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Wow, its been, what, a year or two since I wrote? Well, its been funny seeing how dorkish I used to write and now I'm obsessed with correct grammar, etc.

I opened up 2 Rps (yay) and, strangely enough, both have something to do with Pokemon. I was thinking on opening up a Zelda RP or two. I have a few ideas, wan't to hear them? Didn't think so. I'll post them anyways:

1. Link is on a new adventure and is bravely (of course) riding around Hyrule on Epona, trying to save the world from evil when something strange happens. Brave Link, chosen Hero of the Goddesses, sees a girl fall from the sky. He runs over and catches her (this is getting more and more rediculus, isn't it?) Here's the strange part. The girl just looks at him funny and says,
"Dude, thats a good costume of Link."
He's very confused and claims that he IS link. She said that it wasn't possible and they get into a small fight of.. stuff. (shrug). Soon enough, she starts traveling around with him and she clearly thinks he's an idiot and is going to die from his stupidity. Truth is, she was just playing a new Zelda game that came out and, just as she pressed New Game, she was (but of course) sucked into her DS. As they travel, she notes that it is quite impossible for faeries to exsist, a person to ride around on horseback for days and not eat, drink and, er, you know. Strangely, things begin to get really realistic and everything she says happens in the real worls, seems to come true in their world. Same with things in the game. Link denies it until the girl paints a line on the ground and tells him to get a monster's attention then run behind the line. He does it and the monster fomes. Link dashes behind the line and the monster lookes around for him. Like in the games, when Link goes to a new screen or gets out of the monster's range, it goes back to where it was and acts as if he didn't exsist.

Something like that, anyways. Really stupid, I know.

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