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OMG Kid from hell!!!
Ok so, this (the office I work at) has been going to hell even faster than before. I'm about to kick Fluff Puff and Stewie's (my boss and his wife's nicknames which they know nothing about) collective asses real soon!!!!

So anyways, something that went on a lil while back, but I haven't had time to post in here. This is kinda long so bear with me >__<

We had this new patient that came to the office and she brought her lil kid. She must've been like 10 years old or so, idk. While her mom was filling out paperwork, the kid came up to the counter and real polite asked me "May I use the restroom please?" I was really impressed and I think "Damn, that lil creeter has manners!!!" Manners my a**! She went to the bathroom and apparently did her business, then she took a whole bunch of paper towels and plugged the sink, before leaving the bathroom she opened the faucet and left the water running so it would over flow.

A couple of mins after she left the bathroom and we put her mom in the room with the doctor, Mayra went in and saw the water running so she turned it off and just brushed the whole thing off thinking that maybe it was a mistake or something (you know just giving the kid the benefit of doubt).

After doctor was done and her mom was waiting outside for the meds and stuff the lil monster went back to the bathroom and then a couple of mins later she came out. I saw her standing by the water fountain taking all the paper cups and stuffing them in her pockets. I asked what she was doing and she acted completely innocent "Nothing" and then went outside to be with her mom. After I talked to Dr. G, I had a feeling that I should check the bathroom just in case. I opened the door, turn the light on, took one step inside and nearly killed myself when I slipped on the floor. The lil creep had struck again! She took the bottle of liquid soap and poured the whole thing on the floor!! Then I guess she decided it was time to train for the Winter Olympics or something, cause there where dirty shoe tracks all over the floor as if she was skating on soap!

We told Dr. G about it, but by that time the mom and the lil monster had left the office. So of course Dr. G being the a*****e that he is makes Mayra give the mom a call and tell her that next time she comes over here she is NOT ALLOWED to bring her kid to the office. She has to leave her with someone or she has to stay outside. Of course, that pissed off the mom, who immediately defended her kid and said that the mess was already there when her kid went inside the restroom and that some other kid had done it.

I'm like "Right, right. It must've been the one year old baby that was sitting in the lobby with that evil glint on his eyes" stare

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