around. It was queer indeed, that I was in a realm unknown to me, but in my subconscious it felt that I should know this land. Then I began to think of the women that subdued me. Who is she, and why did she put me here. As I walked, through this village, People appeared, and no one seemed to notice my presence, nor cared that I had two extra arms. I had a intuition that someone was following me. As I walked even at a faster rate, my heart began to pound, and my thoughts began to race, of what to do. I began to conjure up a scheme, I ran towards the alleyway and noticed a place to hide. As I hid, I was waiting for the stalker, to arise from the corner. It was a shadowy figure, the sun was so bright on that end, that it gave, it the advantage of making a sillioute. As it walked around, I assumed that it was looking for me. Somehow, my being was overpowered by a element of energy to come out of my place of hiding. As much I had tried to resist from coming out of my hiding covent, it's eyes grew larger, and started to pull me in, into its vortex. As I noticed it was that women that kissed me, in the Dead Lands. I was unable to speak. I opened my mouth, but I could not utter a word. "Now listen, my name is Sairon." She said, in a calm voice. "I am the Dream Reaver. I took into this place cause it is solitude for you and I. We can utter words here, where its most sacred. Away from the ears, of evil. Now, if you did not know. Your are Gyro, a mear warrian, that can be easily destroyed by, a man higher than your skills. At this moment, we had taken you away from your world, and into the world where there are no longer mortals walking this earth, but immortals, Gods and Goddesses. Here there are Lycanthropes, and Vampires. Demons, warlocks, witches. And Priests to diminish them all to Hell. You are no longer, Jason, a accused felon, for murdering your beloved, Ami."

When she mentioned my beloved, I remembered seeing the blood, on the hardwood floor. The blood pouring out of her innocent body, as she lies there, lifeless! I remember taking out the knife as she collapsed. Her eyes filled with tears, of why. The day I cried on her motionless shell, for hours, til the morning came. And the time I took her out of the cabin and laid her on the cliff, about two miles from our home, where we vowed to be together forever. Then the horrid sentence, "GUILTY!" No its not true! I loved her, I would gave my only life for her! Why God? Why?

As she was speaking, I gave out a wail, and attacked her. As i was chocking her, she gave out a expression. "Never Mention her again, you horrid little slut!" I shouted, as tears ran, while grasping to her neck. She tried to resist by scratching my arms, and she tried to gauge my eyes, but my height made it impossible for her to reach. As she began to to lose strength her bickering came to an end. I loosen my grip, and I finally realized what i'ved done. As I looked at my hands. And looking at her mangled corpse. I Suddenly collapsed to my knees. And I looked at her. lifeless, motionless. It somehow made me felt that I am responsible for my actions, and I should be punished. As I carried her body, the situation became a repeat of life. As I buried her body outside of town. I walked away from her grave and started to head back to the village. A bright flash filled the sky and filled my eyes with blind light. And blanketed through out the village. As my vision recovered the villagers noticed my presents, and started whispering how I appeared out of thin air. I ignored their, accusing eyes, and walked on.

"You killed her, didn't you Gyro?" A voice from behind me, spoke. It was a women. Blonde hair and white eyes. She wore, a yellow armor and white tights. And what looked on her forearms, seem to be golden arm bands. "Who are you?" I asked. She walked towards me, innocent like, as if she was trying to catch me off guard. "You know, what you've just done?" She asked. I backed away from her. And she raised her hand. A shock wave of energy pushed me backwards and onto the ground. As I was trying to get up she jumped on top of me. She held my upper appendages. I tried to grab her with my lower arms, A shock went through my body, while I was grabbing her arm bands, I screamed in agony, and I was unable to let go of her. As the electrical current stopped. She laughed, at my pain. "Goodnight, Gyro." She said, and smiled, in evilly

As I awoke, I was surrounded by darkness. I was shackled to some, flat, wooden surface. I tried to struggle from the, chains, but I was unsuccessful. If felt like hours laying on this bed. Time passed, and no one had not observed me. As I screamed for help, the only responses I received were my own. When I became weary of waiting, I've decided to pull the chains, to give it fatigue and dissection. A laugh, rang out through the darkness. "Foolish, Quad!" Said in a coquetry voice. . As I looked around to find the source of the insult. A face appeared in front of me. As the face formed, so had the torso, legs and arms. It was the women, that subdued me. "You Usurper!" I spited. "Let go of me, wench!" I added. She looked at me, as she crawled on to my body. "You are so, insulting to me Gyro. Why must you fight me?" She said, in a sad voice. "You have given me, no reason, to show veneration!" I exclaimed, to the seductive, dominator. She started to caress my armor and, my arms. She was feeling stimulated, by my armor. As she was trying to kiss me, I reacted and turned away from her lips. She looked upset, and she grabbed my mouth, and forcefully turned my head, to kiss her. As she laid her lips onto mine. I tried to detach from her, but it was futile. As she let go of my lower jaw. She disjoined from my mouth. She looked at me with ecstasy. She started to look into my eyes. She reached to the sides of my chest plate and unlatched my armor. I started to struggle, and try to break the chains. She then noticed, one of my chains were worn out from the earlier struggle. She then grabbed my wriests. She started chanting, and glows were coming from her hands as she laid them near my hands. Then, she stopped chanting, and looked into my eyes again. "What are you looking at, foul being?" I shouted to her. She got right off of me and smiled. She raised her hand and the shackles were removed. As I got off the slab. I marched up to the blonde haired, usurper. And wrapped my hands around her throat. She gave out no expression, while I was choking her. And I felt her bones were about to break, but I showed no mercy. As I heard cracks of her vocals cords, and neck. I gave out one more squeeze as I raised her from the ground. I heard a crack and her body remained motionless. As I turned away from her. Laughs, were commencing. I tried to tune them out and cupping, my ears. I bellowed, and scream. That filled the dark cell. Then all was silence And right from the darkness, a hand risen, and opened. My arms had a mind of its own, then I noticed. Wrist bands, out of gold. I was now, bounded by her spell. She appeared, out of the shadows. "No!" I exclaimed in disbelief, "No it can't be!" The women, showing no marks of the previous battle, was walking up to me. "You think, you are can kill me?" She said, in a passive way. "Why don't I tell you who I am." As she unbuckles her armor, she was now in all tights. She walked up to me. Started to caress my pecks, and shoulders. And as she turned around to the back of me. She started to move her lips to my ear. "My name is, lunacy. The Goddess, of insanity." She whispered into my ear. "The only way you can leave is by, letting me feed on you." I couldn't believe what she was demanding. She wanted to feed off me. I didn't much have a alternative. I looked at her, giving her the signal that I agreed to her term. As she caressed my body, she grabbed my hand, and with her teeth, she drew, a tremendous lot of blood. As she was feeding, I felt a burning on the wound she was feasting on. Then, I began to feel drowsy. I closed my eyes, and drifted into dream.

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