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What makes a Subaru a Subaru
Dark_Wave_Check asked me what makes a Subaru a Subaru?

Heres what I said:

<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/DTdldqUQYto&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/DTdldqUQYto&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>

Its also the feeling of being completly in control during a four wheel drift in the dirt and knowing your car turns heads with just a blip of the throttle. It could also be the fact that the worse the weather the more I want to be driving in it, or it could be that I feel completely safe in my car. It could be the sound of the turbo whirring past 15 PSI of boost or it could be the amzing growl of the 4-cylinder boxer engine.

What makes a Subaru a Subaru you ask?

Drive one and find out

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My puppy
It all started friday after i get home from work.

Barney was acting weird. He is usually bouncing all over the place, but on Friday he was just laying there, lathargic. I tried to play ball with him but he wasn't interested. Normally the dog is tired or too old to care, but Barney is an Irish Terrior and less then two years old, so we figured something was up.

We brought him to the vet that day. After some fighting with him, the doctor finally got Barney's vitals and said he was running a slight fever and felt something near his stomach, so the doctor took an x-ray. The x-ray showed that there was a rock in his stomach and something in his colon. The doctor said to bring him home and hopefully it will pass.

The next morning we awoke to him still lying there. He never went to the bathroom nor did he eat anything, so back to the vet we went. The docotr informed us that they needed to remove the stone, and had the operation that day.

The operation went fine, but they found something else. What they thought was just "back up" in his colon actually turned out to be some kind of growth. The doctor didn't cut it out, for fear he might bleed to death, but he sent a piece of it to a lab for testing.

We brought Barney home Monday. He seems to be better, almost like his old self, but we're still worried about the growth. We wont find out the results until Friday. Hopefully its nothing serious...

I'll post some pics up tomorrow.

Back in Black

Just wow.

its been over three years. THREE YEARS. Since I've last posted.


I read my old posts and just smiled and laughed. So much has changed. I'm on my fourth car. I crashed the Accent and bought an 06 Accent along with an 00 Miata. Then traded both in for an 05 9-2x, and I love it!

As you guessed it I'm now out of school. The job at gamestop I had but that left then came a job at an electronics place a few cities away followed by a job at GamingETC which led to my job I'm at now. I work at Naiad Marine, building roll stabilizer systems for boats. And I mean BOATS. More like big yachts. I've been there for a little more then a year and while I've had some rough times I must say its an ok job.

I also have a girlfriend who is amazing. She is actually goliteracy. Check her out she some kind of wonderful.

So much to catch up on!! I'm in two car clubs: CT Euro Spec and CT Subie. The former me and my friend started, the latter something I joined right after I bought my car. Yes, yes, I know its a Saab, but its a Subaru WRX with Saab logos. I wont go into detail just Wiki 9-2x and you'll learn the story.

So for hobbies: I'm out of MTG and now into cars. I've been spending money on my car trying to make it go faster. Yeah its a money pit. Yeah I'll never make the money back I spend on parts, but hey, everyone has the one thing that makes them happy and mine happens to be cars.

Its two in the morning and I'm beat. I'll right more tomorrow as I procrastinate washing my car. I didn't forget this:

Quote of the day:
"I am going to stop hesitating now. I shall only look straight ahead and run. And if I stop, I'll deal with it when it happens."

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Community Member
When dreams become reality
I just realized that my dream of becoming a Race Car driver is more achievable then I originally thought. It just needs to be taken in small steps

1. Get a job
2. raise about $10K
3. Buy Miata
4. Enter Racing school
5. Complete racing school, get regional license
6. join car club
7. increase performance of miata, with help from people in car club
8. get sponsered
9. enter regional SCCA Miata races
10. win races

Thats it. Thats what I need to do.

To anyone who might hold me back: "******** off and die"

******** the Government pt. 1
Our government is pretty ******** up. We are a democracy, but yet when was the last time you got to vote for a bill to be passed? Why do we still use the electoral college voting system? For people that don't know what that is I'll explain...

Do you remember when they had that huge debate and had like a million recounts for florida a few years back? They did that because the electoral college system is like a game. Each state is worth a certain number of points. Those points are based on the state's population. Now what's so bad about that?

We have the technology to count each person's vote, so why don't we use it? If we count the individual votes then each vote matters, and not only will more people vote, but we will decide who our representatives are (Not leader! A democracy is a government for and buy the people, so one person can not know the wishes of all of us.)

We as people should decide what happens to the taxes not rich politicians. Our money should be given to the poor, and to the states to help improve living.

Right now to survive you must have a decent job. You can't live on minimum wage, and be happy. A lot of jobs require a college degree, but the colleges want lots of money. From that we can conclude that the old saying is true: "The rich get richer and the poor stay poorer."

All the rich people who donate money to the poor are gods amongst men. But only few do that. Some people are gifted and live great lives, but what about the commoner? Working a minimum wage job, praying to their god that they make it through the week until their next paycheck. What about the ones with family's? Barely able to see their kids because they get the rare opportunity to work overtime, for a little more food on the table?

I want you all to learn something from this. Not all homeless people are the way they are due to drugs and alcohol. Some have just been through a lot more pain then others. SO, the next time you see a person who is down on their luck and need a little change, don't tell them to ******** off, give them a helping hand. If the people are united we will never fall. We can take back this nation, and make it a nation for the people once again. When we were controlled by the british we had a revolution. Right now we are controlled by a suppressive government, the only thing to hope for is another revolution. Woodrow Wilson said it best, The history of liberty is a history of resistance.

If any of you want to know where the source of inspiration came from for me to write this it happened after I read this:

"Walking through the subway tunnel during rush-hour I came upon an old, destitute woman with tears streaming down her face, one hand out in the air and the other holding a sign begging for spare change to feed her children... And she was not a drunk or a junkie, just a normal lady down on her luck. I stood aside and watched every type of person from buisnessman, students, blue-collar workers and so on... pass her by without a second glance. And not just a handful of people, but NYC rush-hour meaning hundreds every couple of minutes. Feeling distraught at what I was seeing I handed the woman the last five dollars I had in my pocket and she just looked up at me with a smile... The most beautiful smile of hope and gratitude which I will forever have in mind."
-Jorge, The Casualties

Class dismissed

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Community Member
Straight Edge
As you should all know I am straight edge, but what does Straight Edge mean? Straight edge means that the person doesn't do any drugs, drink alcohol, and doesn't partake in promiscuous sex. Now why do people do this? I'm not completly pure. I have tried pot and smoking. I just didn't like it. One reason is it impairs your judgement. When your judgement is screwed up you start to mke mistakes like try to go through corners ridiculously fast, beat your girl/boy friend, or other stupid s**t you wouldn't normally do. Now I know pot and smoking don't do this too much but drinking does. Smoking and drinking do cost a lot of money. A dimebag is $10, and I heard that alcohol isn't too cheap either. So say you get high every day. That's $70 a week. After a while half of your paycheck or more is used to feel good for 2-3 hours a night. Soon the dime isn't enough and you need more, so you spend a lot more money on pot wasting more of it. Smoking cost a lot. It's nearly $5 a pack, so after a while your spending money on something thats only going to ******** your life up in the end.

Now; I refuse to drink. There might be times in which I want to try drinking but I wont let myself. This is due to my family. My grandma's credit is horrible thanks to the house she left my uncle in Pennsylvannia. He spends all his money on alcohol and can't afford the payments. He's also been in the hospital multiple times for alcohol poisoning, and has a very bad liver. Yet he still drinks. My other uncle lives with me, and when he gets drunk its a train wreck. Half the time I wake up in the middle of the night to hear him and my grandmother yelling about moving back to pennsylvannia. After awhile I've learned to just drown it out and go back to sleep.

The last one: sex. I may be unexperienced in relationships, but i'm pretty sure they're not just for sex. It makes me sad when your on a date with a girl and she makes a remark about having sex that night. Are people so ******** horny that they're willing to ******** some stranger they meet the first day? the answer is disgustingly yes. My ex went to Rhode Island for a college orientation for 3 days. When she got back she broke up with me a few days later. I found out that day from a friend that she cheated on me with some guy and didn't have the guts to tell me so she makes the breakup seem like its my fault. What a ******** whore. This country has gone to s**t. We kill unmercifully, pay major corporations to slowly kill us, and ******** anything that moves and even a few things that don't.

God bless America.


To correspond in form or character; be similar

People have conformed since the beginning of time. Theirs proof in the languages we speak, and in the clothes we wear. But why do we conform? I believe that people conform to fit in, to be accepted among the popular people. One person wears a certain brand of clothes, and then another, and another, and even another. Soon that brand is now the norm, and everybody wants to have it. Those brands are American Eagle, Hollister, and Abercrombie and Fitch. These clothes are made to make the wearer appear more stylish, hip, and with the fashion.

Right now a popular fad is to "pop the collar" which means the collar is put up over the neck instead of folded down like the traditional style. People have deemed this cool and now a majority of people do it. Major brands are starting to put designs on the underside of the collar to encourage people to "pop the collar", and to make the person buy more of their product. One of the sadest ones I have seen is one that says "Rebel". Quick question.... HOW THE ******** ARE YOU REBELLING BY FITTING IN?! To rebel is to go against the flow, to break free of society, to tell everyone to ******** off, because you are you, and not someone else. But yet people still wear it, giving their money to corporations all in an attempt to fit in.

Another fad is ripped clothes. Nothing makes me sadder than seeing some girl or boy buying a pair of hollister ripped jeans for $50+. Its a waste of ******** money. I have ripped jeans that I paid $15 for and the reason I wear them is not for fashion, but because thats all I have. When someone asks why my jeans are ******** up I proudly say "that was the time I fell off my bike," or "that was when I almost broke my leg." I don't make up stories like some trendy ******** do.

America. The "land of the free." So, why do people conform? We live in a "free" nation, but yet people want to be the same; why?

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