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Poisoned Rationality My journal with probably be filled with rants, my fave songs, poems I've written, pictures I like and probably a few short stories I've written.

Sassy Stormy Sky
Community Member
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Character Name: Lillyth "Lilly" Crimsonmoon
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Species: Anthro (half-cat)
From: Camasin
Alliance: Camasin crown
Job: Black Mage for the Crown
Weapons: Knife kept on her thigh if battle gets too close to her.
Powers: Very highly skilled with elemental magics, slowly learning blacker magics
Personality: Lilly is fiercely loyal to the Camasin crown, due to both her love of the previous king and her budding relationship with the newest one. She tolerates no uprisings or terrorism, often called cruel in her punishing of those she catches. On a personal side, she is stubborn, realistic and quite quick-thinking. Though she's not exactly the humorous type, very few people do not like Lilly (unless they were on the wrong side of her bad temper.)
Bio: Lilly grew up in the poorest slums in Camasin with both of her parents. She was an only child and was quite a loner. Being the smallest kid on the streets, the other children often picked on her. Since those days, the only thing she ever asked for from her parents were books on magic that she quickly devoured. She didn't get them often, maybe once every two months if the flower business was going well, but she was a quick learner and master of magical theories. By the time she was 18, she was an incredibly powerful mage using the core elements. She was enlisted in the army under Vasuki's father and quickly climbed the ranks to become the right-hand mage of the crown. During the Eternity War, Lilly found herself next to Vasuki almost all the time, though they attempted to keep their relationship quiet. When Vasuki was kidnapped, Lilly broke her core-fire seal. As the hunt continues to bring peace back to the kingdom she loves, she also searches for a way to mend the broken seal so that she may go back to being the most feared mage in all of Camasin.
Theme Song: All Good Things - Nelly Furtado
Controlled By Sassy Stormy Sky

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Character Name: Takai Silverift
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Species: Expiriment -- human with Sephi genes forged into her DNA
From: Zabran Outskirts
Alliance: Umbra
Job: Trainer of Darling
Weapons: A Scythe
Powers: Takai can speak with the Sephi and is wicked fast. Also has a very intuned nature with her pet, almost telepathic due to both their natures.
Personality: Takai seems bored with life, or rather numb. She doesn't care much for emotions, remaining ever monotonous and calm. On the rare occasion that she becomes fired up about something, it's dangerous to be around her.
Bio: Takai was once a child to rather well off parents in Zabra. She was kidnapped and forced to become an expiriment by Umbra. Surviving the expiriment, she's now a servant of the castle's darker secrets and feels very little in her life. Umbra kept her quiet in the nether regions of the castle, where she stumbled upon another expiriment. A dragoon. With nothing in her life to do, she befriended the beast and trained it to her words, calling it "Darling." With the coming of the Eternity war, she's come out of the cellar and fights under only Umbra's command.
Theme Song: Frozen - Within Temptation
Controlled By Sassy Stormy Sky

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