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My journal is gonna include many many rants of anger, or squeals of joy and just really out-there things!
Role Play Characters Cont. Again
Fairy Tail (redo)

Name: Mitsuko (Meaning "light" wink or Mimi for short
Age: 25
Height/Weight: 5'2"; 115lbs
Hair/Eyes: Jet black hair, usually kept in cute pigtails, short bangs with a white streak in them; bright sapphire eyes
Skin/Body: Pale skin with very minimal blemishes; petite, athletic body with fairly noticeable curves
Abilities: Maker Magic: Light; She is able to manifest and use light as a physical or non-physical form of magical attack. It can be used to blind enemies or illuminate the dark, as well as attack like an energy wave or take forms of objects like a whip or sword, for example. Sunlight is strongest, moonlight is second strongest, and so forth. Her main fighting outfit always includes a pair of darkened goggles to protect her eyes from the light she creates and uses.
Affiliation: Fairy Tail Guild
Personality: Usually pretty easy-going. Can get a bit excitable sometimes, and is a little naive still. Always tries to be positive and help others stay in a good mood. Would do anything for her friends and guild mates. Adventurous and usually unafraid of a challenge, but is also cautious. Enjoys wearing a lot of black clothes and loves cats.
Background: Joined Fairy Tail a few years back and floated between several teams, never really settling with a permanent one. Found that she really enjoyed working with Gray and Erza. Decided to finally try and form a team of her own once (insert your name here) joined the guild and they hit it off quickly.
Love Interest: Gray Fullbuster

Hoenn Pokemon RP

Name: Callie
Age: 26
Hair/Eyes: Natural blond hair (takes after her dad mostly) but keeps it dyed a dark crimson, long and straight and usually kept up in a high ponytail, no bangs; sea green eyes
Height/Weight: 5'3"; 115 lbs
Skin/Body: Pale skin, freckles on her face, chest, and shoulders; petite frame, but fairly athletic and somewhat curvy in the hips
Affiliation: Team Magma
Pokemon Team: Combusken (her first one, given to her as a Torchic), Numel, Mightyena, Golbat, Manectric (shiny) [all around level 28-30]
Personality: Uptight most times, like to have things organized and do things in an orderly, planned fashion; can sometimes be easy-going, but mostly is too high-strung (takes after her mom that way); is very protective of her Pokemon
Background: Grew up with both parents and her sister in the outskirts of Lilycove City near the beach. Had a great childhood, parents rarely fought; but she and her sister did quite often, especially when they got older and got their first pokemon. They both seemed to have completely opposite ideals and ways of life that followed them into adulthood, and when they both moved out of their parents' house, they didn't speak to each other again for quite a while, until they ran into each other a few years later at a fight between Team Magma and Aqua one day.
Love Interest: Steven Stone

Devil May Cry RP

Name: Lorraine (Lori for short)
Age: 26
Height/Weight: 5’3”; 120 pounds
Hair/Eyes: Red/orange hair, slightly wavy, reaching past shoulders; icy blue eyes
Skin/Body: Pale, freckled skin, otherwise fair complexion; Fairly athletic build, curvy a bit in the chest and hips/butt/thighs
Race/Abilities: Human; worked as a nurse in training and a physical therapy helper, as well as attending college still
Personality: Always had been very caring and compassionate. Decided as a child she would become a nurse, feeling a desire to help others in need. Enjoys reading in her free time, especially poetry. Also enjoys caring for plants and loves cats most of all animals.
Background: Met (insert your name here) at the hospital she’s working at when she was shot in the leg. Hit it off great as friends and even managed to become her personal physical therapist. At some point not long after, they moved in together as roommates. A few years after, all literal hell broke loose in Redgrave, and they had to work together to help each other survive the hoards of demons until they grouped up with a couple demon hunters and a quirky mechanist.
Love Interest: V

Fantasy World RP

Name: Claire
Age: 27
Height/Weight: 5'5"; 120lbs
Hair/Eyes: Chestnut brown hair, straight and sleek, down to almost her breasts; hazel eyes, more green than brown usually
Skin/Body: Very fair/pale skin; lithe form, decent curves
Race/Abilities: Human; Works as a healer that travels, great with mixing potions and working with plants. Also fairly versed in used swords and keeps at least two with her for protection purposes.
Personality: Always willing to help anyone and everyone if she is able to. Humble about her skills in healing, and has a tendency to put her work before even herself at times. Easy to get along with, has no qualms with anyone if they have none with her.
Background: Learned from her mother how to mix potions and discern which plants have healing properties when she was really young and has practiced the skills ever since. She lived at home with her parents in a small village until she was old enough to venture out to pursue her desires to help heal others in need. She'd heard of a somewhat nearby town holding a guild forming convention and healers are desperately needed, especially with recent upsurges in monster attacks on travelers and villages alike.
Love Interest: Klaern

Name: Klaern
Age: ??? Appears to be in late 20's or early 30's
Height/Weight: 5'7"; 150lbs
Hair/Eyes: Dark brown hair, slightly curly/wavy but kept fairly short; emerald green eyes
Skin/Body: pale skin, some blemishes but not much; very athletic build
Race/Abilities: Elf; Rogue-type, good with knives and short swords, very good at being stealthy as well.
Personality: Fun-loving and easy-going, enjoys to party. Can get rowdy and flirtatious. Very protective of his older sister and will straight up kill anyone who dares to harm her or anyone he loves.
Background: Grew up with his parents and older sister, very loving family. Learned how to protect himself from spending time with his sister and father, but also tended to get himself in trouble trying to hone his stealth skills and pickpocket people from time to time.
Love Interest: Claire

Pokemon Sword and Shield RP

Name: Saria Blackthorn
Age: 26
Hair/Eyes: Light blue hair, straight and kept in a side braid or a high ponytail usually, reaches her lower back when left down; Sapphire eyes, just like her mom
Height/Weight: 5'1"; 115 pounds
Skin/Body: Fair, pale skin, hardly any freckles or blemishes; somewhat toned, athletic build but also petite
Preferred Type: None; likes a mixed, well-balanced team
Team: Toxel (Electric/Poison), Sizzlepede (Fire/Bug), Drednaw (Rock/Water), Galarian Stunfisk (Ground/Steel), Flapple (Grass/Dragon), and Grimmsnarl (Dark/Fairy)
Personality: Upbeat and usually optimistic. Determined to achieve a goal once it is set, not letting anything get in her way to get her down. Gets super serious sometimes, something she got from her mother for sure. Can get along with almost anyone fairly quickly. Protective of her Pokemon and close friends.
Background: Born and raised in the city known as Blackthorn in the Johto region. Daughter to none other than Blackthorn City Gym Leader and dragon master Clair. She has always been known as Clair's daughter, always seen as having to live up to that specific title, but over time she grew to resent that. Once she was old enough she eagerly left the region to explore Galar, wanting to make a name or title for herself without being in the shadow of her mother. Saria arrived in the new region right around the start of another gym challenge, though was too late to pick a starter. There at prof. Magnolia's lab, she meets (insert name here) who arrived in the region around the same time and decides she will start her journey with her instant new best friend.
Love Interest: Piers, aged 33

Avatar RP


Name: Jena
Age: 27
Hair/Eyes: Straight Brown hair but kept dyed black and cut short, sometimes in a small ponytail; amber eyes
Height/Weight: 5’3”; 120lbs
Skin/Body: Very pale complexion due to not going outside a whole lot, some freckles here and there; somewhat athletic build but just a little squishy and curvy
Race: Bender
Abilities: Fire bending; can bend lightning but not very well at all, and is kind of afraid to try it more
Personality: Gets bored easily, has adopted an overall “I don’t care” attitude but actually does care quite a bit about a lot of things and the people closest to her; bad at showing genuine emotions or talking about them; Secretly loves cutesy s**t; hates how the world seems to hate benders and wishes she had something she could do about it; horrible at reading people and at flirting/being flirted with
Background: She discovered she was a fire bender quite young, nearly burning down their house and alerting the authorities that her family had benders in them. They had to move and hide from the authorities for quite a while and she had to be home-schooled during those years, not really getting to interact with anyone but her parents. She began to get angry at how benders were being treated and joined some rallies in their town and got caught fire bending when her temper got the best of her. She ran away, to not only escape being caught and sent to a concentration camp for benders, but to protect her family. She hasn’t seen them or talked to them sense.
Love interest: Sylas


Name: Sylas
Age: 29
Hair/Eyes: Dark brown hair, kept short and tidy most of the time; sapphire eyes
Height/Weight: 6’0”; 175lbs
Skin/Body: Somewhat tan skin, some freckles or moles scattered about; athletic build, keeps up on working out
Race: Bender
Abilities: Water bender; intrigued by blood bending but has never tried it
Personality: Has to make sure he’s looking great as often as possible, as it makes him feel more confident in himself; kind of bad at flirting with girls, but certainly keeps trying; comes off as aloof and seemingly not worried about much; can get very protective and defensive of his friends and family
Background: Was raised in a safe and loving home, and taught that bending isn’t anything wrong at all but to also be careful when and where he uses it; learned his water bending from his mom mostly, and learned his fighting style and how to dress and act from his dad. They only ever had to move once, and were careful enough that their family life was never threatened by the corrupt authorities
Love Interest: Jena


Name: Kaijiro Tetsuro
Age: 24
Hair/Eyes: Jet black hair, straight and kept in a short bob with bangs but often wears a headband to keep them out of her face; golden-hazel eyes
Height/Weight: 5’1”, 115lbs
Skin/Body: pale complexion, some freckles here and there; petite yet curvy build but also slightly athletic
School/Occupation/Hobby: Attends Nekoma University of Japan; Kaijiro is the head of the school newsletter team and is also part of the photography class. She is responsible for making sure the newsletters are properly made, writes some of the content inside them, and also provides the images used, especially for the sports teams
Personality: Soft spoken and often shy, usually keeps to herself and embarrasses easily; is a super secret closet pervert, often enjoying her photography part of her school hobbies due to seeing all the fit men all the time; can get pretty excited when talking about something she really enjoys
Background: The younger sister to Kuroo, she’s always been around a sports due to his interest in volleyball from a young age. She wasn’t ever the sporty type but she has always accompanied her brother to any practice or real games, and joins him in his jogging sessions every day. She often helps him with his homework, being more of a bookworm than he is.
Love Interest: Tobio Kageyama

Name: Toshi Oikawa (name means "mirror image" wink
Age: 26
Height/Weight: 5'1"; 125lbs
Hair/Eyes: Naturally has dark brown hair, but has been coloring it jet black for several years; hair is long and straight, usually kept up in a high ponytail or a braid draped over one of her shoulders, no bangs; Has dark brown eyes, and wears black thick-framed glasses
Skin/Body: Pale complexion usually, tans and gets freckles fairly easily from being out in the sun; somewhat athletic build, curvy in the right places, decently large breasts compared to overall body size
School/Hobbies: Attends Nekoma University of Japan; used to play volleyball when she was younger but doesn't anymore; has since taken a liking to photography of people and nature, and does well with writing and English
Personality: Toshi is a a genuinely nice and caring person, but that doesn't mean she's weak, defenseless, or a push over. Can have a bit of a mean streak when provoked, and gets very irritated or angry specifically when her brother is mentioned. She is very passionate about her hobbies and is always trying to bring out the best in others, especially through the lens of a camera. Usually seen as a goody-goody, teacher's pet sort of person, but also has a secret pervy side.
Background: Younger sister to none other than Tooru Oikawa, she was born looking almost identical to him, thus being named Toshi (meaning mirror image). During their childhood, Tooru was always better than her at most things, especially in sports, and their parents always praised him but scolded her for her lack of skills in many fields. Once her brother started excelling in volleyball, her parents forced her to join a team as well, expecting her to be just like him and bring even more honor to their family. She did enjoy her time playing the sport, but she didn't ever have that competitive streak like Tooru, and eventually dropped out of the sport when she got tired of their parents comparing her to her brother. As soon as she was able to, she moved out at the age of 16 and got a job to start supporting herself while she finished high school, from then on harboring near-hatred for her brother and how she was treated. Once she graduated, she immediately picked a college away from her brother, and hoped to start making a name for herself in the fields she actually enjoyed and excelled at. By scouting out Nekoma during the summer before she graduated, she befriended some of their volleyball team and occasionally practiced with them while also practicing her photography on them and other teams they played against. Upon moving into her dorm, she met the woman who would become her first best friend.
Love Interest: Tobio Kageyama

Cyberpunk 2077

Name: Valerie Velasquez (V for short)
Age: 28
Hair/Eyes: Jet black hair, long and straight, no bangs, usually kept in a side swept braid over her right shoulder; bright sapphire blue eyes
Height/Weight: 5’2”; 120lbs
Skin/Body: Fair, somewhat pale complexion, some scars here and there from fights over the years; toned athletic body, average sized breasts but nicely shaped a** and thighs
Cybernetics/Abilities: Kiroshi optic eyes, nothing super fancy; monowire enhancements in both arms just above the wrists, usually electrically charged; enhancers in both calves to allow higher jumping
Personality: Afraid to let people too close or to care for others; takes a long time to let herself trust people, but when she does she’s unbelievably loyal to them and will do anything for them and to keep them safe
Background: Lost her dad before she was born and her mother real young into her life, very quickly ending up on the streets and having to learn to fend for herself. Has since stopped letting herself get close to anyone and has solely focused on trying not to have to live on the streets working for scraps, aiming for fame and fortune. She gained knowledge in many areas, such as wielding knives, shooting at least a few different kinds of guns, and hacking many different types of electronics and security walls. She meets the first person she has ever let herself get close to shortly after turning 25, and for three years they complete gigs together and grow to be the best of friends, sisters even.
Love Interest: Johnny Silverhand

Dragon Shifters RP
Name: Tessa
Age: Appears to be in mid-to-late twenties
Height/Weight: 5'3"; 130lbs
Hair/Eyes: Jet black hair, long and straight with no bangs, kept in a loose side-swept braid; left eye is a bright green, right is a bright blue
Skin/Body: Fair complexion, hardly a blemish; lithe, athletic build, somewhat curvy in chest and hips
Race/Abilities: Wyverian (elven in appearance: 4 fingers, long pointed ears, magical and healing abilities)/ Keeper of the Lore (a protector of dragons/dragon shifters and their history)
Personality: Sometimes too caring for her own good, always trying to help others when she can; never backs down from a fight, especially if she's protecting something or someone; seems like a push-over but is quite the handful when angry or determined
Background: Born into a family sworn by their ancestors to continue protecting the order of the Dragons with their lives, and to keep the secret of the shifters from spreading as much as possible. Trained from a young age to use magic and weapons to help fulfill her life's purpose
Love Interest: Jace

Name: Jace
Age: 29
Height/Weight: 5'7"; 210lbs
Hair/Eyes: dark brown hair kept short but messy; amber eyes
Skin/Body: somewhat pale skin, not many blemishes other than battle scars; muscular and athletic, but still trim and slim
Race/Abilities: Human; Dragon Hunter
Personality: Loyal and stubborn, driven to accomplish any goal he sets his mind to; somewhat arrogant and can come off as an a** sometimes, but would never harm or refuse to help an innocent being
Background: Came from a family several generations deep of monster hunters, hunting dragons specifically. Left his small hometown to learn more about improving his hunting and to track down the remaining dragons/dragon shifters. Aims to do his family and ancestors proud.
Love Interest: Tessa

Witcher RP
Interactive Map

Name: Marlene
Age: 28
Height/Weight: 5'2"; 125lbs
Hair/Eyes: Auburn hair, more red than brown, long and straight and kept in a braid usually, slight bangs that frame her face and tuck behind her ears; hazel eyes with more green than brown
Skin/Body: pale skin and light freckles all over; slim build, somewhat athletic and a little curvy in the chest but moreso in the hips
Race/Abilities: Human; (self-taught) proficient with a sword, dagger, bow and arrow, and also knowledgeable in several healing herbal remedies
Personality: Always curious to learn new things, but always cautious too. Knows she can't trust a human any more than a monster these days
Background: Born in the Isles of Skellige (has a Scottish accent) but her family moved to the outskirts of Novigrad when she was still really little, hoping for a safer place to live. Many monsters on the prowl out in Skellige, a real problem with trolls around the time Marlene was born. Her father took on small jobs hunting local pests for the farmers until he was slain by a larger monster making its nest nearby. She and her mother fled into the city and were forced to live in the slums because they had nothing to their name. Marlene learned how to fend for herself especially after her mother fell ill due to the unsanitary living conditions in the slums. Starting working small monster jobs just her father did to try and earn some money, until she too bit off more than she could chew. Would have lost her life if not for her new friends.
Love Interest: Vengri

Name: Vengri
Age: Appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties
Height/Weight: 5'9'; 220lbs
Hair/Eyes: Pale blonde/white hair, straight and always kept combed back out of his face, reaching just past his shoulder blades; golden eyes
Race/Abilities: Elf
Personality: Can seem cold but is really just used to being alone; not shy around women but also not the most suave or best with words; cares about the lives of others, no matter the race (save for monsters)
Background: Gets mistaken for a Witcher more often than he'd like, but does take pride in helping rid villages and towns of pesky monsters like a Witcher would (without asking for as much money). Has spent many years honing his skills in killing monsters, simply travelling and offering his assistance where needed with the uprise in monster attacks as of late. Comes across a woman in a fight with something too big for her to handle and steps in to help her slay the creature
Love Interest: Marlene

Arcane RP w/ propane accessories

Name: Valerie, of House Elethea
Age: 29
Hair/Eyes: Pale blond hair, almost flaxen, but soft and straight and reaches a little past her shoulders with bangs that frame her face; Eyes a mix of blueish green like the ocean, though more blue than green most times, especially in the sun.
Height/Weight: 5'2" and 120 pounds
Body Type/Skin: Petite frame/build, not athletic but curvy enough in all the right places; Fair skin with hardly a blemish.
Occupation: Doctor (completed her schooling), botanist, and a chemist, though she is self-taught for the latter two.
Personality: She's friendly with anyone and everyone, always polite as that is how she was raised to be, though do not mistake that for her being naive. She knows how to navigate sticky situations and can handle herself should the need arise (though she'd rather not hurt anyone). Always eager to learn new things, and always ready to help someone on a moment's notice.
Background: Born and raised in Piltover to a family of wealthy doctors, it was no surprise Valerie herself would enroll in medical school. She wished to help others in need, and had a knack for interacting with people as well as working out ways to fix their ailments. When she'd graduated from medical school, she quickly ventured to the Undercity to try and help as much as she could there, though she was overwhelmed by how horrible the living conditions were for most of the residents. It was while living in the Undercity that Valerie met Singed and was permitted to work alongside him to learn botany and chemistry (mainly in the production of Shimmer) and she began to test the potent substance's healing properties, tweaking the formula to make it more beneficial. She was renowned in Piltover due to her family name alone, and also gained quite the footing as one of the best doctors in the Undercity in very little time.

Name - Delilah, of House Trillium
Age - 28
Hair/Eyes - Her hair is rich shade of brown with a pretty, natural wave to it. When left down it reaches to the dip of her waist, though it's usually styled in a braid that snakes over her shoulder. Her eyes are a deep, brilliant emerald.
Height/Weight - 5'4" | 130 pounds
Body Type/Skin - Though slight in her build and graceful in her movements, Delilah is blessed with pretty, feminine curves, with a waist that curves enticingly inward and long, slender appendages. Her complexion is like fine, unmarred porcelain.
Occupation - None
Personality - Raised in the gilded halls of House Trillium, Delilah has lived a sheltered existence, far from Piltover's merchants and bakers and tailors, and even farther the turmoils of the underground. She makes up for her naïveté with a kindness that has won her many friends upon Piltover's upper echelon.
Background - To the councilman, a sole daughter (a lovely one, no less) is a prize beyond compare--one that can be bartered when the time is right, signed away to a marriage that would strengthen their house name and alliances. As such, Councilman Hoskel has done an impeccable job of not only shielding Delilah from the city's seedier side, but has sculpted her to be the image of a fine, Piltovian wife.

Blessed with her mother's good looks, Delilah was encouraged to pursue hobbies that suited her 'delicate' sensibilities'--art, music, dance. Delilah is well versed in the piano, the violin, and several Ionian dialects. She dutifully attends all parties, functions, and banquets, with the understanding that she simply has no other choice: that the path that her life is to take has already been paved for her, and that trying to alter its course would lead only to heartbreak and scorn.
There is a small (larger than she would like to admit), repressed part of herself that burns with curiosity for the world outside the Trillium Estate.

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