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Through Another's Eyes
A collection of short stories, poetry, and possibly multichapter stories by me. I may or may not post art as well.
Wooo!! Art DUMP!!
Soooo... I have been without the internets for a while now, like a week and half. And in that time I have sat around with nude models and gestured and doodled till I couldn't take it anymore. Sorry for the lack of testoserone on this sketch dump, maybe the next I'll concentrate on them. Anyway, enjoy and here's a little background on some of the images.

Most of these are gestures of the female figure and some practice in exageration and tooning. Plus character design. I want to get a feel for how the body moves and how it looks and works so I can work without models at some point. Though models are a nice and easy tool.

Alright, all the way in the TOP RIGHT is a sketch of young boy holding something. This actually started out from a picture of me as a kid (I'm a girl) holding a toy gun. And somehow became him. I couldn't figure out what to put in his hands and I SUCK at guns! So yeah... need to focus on weapons as well.

The CROUCHING/ATTACK like fugure was a simple gesture to get an idea for two of my characters, Vitani and Shenzi. I liked the pose and thought itf it them, so I trie dmy hand at it.

At the TOP LEFT are two female gestures, one directly gestured from the model and the other given teh tiniest bit of exaggeration. I am terrible at it lol

The adorable doodle of the TWO KIDS is just that, a doodle of a little boy trying to give a little girl a teddy bear. The top one is my first try and I hated it cause the guy and girl came out a little too big. So the bottom was my next attempt and I liked it better. I wanna draw maybe 3 more of them and put it together as a short 4 panel comic. Boy (Lil!Mak) belongs to ikari_kayuga and the girl (Lil!Vitani) belongs me.

Alright, on the next thing. To the LEFT is the development and base idea for Vitani's body underneath those clothes. I may smooth it out, but over all I like it. And no, sorry, no details on her breasts LOL. What I want to keep in mind with her is:: Small chest, curvy yet slender, and slightly wider hips. Plus, she needs to look strong.

We have some eye, lips, and face doodles there. Trying to keep my pencil moving so I don't loose any stamina. Plus just throwing ideas on the paper before they float away.

Beneath the Vitani body study is a quick sketch of an ADULT VITANI study. I like her personally, but there are mistakes. And in this, she has blacked out eyes, so she is blind. Remeber, adult, she's blind when she's an adult.

To the RIGHT of that is a gesture of a capoeira move done by Eddy Gordo. I had planne dto go back and try and draw that posture again, but a female form instead.

And even further to the right are some more gestures. Woot!

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