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Alpha 1 Summary.
Tried writing a summary for once, came out a bit longer then I expected.

The year is 2150, the world has been divided into three world powers. The European United Commonwealth dominates the old European continent as well as much of Africa. The Asian Empire encompasses Asia and much of the indo-pacific including parts of Australia. The American Federation controls the whole of the Americas and stretches through Canada as far as Greenland. After diplomacy breaks down, the AE declares war on the AF over declining resources. Not a year later the EUC takes advantage of the situation and allies with Asia which has been having victories against the Americas in a string of critical tactical failures for the AF. From this point the period of time between 2151 and 2208 is known as the Great Aerial War.

Out manned, out gunned, and seriously lacking the technology needed to win the war, the AF comes up with a daring plan, it would take decades to complete but if the AF could hold off the enemy long enough it could give the AF the edge it needed in battle. It would take a year just to get approved, but in 2208 with trillions of dollars spent and 57 years of development the AF was finally ready to reveal its pride and joy.

01/01/2208. It's new years day, the AF has been reduced to less the half its original size and the two powers showed no signs of stopping their land grab. At the start of the Central American Invasion, a joint assault of EUC and AE leads to the formation of 200 Aerial Battleships, 140 tank battalions, 400 infantry battalions, and several units of the new advanced mech units called Armor Maidens. Central America prepared for the attack, but they were only able to mobilize a handful of Aerial Destroyers. Certainly this wasn't enough to defeat the approaching armada, but the AF had confidence in their new super weapon.

When the armada appeared on the dawn's horizon, the AF forces eagerly stood in their path. Not wanting to make unnecessary casualties or damage to the environment, the EUC and AE forces fired warning shots, the AF held fast. In reply four beams in tight formation ripped into the EUC/AE forces, a dozen airial battleships sunk in an instant. The EUC/AE forces scrambled to figure out what had just happened, several hundred thousand men were killed in a single moment, the captains were demanding answers. It didn't take long for them to see it for themselves.. The Vengeance.

The Vengeance pulled in front of the destroyers, its quad turbo beam cannons cackling as they ejected their spent batteries. The EUC/AE forces opened fire, a swarm of LRM missiles and lasers blanketing the sky. The Vengeance released its state of the art point defense system; a hundred tiny lasers, flares, kinetic barrier projectors and carbon dazzlers burst into action. Not only did the Vengeance protect its self, it protected the allied fleet, completely neutralizing the enemy attack.

The AF was very impressed and gave the go ahead to release their second secret weapon, the Alpha 1. The Alpha 1, piloted by Wes Halo, is the most advanced Armor Maiden mech ever designed. It bursts from the launch catapult, roaring toward the EUC/AE fleet, dancing through aerial countermeasures. The EUC/AE forces, unable to stop the approaching maiden launches its own relatively dated AM's (compared to the Alpha 1).

Though things looked promising, the EUC/AE forces eventually win the day, however it's a very bitter sweet victory. Through the morning the entire AM force dispatched to aid in the assault was destroyed, millions of lives were lost and over a hundred airial battleships were sunk including all the battalions they were carrying. The AF although expected to be in disarray at the defeat of their super weapon was actually very pleased as they had not lost a single man or woman during the battle... In fact the only reason the EUC/AE won was according to intelligence reports because the Vengeance and Alpha 1 actually ran out of fuel and were forced to retreat.

Wes Halo along with the bridge crew of the Vengeance are awarded medals of valor for outstanding courage in the face of impossible odds. The captain of the Vengeance, Mary Tristan, receives further orders from the AF. An increase in mental stabilization drugs and subliminal messages is ordered for Wes.. She protests, but the AF doesn't want their ace pilot defecting.

With the AF beginning to rally and pushing back the shocked EUC/AE forces into a stalemate, the AF council decides it's time for a counterattack, the Vengeance along with a hundred aerial battleships is assigned to operation Red Thunder. The plan is simple, with the Asian Empire forces extended as far as they are, their capital in China has redeployed its defenses to the battlefield. At night the Vengeance with its escort will strike the capital with several nuclear warheads and wipe out all resisting enemy forces.

01/05/2208. AF forces amass outside AE territory and under the cover of night they slip past enemy detection. Shortly after midnight 5 nuclear warheads detonate in the capital city, an estimated billion die in the initial blasts and any remaining military forces are quickly neutralized by the AF's aerial battleships. With the AE's emperor along, his senior advisers killed, and most of the royal family killed, control of the empire is handed over to his third son. The suddenly crowned emperor is terrified and under the AF's advisement (and that of the remaining royal staff) the AE makes a hasty withdrawal from the war on the AF's terms.

The EUC is shocked at the attack, publicly they refused to 'stoop to their level' and use nuclear weapons, privately however they knew they could not. The AF invested a massive amount of money in its Satellite Nuclear Defense Network (SNDN for short), it would take months to disable it with ground to space cruise missiles and an attack with it online would only lead to the ICBMs being intercepted.

The EUC is in a tough spot, but lucky for them they had discovered the AF's plan to build the Vengeance during its early development. So not long after the AE backed out, they revealed their Super Capital Ship Apocalypse. It was an entirely new class of aerial battleship, the Apocalypse was the size of city and carried a hundred million crew members. On board it carried the Armor Knight 5, it's own counter to the Alpha 1.

01/12/2208. The AF is unphased and gives the Vengeance orders to redeploy to EUC territory. Shortly off shore of what was once the UK, the Vengeance fleet engages with the Apocalypse fleet with the battle being filmed and sent live across the internet. Wes and the Alpha 1 find themselves matched by the AM5 and despite all of their tricks can't seem to get an edge on it, in the end a damaged Vengeance and wounded Alpha 1 are beat back and retreat to AF territory.

During the month while the Vengeance and Alpha 1 are repaired, Wes and the crew have some off time. While off the ship, Wes eavesdrops on a conversation between a high ranking AF officer and his captain Mary. They're upping his drug dosage again, worried that a return to the EUC could cause memory leaks. Mary says they're being paranoid, but when she refuses to increase the dosage, the officer reminds her they could easily find a replacement captain. Angrily, Mary agrees.

Wes is shocked. He'd been told they were vitamins, but the truth was far more devastating then a simple drug enhancement. Later that night Wes hacks into the Vengeance's database and pulls up confidential files on its crew. He discovers that since his enlistment he's been taking huge doses of an experimental memory repression drug and been exposed to other forms of brainwashing.

Wes is mortified at what he's discovered, but acts like nothing's wrong for the next week, supplementing his drugs with sugar pills and jamming the brainwashing messages. He waits for his chance and remotely hacks the national database through the Vengeance's network. Tracing back his record he learns that his real name isn't Wes Halo.. His real name is Henry Edward the Third... The son of the president of the EUC. Pulling up several reports, it's revealed that he was taken as a political prisoner at the age of 14, when it became evident that the EUC was not going to cease fire to protect him, the AF found other uses.

In a twist of terrible irony, Henry was a perfect match for the Alpha 1 and so his training began. 2 Years later, he turns up with a new name and history. Wes wonders if anyone else was aware of this, but begins to believe that high ranking officials and the captain were probably the only ones told. The crew of the ship might riot if they discovered that their ace was actually the son of their enemy's leader.

Wes sleeps through a series of terrible dreams that night, many involving Wes' real family. When he wakes up, he remembers everything. Wes contemplates leaving, but knows he'll simply be killed once they discover he's remembered who he was. He tries to find a reason to stay and is suddenly filled with hate as he's reminded how his father beat him, sacrificed him for money then left him for dead in the AF. Now fueled by his own desire for revenge against the EUC, Wes stays as the Alpha 1's pilot.

Shortly before the Vengeance is deployed again, Wes is watching the news where during a press release by the EUC they reveal that the pilot of the EUC's newest Armor Maiden, the Armor Knight 5, is actually a woman... And is in fact Wes' older sister, Elena Elizabeth the Second. Wes freaks out, he was very close to Elena when they were still a family, trusting her above anyone else. After some time in his simulation room, he resigns himself to fight her, but still hopes he can somehow convince her that the EUC is her enemy.

02/13/2208. The day finally comes for the Vengeance and Wes, it's deployed to the Atlantic where it once again is brought into a skirmish with the Apocalypse. During the battle, Wes engages with the KM5, pinning it to the hull of the Vengeance. He opens up communications and attempts to make contact with the pilot. She responds and he asks if she's Elena Elizabeth the Second. She says yes and Wes says he's her younger brother, lost in the AF years before. She says he's dead and that's impossible, calling him a wicked liar for bringing up the painful memory of the lost brother she loved.

Wes tries to convince her but she get angry, opening up her chest beam cannons, Wes releases her and ducks back just an instant before she fires. Elena links back with her squad and they begin their attack on the Alpha 1. The Alpha 1 takes a critcal hit, its flight boosters exploding sending it falling toward the ocean. The Vengeance's shields are disabled, its engines suffering critical damage and its weapons largely destroyed. With the Vengeance barely able to sustain flight and the Alpha 1 defeated, the AF is doomed.

Wes slams against his controls, demanding the Alpha 1 move. Realizing that the Alpha 1 didn't have an ejection seat and all aerial systems were destroyed, Wes cries out, apologizing to everyone on the Vengeance and his sister for not having the power to protect them. The Alpha 1 crashes into the ocean, exploding on impact. As the Alpha 1's debris drift into the depths, a dazed but alive Wes wipes the blood from eyes, watching as water leaked into the cockpit.

Everything fading to black, a shining light floods through the main screen. It beckons him, Wes believing it was death, unbuckled himself and crawled through it. He was in a white room with a single girl. The girl asked him if there was anything he wanted before he died. He said he wanted power. The girl then asked why he wanted that power. Wes thought of his revenge against his father..but replied he wanted it so he could protect those he cares about.

The girl smiles and tells him she'd been watching him for a long time, observing his growth and character. She deems him worthy of unlocking the Alpha 1's true potential, not as a weapon, but as a guardian. Wes awakes in the water, dazed and confused, he looks at himself. Wes tries to scream, but realizes he has no voice. Looking frantically up and down, his body has been changed into a twisted alien/machine form.

He hears the girl's voice again. She tells him that the Alpha 1 was originally a creature from another planet, it was discovered near the beginning of the Vengeance project in the Antarctic. Unlike Armor Maidens which were built mechanically, the Alpha 1 was given armor and controls. Although its capabilities were unlike that of any other Armor Maiden, it needed a biolink with its pilot, and until Henry came along no one else was compatible.

Henry.. Or Wes as he's now known, is told his body has fused with the Alpha 1 and he's now one with it. Wes thinks and accepts his fate, if it will protect the ones he loves, he doesn't care if he's a monster. He asks the girl who she is, she says she's what he'd call the Alpha 1. Wes shrugs, he's been given full control over the Alpha 1 and extending it's butterfly shaped wings, the crystals built into his body resonate to launch him through the water and high into the air.

The EUC forces are astonished and terrified by the new enemy. With a sweep of Wes' hand a powerful beam fires from his palm, twisting and slicing through the EUC fleet, the Apocalypse is cut in half. Elena tries to stop him, but she's quickly disabled and in the arms of the unknown alien. As the Apocalypse falls to its destruction, it appears the EUC has been defeated, and the AF will go on to win the war. However, as it slams into the water, its self destruct sequence is activated.

The resulting tsunamis and earthquakes from its multiple nuclear super reactors leads to the deaths of over half the worlds population in the AF, EUC, and AE territories. The massive environmental devastation leads to only 1/3 of the world being inhabitable. In the wake of the destruction, the remains of the three former world powers unite to form one nation.

Wes wakes up in a golden field, his sister beside him. The Alpha 1 or AK5 are nowhere to be found.. Neither is the Vengeance.. or ocean for that matter. Wes quickly checks Elena.. She's still breathing.. Asleep? He thought. Looking around his surroundings, there was a nearby house amidst the field. Picking Elena up, he walks off.... In the confusion, no one bothers to question what happened to the Apocalypse or the Vengeance.

Dialogue MK2
More advanced dialogue, almost like a script actually.

Control: "Everything looks good."

Alpha 1a: "This is alpha 1 we're moving into position."

Alpha 2a: "Alpha 2, moving into position."

Alpha 3a:"Alpha 3 is in position, waiting for orders."

Alpha 4a: "Alpha 4's setup, waiting for orders."

Alpha 5a: "Alpha 5; everything looks good from here."

Control: "All units this is control, prepare for enemy engagment....."

Alpha 2a: "... Hey, something's wrong."

Alpha 3a: "Hmm? What is it Alpha 2?"

Alpha 2a: "Something in the sky, I can't get a clear visual, can anyone confirm it?"

Alpha 1a: "Alpha 1; can confirm, three F22 raptors inbound."

Alpha 5b: "s**t, have they already caught onto us!?"

Control: "We're initiating the operation, all units move in on the capital building!"

Alpha 4a: "Alpha 4 engaging!"

Alpha 1a: "Alpha 1 engaging!"

Alpha 5a: "Alpha 5 engaging!"

Control: "Alpha 2 status!?"

Alpha 2a: "We just lost Henry, those raptors are taking us down, where's our air support!?"

Delta 1a: "Don't worry, we're on the scene."

Alpha 1a: "It's delta!"

Delta 1b: "I got a lock!"

Alpha 4a: "Alpha 4 here, we've breached the control room, eliminating command... Huh?"

Control: "Alpha 4 is something wrong?

Alpha 4c: "No one is here..."

Control: "What!?"

Alpha 3a: "Control this is Alpha 3, there is nothing in the lower levels..."

Control: "It's a trap! All units evacuate!"

Alpha 5a: "Alpha 4 this is Alpha 5, we're under heavy fire outside the building, they have tanks. Evacuate now."

Delta 1b: "That's one raptor down."

Alpha 2a: "This is Alpha 2, loading tank hunter missiles."

Alpha 2c: "James!"

Alpha 2b: "I can't keep her up!"

Alpha 2c: "Damnit, take those raptors down now!"

Control: "Delta is trying, just cover the teams inside the building!"

Alpha 2a: "We can't cover them if no one is left!"

Alpha 3-4a: "Control this is Alpha 3-4 we've linked up and we're heading out of the building to support Alpha 5."

Alpha 2a: "One tank down..."

Alpha 1b: "Raptors are getting closer..."

Alpha 2c: "Damn beeper won't shut up!"

Delta 1a: "Delta's got this!"

Control: "Control here, radar is picking up multiple aircraft approaching the city."

Delta 1c: "How many?"

Control: "10....20.... 40.... It's a whole formation."

Alpha 5a: "Alpha 5, we've taken heavy losses, we're pinned down."

Alpha 1a: "Damnit, where is everyone else!?"

Alpha 3-4a: "Alpha 3 and 4, we've made it to the outside, pulling heat off of Alpha 5."

Alpha 5a: "Thanks guys."

Control: "Radar signatures confirmed, bombers."

Alpha 2a: "They're going to bomb the whole city!?"

Gamma 1a: "This is Gamma, moving to intercept."

Delta 1a: "Gamma!?"

Alpha 1a: "Gamma what are you doing here!?"

Alpha 2c: "Shut up and thank them guys."

Gamma 1a: "All bombers locked, Gamma requesting control authorize hive missile deployment."

Control: "Control authorizes all action taken to destroy the incoming bombers."

Gamma 1a: "Thank you command. Boys; switch to Code Red, open up hive silos 1-6, disengage fail safe."

Gamma Squad: "Yes, sir."

Gamma 1: "... Almost there."

Alpha 3-5a: "This is Alpha 3-5, we've neutralized the enemies outside the building."

Control: "Alpha 1-2 has evac helicopters arriving now."

Alpha 3-5a: "Confirmed."

Gamma 1b: "... Almost...."

Gamma 1c: "20.....30....10....20... ...10... ...5... .1!"

Gamma 1a: "Fire!"

Gamma 1d: "Hive missiles deployed!"

Gamma 1a: "Burn in hell!"

Control: "Bombers are dropping like flies, nice work Gamma."

Gamma 1a: "We couldn't let our guys die down there."

Delta 1a: "Control, Delta has eliminated the raptors."

Control: "Delta, Gamma, cover Alpha's retreat, we need to escape with minimal casualties."

Delta-Gamma 1a: "Yes m'am."

Alpha 1-5a: "Alpha teams here, we wouldn't have made it without air support."

Control: "You can thank Delta and Gamma later, I'm picking up something."

Delta 1a: "What is it Control?"

Control: "It's.... ... An AM... It's an Armor Maiden!"

Gamma 1a: "What!?"

Control: "Delta, Gamma, engage the Armor Maiden as soon as you come within firing range!"

Gamma 1d: "Gahhh! Ejecting!"

Gamma 1c: "Wes!"

Alpha 1a: "It's launching a missile volley, shoot them down!"

Gamma 1a: "Something just destroyed all the missiles!? What was that!?"

Zeta 1a: "Heard you guys could use some help."

Alpha 1a: "Special Tactical Armor Maiden Squad.. It's Zeta!"

Zeta 1a: "Jess, Lock, split up, we'll take this guy down."

Zeta 1b: "He's putting up a barrier!"

Zeta 1c: "Watch out for his anti-air laser array!"

Gamma 1a: "Gamma's taken losses, we're pulling back!"

Delta 1a: "Delta pulling back."

Control: "Leave this to Zeta."

Zeta 1b: "That barrier is tough, my missiles can't get through!"

Zeta 1a: "Don't worry, I have him!"

Zeta 1c: "Armor Maiden has gone critical."

Control: "Confirmed unit destroyed."

Zeta 1a: "Zeta is covering Gamma, Delta, Alpha on their retreat."

Alpha 1a: "All units form up."

Alpha 2a: "Looks like we're getting out of here alright.."

Control: "Link with off shore carriers confirmed, you guys are clear to link up with the Zeus Fleet."

Gamma 1a: "That's what I like to hear."

Delta 1a: "Time for some R n' R"

Control: "Picking up something on long range scanners."

Delta 1b: "Not again."

Control: "Cruise missiles...!"

Zeta 1a: "Do these guys ever quit!?"

Control: "The trajectory is off, they wouldn't hit you at the speed and angle they're flying at... it must be...."

Alpha 1a: "The city!?"

Zeta 1a: "But.... It's their own city, why would they...?"

Control: "We can ask those questions later, for now our mission is accomplished. You should be clear of the blast radius, just keep moving toward Zeus Fleet."

Zeta 1a: "But the people."

Control. "Zeta remember this is war. At least you're not in the sights of those missiles, now retreat."

Zeta 1a: "Yes m'am."

Control: "All units, combat operations complete. Disengaging combat interface and comlink network."

"So... This is it?" Henry asked, breathing a deep sigh as he walked up the steps of the rise.

Alice pulled a large tome from her side, peeling it open on the first step. "Be careful, this device could trigger at any moment..."

Henry felt a rush of power as he stepped onto the platform, the elegant designs etched beneath him beating with power. "They'll find us in this cathedral soon, quickly, activate it."

"Ummm.. Let's see here." Alice mumbled to herself. Placing a finger onto a passage from the tome, she read allowed: "Ages past have called upon the power of the gods in their direst hour. I call upon the power to protect everything I love, to protect my right to live. In the name of the past Wielder, I call upon this portal. Give us the power of the gods!"

The pillars flanking the platform quaked with energy, the rune etched platform burst in a brilliant fire, engulfing Henry. The pillars lining the room exploded, a massive crystal revealed in their center. Each of them shot a powerful bolt of energy into Henry's chest.

"I... I can feel it Alice.... The power... The energy... It courses through me!" Henry lifted his arms, clenching his fists as every part of him was thrust with an unbelievable amount of Soul.

In the middle of the ceremony, the towering hall doors swung open. "Well!" The booming voice of a lunatic quaked the room. "It appears I was a bit late to the party!" He shouted, his henchmen rushing past him to intercept Henry's ceremony.

"Damnit Qual, why can't you leave us alone!?" Alice shouted, taking the tome and stepping back toward Henry.

"We both want the same thing. Power. Only one of us can have it!" Qual's henchmen bashed against the protective barrier surrounding the platform.

"The power of the ancients wasn't something to fall into the hands of someone like you. We won't let you have it!" Alice shouted.

Qual stopped several feet short of the barrier, his hands bursting with a blood red Soul. "I'll take what I want!" With a swipe of his hand a dark, evil casting circle was imprinted along the barrier. Qual slapped his hands together, carefully pulling them apart to reveal a small red orb.

Henry stretched his right hand out to the barrier, redirecting some of his Soul to boost the barrier. "You won't get what you want, Qual." Henry said in a warped tone, his voice deep and twisted.

Qual clapped his hands again, this time revealing a tighter, black orb. "You like it?" Qual asked. "I call it a black hole, it will pull everything inside! And nothing comes out!" Qual's hands shook with the immense power he held between his palms and as the orb reached breaking point, everything fell silent.

He released it, shooting it forward. In an instant it tore through the barrier, in a second it reached Henry, in a moment it bored. into his chest. The world slowed down, the Soul flowing into Henry flashed red, Henry's body began to dissolve. Alice acted fast, she ripped open the tome, knowing exactly what passage to read.

"By the wisdom of the ancients, by the grace of the gods, by the power of Soul. I'll make my sacrifice, preserve his body at any cost!" Alice shouted, slamming her palm to the pages. The tome burst with Soul, enveloping both Henry and Alice in a calming blue light.

Henry opened his eyes. He floated in a quiet field before a large oak tree, a cool breeze tickling his face. Henry looked down, most of him had been erased. He looked back up, Alice stood before him. "Alice...?" He tried to say, but there was no sound here.

Alice's hands began to crumble, the pieces flowing into Henry. "Alice... What are you doing?" He tried to ask again.

Alice smiled as her body vanished, bit by bit the pieces flowing into Henry's new body. "Alice you can't do this."

Now only her face remained, it started breaking in the back, crawling past the ears. "Alice I don't want to lose you!" He shouted, only to watch helplessly as she closed her eyes and the last of her vanished.

Henry awoke on the platform, stumbling to his feet he looked about. The henchmen had all been blasted away by the explosion of Soul. Henry remembered what had just happened, he snapped to his side, Alice was gone. Just as his heart shattered, he heard a voice.

"Well, you survived." Qual commented casually walking back down the hall. "Awh, but where's your friend?"

He couldn't respond, turning to look a burst of soul struck him against the wall. Qual casually walked up the steps, keeping Henry immobilized with his powers. "It seems you've lost the ability to manipulate Soul. How unfortunate." Qual picked him up. "Finally, you can die." He threw Henry into one of the pillars, Henry's bones snapping as he smashed against the granite.

Blood dripped from Henry's mouth and ears, his vision disoriented, he could only see a blurry vision of Qual's Soul seething from his body. Just as he approached to finish him off, he heard another voice.. A softer, familiar one.

"You're going to die." It said. "I can save you if you sign a pact with me." Henry blacked out, opening his eyes to the meadow he was in before. The tree was gone, in its place was the statue of a raven. The statue's eyes bled Soul, the voice coming from deep inside it.

Henry's voice was still mute as a paper appeared suspended in front of him. "Feed me your blood and I will be by your side forever." As it said that, a knife appeared beside the paper.

Henry grabbed knife, stabbing it deep into his Right hand. Stretching his hand over the paper, he let the blood spill out over the contract. The raven's statue lit up. "It is done!" It shouted, its eyes turning blood red.

Henry awoke on the ground, quickly snapping to his feet, his wounds healed. Qual was taken back. "How can you move?" He asked. Just as he asked that, a raven swooped from the ceiling, shining in a red light it struck deep into Qual's body. He shouted, the raven maddening him with visions of his death.

"He's trapped in my vision." The raven spoke. "Your powers are currently bound by the interuptance of the ritual, I've given you enough to stand, but you must complete the ritual to return yourself to full strength." Qual flailed about, smashing himself into the wall. "Go now!"

Henry didn't question or hesitate, he dashed up the platform, the Soul Tome laying open on the floor. By fate it was on the right page, Henry shouted as hard as he could. "I call forth my ancestors, I need your knowledge to wield the power within, with your wisdom complete me!"

The crystals exploded with energy, pumping it into Henry. He was thrown into the ai; blue fire flaring across his body, electricity tearing into the room, burning across the stone. Struggling to move, Henry shakily pressed his hands together, forcing the Soul between them. "I... Am... COMPLETE." He slammed his hands together, the Soul detonating in a ball of fire.

Qual shook his head, scrambling to stand again. "A second burst of energy!?" He questioned himself, looking toward the platform.

This time, the ritual had finished. Wicked blue flames twisted from Henry's hands, a fire burning from his eye. Qual panicked, he fired a volley of Soul Bolts at Henry.

Henry chuckled, the bolts of energy splashing and deflecting across his barrier. "You killed them." He mumbled.

"What!? What are you mumbling about!?" Qual swung his hand, firing again, the bolts failing to phase Henry.

"You.. Killed everyone!" Henry lost it, he threw his arms outward, Soul erupting from the ground around him. "I'll destroy you!"

"Henry? Wake up, we have a meeting with the queen today."

"Hmm?" Henry groaned, lifting his head from his pillow, his eyes lazily focusing on the raven sitting in front of him.

"Come on, wake up." The raven said.

"Can't it wait Zen? I stayed up all last night reading those books you told me to read, I'm tired." He threw his head into the pillow, burying himself in its crisp softness.

Zen sighed. "No, it can't wait, you need to get the grant to continue your research. If you don't we'll have trouble moving freely around the country, and-."

"Yeah, yeah.. I know." Henry interrupted, tugging and throwing his blankets to the floor.

"Don't get snappy with me, do you really want to be taking jobs as we travel?" Zen asked.

"No, I don't." Henry sat up, looking down at his naked body.

"Something bothering you?" Zen hopped onto his leg, looking up at him.

"Shouldn't something be bothering you?" Henry shook his head. "It's been a year since we met back there and... My body still is like this."

"That's a problem? You've gained not only immortality but your body is made of pure Soul. Not just any Soul either, it's unique in every way... She must have been a very powerful Wielder." Zen said with a cold tone.

"Well, I don't expect you to understand, Zen." Henry stepped off the bed, opening his wardrobe. "And don't speak of her."

"Yes.. Well.... Moving on, the city is buzzing with rumors about you, it's been millenia since they've seen Soul. Not all publicity is good, though. You should keep your head down, texts from the Dark Age still condemn you." Zen shook his head. "Fools."

"It doesn't matter." Henry tied his royal blue long coat, fluffing the black collar around his neck. "If someone tries to get in my way, I'll kill them."

Zen fluttered onto Henry's shoulder. "That's not a good attitude."

Grabbing some papers from his desk, he took a brief glance from the tower window, the morning sun rising over the capital city of Viona. "Well, let's start the day." He said.

A thousand years ago, Soul was considered the worlds greatest blessing, an incarnation of the gods made manifest in the body of humans. Soul is exactly what it sounds like, one's Soul manipulated and called forth by his will. Soul is unique in that it can take many different forms and create many different abilities, you can learn many, but often your abilities reflect that which your Soul is most similar too. A thousand years ago, the Dark Age came, humanity rebelled against Soul. Those who practiced it were killed by soul embued weapons, where these weapons came from, none could say, but the public agreed Soul had become sickening and it had to be abolished. Since then use of Soul has been punishable by death, but with no one to teach it, Soul disappeared from the minds of the world... For the most part at least.

Henry stepped out into the court, it was as if he stood in an arena, the eyes of the council peering at him from all angles. He casually took a seat on the single chair provided for him in the middle of the flawless marble floor. "The Queen has arrived, bow and show your respects to the benevolent Queen Ophelia Demolca." The council stood to bow, Henry didn't lift a finger.

The Queen took her seat, gazing upon her court, looking down on Henry. "Henry Walker, Heir of Duke Walker, what brings you to my court?"

Henry shrugged, glancing at his papers, tossing them aside. "I'll be blunt." He said, kicking over the chair. "Our world is in danger of collapse, with the use of Soul banned a thousand years ago, no one is capable of stopping the rise of the Dark Gods from their slumber. When the Dark Gods return, all will be destroyed. My research is based on the Ancestor Portals, neigh divine platforms built upon sacred Soul sites. In ages past when the Dark Gods appeared, Soul Wielders would be able to draw power from the portals and banish the gods again." Henry took a breath. "With Soul practice practically destroyed, no one can use these sites, even worse no one remembers where they are. Not only am I trying to locate these sites but I am trying to master their use so that when the time comes we can stop the Dark Gods."

The council burst with laughter, the Queen smashing her gavel. "Walker, I respect the existence of Soul, but there is any evidence of these 'Dark Gods'?"

"All texts were burned in the dark ages, I've only been able to find small mentions of them, but not much beyond that." Henry consented.

The Queen looked across the room. "Then your request for a grant of gold to continue your research is denied for lack of evidence to support it."

"But that doesn't make sense, part of my research is to find the evidence, I can't do it without gold!" He shouted.

"You're dismissed, Walker." The Queen stood. "The court is dismissed for today."

"I won't-!"

"Hold your tongue, Henry." Zen said. "We'll need to find funding from somewhere else."

Henry reluctantly nodded, clenching his fists, he stormed out of the court chamber.

Comlink Chatter
Straight communications dialogue during a battle.

"They've broken through the Eastern Wall, what happened to our guards!?"

"This is Boxer, we're under intense fire, we need some relief. Can anyone assist?"

"Something on radar, looks like aircraft, get to the-."

"Walrus is retreating to the bunkers, we can't hold them back!"

"I can't get into contact with Control, anyone's comlink still functioning?"

"They have jammers, I repeat they have jammers, any calls going outside are going to be scrambled and bounced back."

"Someone paint those jammers!"

"This is Violet, we're pinned down, can anyo-!"

"Can anyone confirm Violet!?"

"Violet Squad confirmed KIA."

"Who's left!?"

"Walrus is retreating to the bunkers, they've suffered heavy losses."

"Boxer Squad is MIA..."

"Blue Squad is MIA..."

"House Squad is MIA..."

"Neon Squad is KIA..."

"I asked who was left!"

"Walrus, Storm, Fox, Hound, and Pilot."

"Storm here, we've secured the West Wall, we're pulling back to support the East."

"Fox; don't come to the East, there are too many of them! Retreat out the West and escape the fort, we'll-!"

"Fox just went dead can anyone confirm their position?"


"Air strike in 30 seconds, bunker up."

"This is Hound we can't get inside, someone open up the gates!"

"We can't open up the gates hound, find another way inside!"


"Damnit there is no time we're gonna be toasted out here!"

"Hound we can't risk everyone for your squad. Find some cover!"


"No time!"

"Hound Squad is KIA."

"Salvage what you can, we're-."

"Fort Control, Fort Control!?"

"Pilot confirming Fort Control has been lost."

"Damn these bastards to hell, who's left?"

"Pilot; my squad is still intact, we're moving to the West Wall."

"Walrus; we're pinned in the bunkers, we'll hold them for as long as we can."

"Don't be a hero Walrus!"




"Pilot confirming Walrus KIA, under fire and retreating."

"This is Storm calling on all secure Alliance Channels, is there anyone out there for evac!?"

"I see something in the distance, sir."

"Damnit more planes. Pilot we can't wait, get over here now."

"Pinned down, we won't be able to make it to your position in time."

"You're giving me a hard choice here man."

"Just go, we'll find our own way out."

"... Good luck, come on boys, we're getting out of here. Storm is exiting the combat area."

Just something new I guess.
Dunno if it's that good. First draft, short story, very rough. Intentionally left a lot of details out.

A blue sky spread out into the horizon, the speckles of clouds and streaks of aircraft painting a beautiful portrait above the grassy meadows of the valley.

Two children, barely the ages of 8 and 9 sat on a flower covered hill in the middle of the valley. “Brother…” The sister asked.

The brother looked to her. “Hmm?”

“I want to be up there...” She said, her eyes staring into the clouds.

“Huh? Where?”

She pointed to the sky. “There.”

He looked up. “Really? Why?”

“I want to dance with them.” She whispered, a smile peeling across her face.



“Wes, Wes can you hear me!?” Screamed a man over the radio.


“Alert… Alert… Massive system failure. Engines critical, flight systems critical, weapon systems critical, motivators offline, forced reactor shutdown engaged.” The onboard computer announced.

Dazed and confused, Wes reached for his console, blood slipping his hands across the keys as he typed in the access codes. “Main systems critical, activation of suit not advised.” The computer responded as he attempted to reactivate it.

Haze and blood clouded Wes’ vision as he tried to get back up. “Wes, Wes are you ok!? Come on man answer me!” He heard from his comlink, as soon as he opened his mouth, blood spilled over his lap. He reached for some tissues, stuffing them in his mouth to stop the bleeding. He nearly gagged, coughing more blood across the console.

“Life support detecting massive damage to pilot, activation not advised, chance of survival 0%.”

Wes ignored the warning, typing in the last code. “Activation engaged, Armor Maiden powered to 10%... Alert, system malfunction, flight offline, weapons offline, primary motivator offline”

Rain splattered across the suit, thunder echoing in the heavens as it pulled its self from the mud. “Detecting an energy signature, Wes; Wes are you moving!?”

Wes spit out the tissues. “Wes Blade, not dead yet.” He said, blood still seeping down his flight suit.
“You son of a b***h. Can’t believe you survived that fall, what does your suit look like, is it ok?” Another pilot responded.

“Computer’s sayin’.. Something about 0% chance for sur-surv…. Survival.”

“What? Wes, shut yourself done my scanners are say you’re past critical.”

He smiled . “What?”

“You’re full of holes and whole chunks of you are missing, your Left arm is gone for god sakes man!”

Wes broke through the trees, rocks tumbling down the hill as his feet grinded for traction. A battlefield strewn with bodies lay before him, fire and debris strung across the field, tanks rolling and artillery quaking as infantry hid in their bunkers.

“Wes you got… Five people painting you at least. Incoming missiles; eject now!”

Wes tore the comlink from his ear, tossing it aside. “I can’t… See any other way.”

“Isn’t it beautiful, the way they fly, the way they spin through the air?” She said, her head waving with the aircraft as they turned about.

“I..I guess.” He responded, not taking any notice of it before.

“I want to be up there. To feel the wind.” She fell back to the grass, her arms and legs spread out. “Not wind like this...something else.”

“Something else?”

“Brother…. Even though I’m gone… I love you. I’ll give you everything I knew… Everything I was… A secret I learned. I only want you to succeed where I failed.”

Wes’ eyes widened, he looked back, nothing. “Wha..”

“Inside each of these machines is a spirit, a creature not living or dead that powers them. “

Wes looked around his other shoulder, turning to the view screen. “Who’s there?”

“Release it.”

“Heart beat increasing, REM increasing, brain activity increasing, administer a sedative before your functions are reduced to 0.” The computer announced.


The computer cracked, the view screen scrambling with interference. A moment passed, the view screen cleared. “Override engaged, primary system shutdown, secondary master system in control.”

Wes convulsed erratically, his body throwing its self in all directions. “Activating the master drive, switching to experimental mode. Armor Maiden, systems engaged.”

A volley of missiles struck Wes, a fire ball of twisting metal blowing across the hill. Through the fire and debris a ball of pure light shimmered through the smoke. “I… I don’t want to die.”

“Take my hand… Synchronize.”

Wes reached into the light, he couldn’t feel anything…. So he felt farther, pushed harder until he threw himself into the unknown. “Synchronization completed, 100% through all membranes.” The computer announced. “Removing final fail safe… …. Activating Omega Drive.”

“Hey commander, I’m picking up some strange readings from the ground. They’re off the charts…Way off them.” An analyzer announced to his commander aboard the air ship Lusitania.

“Hmm?” The commander looked at the report. “What the… Hell is that? Control direct our squads to investigate the source of this.”

The operator nodded. “Aye, sir.”

The light extended, defining a body, arms and legs. “Discover... Flight.” The ball shot from the ground and across the horizon, its speed tripling the fastest Armored Mech.

At its peak the ball exploded, the light blinding nearby pilots. “What is that thing!?” One shouted over the comlink. As the light dissipated, its features shined in a break in the storm.

A large humanoid alien towered above the human armies. A thick metal mask covered its face, giving way to a Purple, muscular body imposing its force. Long fingers stretched down, energy cackling up its arms. Massive butterfly shaped, crystal focused wings bloomed from its back, all surrounding a large crystal heart at the center of its chest.

The armies weren’t about to ask questions, their air ships opened fire on the unknown . Powerful kinetic shields deflected each blow, brilliant lights dazzling across the sky as the alien drew power to its wings.

“You are in command of a force that can define the world however it wishes. A force capable of bringing nations to their knees. A force capable of granting any wish.”

“Sister?” Wes asked. “Was this what you had strived for? Destruction?” The alien pulled its hands close to its chest, light focusing upon its crystal heart. In an instant a rays of death sprung in every direction, air ships instantly split in pieces, squads of mechs erased in one blow. “The sister I loved wouldn’t wish for that.”


“How long have you been here? Whatever corrupted you won’t misguide me.” Wes placed a hand to his heart. “I know what I want.”

“What’s your wish, brother?”

“All units retreat, all units retreat, this is an emergency order. Get out of this air space now!” The last remaining commander shouted on all frequencies, his air ship making a desperate attempt to escape the alien.

The energy intensified, the very earth and sky was pulled into the alien’s wings, every color of the rainbow splashing and sparkling across the sky, the power of the cosmos swirling at Wes’ finger tips. “I wish…”

Four lashes of a blue, crystal light blew out into the air. A beam of power shining through the alien’s core. Everything fell silent, space and time stopping for a brief moment. A flash of light, a wave of destruction blowing from the alien’s body.

“Come on we gotta go home!” Wes shouted.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah sorry. Coming!” Vin responded pulling her hand from the large, twisted patch of metal. As she ran to Wes, she took one last look at the curled mound. She stopped.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Huh?.. Oh… I guess nothing I just… I thought I remembered something.”

Just a rough something I wrote*
“Lyn, get down!” Ed pushed her head down, bullets pelting the barricade of metal and ceramics.

Lyn shook him off, pressing her back to the hall’s wall. “How many of them?”

Ed shrugged. “No idea, I can’t get my head over without getting a round between my eyes. “

“We can’t stay here forever.”

“I know! “ Ed peeled his assault rifle over the barricade, unloading his magazine into the pirates.

Lyn pulled a dazzler grenade from her belt, tearing the pin off she tossed it down the hall. The two hit the deck, slamming their hands over their ears. The grenade shattered; a bang, the pirates stumbled back, a sharp whistling echoing in their ears as their vision faded to white.

Ed and Lyn took the chance; they dashed down the hall, Lyn taking blind shots toward the pirates as they ran. “We need to make it to the escape pods.” Lyn panted.

“Right.” Ed stopped, grabbing Lyn, throwing himself into a dark passage.


“Hush.” Ed slipped his hand over her mouth.

Lyn blushed, pirates quickly sweeping past them. As the steps echoed ahead, Ed released his hand, Lyn gasping. “Wha-Was that really necessary?” She whispered.

Ed snickered. “Come on, there should be a ladder down to the crawl spaces through the ship just down this passage.”

“O-O..k…” She responded, following him into the dark.

The two crept through the ship’s dark, damp passages. They could hear the shouts of pirates above and below them, the shouts of the rest of the crew, the gun fire that followed shortly. As the moved, Ed felt around for a handle to open a hatch to the lower levels, sliding his hands across the crawl space, he felt something. Without thinking, Ed slammed the handle, suddenly the grating beneath them gave, and the two plummeted to the floor.

Lyn rubbed her head. “Ed… Ed are you alright?” She asked, nudging his shoulder.

“I’m… I’m ok.” He responded, clamoring to his feet.

Lyn shook off the fall, getting a look around the room. “We’re here…. Right?”

“Huh?” Ed looked, a wide open room revolving around an old escape pod, its rail extending to an airlock.

He nodded. “This is it.”

“Alright so… How do we start this thing?” Lyn smiled nervously, eager to escape.

Ed grabbed her, pulling her over to the rail. “Just get inside; I’ll activate the sequence externally before getting in myself.”

“Ok…” She said, ducking into the cramped pod.

Ed entered his officer’s code, activating the escape pod. “2 Minutes to launch. Please board the escape vessel.” An AI announced.

Rustling could be heard from the halls, shouts and stomping. Pirates burst in, firing indiscriminately across the room. Three rounds found Ed, punching through his left arm, straight into his chest. Ed’s legs felt limp, he struggled to keep himself up, Lyn shouted but he couldn’t hear her over the gunfire. She tried to reach out, but the door slammed shut, a small window Lyn’s only connection to the outside.

“Countdown halted, emergency launch engaged. Please prepare for departure.” The AI announced.

“What!?” Lyn looked back at the console, reaching to try and abort the launch.

“I’m sorry, controls locked from the inside.” The pod’s AI responded.

“Damnit, no we can’t.. I.” Lyn looked through the window. “Why?”

Ed smiled, shaking his head, another bullet landing in his leg. He mouthed something, tears dripped from her face. “You said we’d leave together you jack a**!”

He chuckled, taking one last look at Lyn before swinging out from the console, opening his emergency pistol into the pirates. A dozen rounds quickly slammed into his chest, blood spit from his mouth, a final bullet landing in his head.

Lyn banged on the bulkhead door, Ed’s smile falling from his face as he realized his death. The pod’s rail sparked to life, the interior dimming as the AI announced ignition. Lyn had no choice. The airlock opened, debris flying out into the vacuum of space.






Lyn suddenly smashed against the hull, the electromagnetic catapult launching the pod with such force the G’s kept her from moving. She got one last look at the frigate… She smiled…. “Ed I… I…”

The most retarded thing I've ever read.
Yes, more stupid then all the christian/antievo/nazi arguments combined...

Apple Tree By,i_Big Boss(Please Include My Name If Your Going To Copy)Apple Apple....On The Tree...Why I Try To Pick You Every Day....High Above My Reach....Look On The Ground Rotten Old Pruned Ruined Apples I See..Do I Dare To Hate...?Do I Try?...Do I Love....?Another Boy Comes Takes A Apple From The Ground...He Leaves As Soon As He Comes....I Reach And Reach...Climb Up The Bark Slowly Sliding Down Getting Blisters And Cuts....Hurting My Self...I Wince And Fall And Bleed...But I Keep Trying Keep Trying....Trying To Pick The Highest One There...Hate To Hurt My Self But I Keep Trying No Matter What....Not Going To Let Me Down..Hate The Blood...Hate The Gore....Hate The Sores...Hate Fighting...Hate Living...Hate Trying..Keep On Falling...Keep On Dying...Keep On Loving...Keep On Sighing...Keep On Trying..Why So Hard?Why Have To Be This Way?..Dont Die Dont Fall...This Is My Life On My Behalf..I Finally Get To The Top...Try To Reach Try To Try...I Begin To Feel Dizzy....Start To Fall Start To SCREAM...Start To See My So Called "Life" Flash Before My Eyes.....Fall On My Back Blinded By My Eyes..Hear A Large CRACK...Open My Eyes Slowly In Pain..See Something Red...Is That Blood?No It Has A Stem?The Stem Is Green...I Am Bleeding..I'm Not Scared Anymore...I Close My Eyes And Rest Letting The Apple Slide To My Cheek...And Murmur"Life Is Not Fair...But This Is How My Life Ends..."I Feel Something Cold...Blood And Tears..And The End...-Made By i_Big Boss

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