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It just just goes on and on my friend!!

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Real Life
Taming of a Sinner:
Living in the middle of nowhere hick-ville, Tracy Robinson noticed that in the town, girls only became housewives and men either worked in the family businesses or the paper mill down the road. No exceptions, no excuse. Tracy knew she'd never be able to become a jewlary maker and start her own store unless she had some money...and lots of it. Enough so that when she went to buy a building, the owner wouldn't even look at the fact that she was a girl, but only see the green paper in her had. So she quits school ((Where the story starts)) and begins working. But the only thing she could find was selling her body to the men of the mill. Though she doesn't like it, she earns money until a guy from school she knew *your character* tries to help her out by getting her a job at her family's resturant. Does she take the job or continue on her path of sin?

Hearts in Knots:

Sahara Irick was only when her ten years old when her parents were killed in a fire at her home on Christmas Eve. Her and her brother, older than her by a year, were seperated in the foster care system where they both had a hard life. Sahara, rebeled against the families she lived with, getting kicked out of houses she stayed in. In January, just after her 17th birthday, she was kicked out of yet another house. Her social worker warned her that the next house she went to was her last, there were no more people that would take her in. She she didn't behave for one year, until she turned eighteen, she'd be sent to juvvie. ((Where the story starts))
As she is driven to the house Sahara tries to figure out how's she's going to stay out of trouble and how she was going to get along with the son *your character* of the family she was going to. She gets a call from her friend, who is like the manger of her band Hearts in Knots, she is told, not asked, that she has to make it to the show they are having. The bad thing about that is that it runs all night because they are the last group playing at the club. Will she break a house rule on the first night or will she blow off her band?


Fish out of Water:
In a world parallel to our own, humanoid, animals live together in harmony. These animals have the ability to morph from looking entirely like a human, to having animal characteristics and parts, to looking full animal. This world named, Anima, is ruled by five royal kingdoms. Mamma Aura, the mammal kingdom inhabiting the continent of Furan to the north. Aqua Aura, the fish kingdom, inhabiting the oceans around the continents. Aero Aura, the bird kingdom, inhabiting the continent of Featha. Reptilia Aura, the reptile kingdom inhabiting the continent of Scala. Amphi Aura, the amphibian kingdom, inhabiting the continent of Mussesthai. When the Mammalian Kingdom becomes bold and greedy, they try to become the sole rulers of the world and attacks the Fish Kingdom first to gain ruling over the seas. Not long before the battle, a young baby princess was born to the kingdom. When female royalty is born, they are assigned a shark guardsman to protect them until they are married. The guardian assigned to the young princess is just a young boy, no more than five and still in training when the fighting starts. To protect the royal blood incase something happens to the king and queen, the young guardsman is forced to send the baby to the human world, via a spell learned on new guards first day of training. He leaves the baby on a fisherman’s boat and returns to Anima, only to find the entire kingdom destroyed, only the royal family, a handful of the army and a couple hundred subjects survived. But they still one the fight and were able to rebuild. They created a castle, above and below the water so that they’d be ready for another attack. All the while the young princess grows up, oblivious of her powers and her background. Eighteen years in a peace conference, the Mammals states that the only way they will stop the fighting that the other four kingdoms have their princesses marry the four princes of the Mammal Kingdom. Since the fish kingdom sent their princess away it is up to the guardsman, now a handsome adult to go to the human world to retrive her, awaken her dormant powers((being able to fins and gills or legs and lungs)),protect her on the long journey and bring her back to the Fish Kingdom.
((Where the story starts))
Now that she is 18, Melanie Wright has graduated Highschool and is getting ready to go to college. But with her parents wanting her to become a doctor like both of them, she wants to go against her family and become a marine biologist. One night after her and her family has in agurement she meets up with her guard ((your character)) who give her not really a choice, she either goes with him and finds out who she really is because she's adopted or she lets an entire world be destoried.

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