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Uchazu's journale
yoshis story n64 poems(unfinished project)
some story from yoshi's island 64
it's rare cause i'm prolly the only 1 how spent 1.2 houres reading it over again and writing it down (it was pretty dang fast)
-edit, currently project canceled due broken TV


Out of the blue, the island fell
darkened by an evil spell
The blink of an eye was all it took
and the island became a storybook
the super happy tree vanished, too.
and once-happy yoshis began to stew
Only baby bowser could be so mean
to ruin the happy yoshis dream
The island had paid an awful cost
for the super happy tree was lost
else where on the pop-up ilse
some yoshis survived the trial
the spotted eggs in that yoshis nest.
Would soon face baby bowser's test.
One by one, they began to hatch.
Six litthe yoshis--a perfect batch!
They scratched their heads and looked around.
Some even tried to pount the ground.
Sadness darkened every yoshi's face.
It should've been a super happy place.
They quickly saw the ploblem at hand,
Required a cunning yoshi plan.
"If we grow super happy" the yoshis thought.
"we'll spoil bowser's evil plot"
Their mission then was crystal clear
They had to go and spread the cheer!
So it was, they al agreed,
to rescue the super happy tree.
They set out to follow the trial of fruit.
To find where the tree has taken root.
One yoshi wondered as he bounced,
If baby bowser could be trounced.
"we'll stay together" the others cried.
"and stomp his baby bowser hide."
By eating food and having fun.
The deed would surely soon be done.
And so the yoshi's quest began,
To find the tree and save the land

editing some poems I have some more on paper which I wil putt here then throw the papers away in real (I'm kinda cleaning my room)

the final chapter baby bowser versus yoshi

Baby Bowser:
"What have we here?
Mario's litthe pet!
I have Pets too!
Let's all play together.
Play nice, you wimpy pet!
I hate guests who throw bob-ombs at my celling

Here's my poem
I'm the king
you dino guy
I'll smash you now
so say "goodbye"."

baby bowser says this when he's defeated

"Yeeeeow!!!, This hurts!

I hate you puny, little yoshis.
I'll give back youre super happy tree!
besides, it's fruits taste rotten to me!"

this is another chapter boss, but this is 1 of the chapter 3, depending on which level you pick (1, 2, 3 and 4)
you will meet a differnt chapter boss, this one is from level 1

(the invisable chapter (1) boss)

Who are you?
can't find me!

the big candy giant chapter (2) boss

Cloud N. candy:
I'm so sweet, you can't lick me!

the djiin chapter (3) boss

My fiery breath is very hot!
These spiked balls are certainly not!

the rubber frog/duck? chapter (4) boss

Don bongo:
try to dodge my bouncing blubber
just don't hit my lips of rubber.

the following are stories or poems you get after completing a chapter, you get 4 options to choose any chapter mode but you will get a differnt poem doing so (in total 6 x 4 poems)
it's hard to get these poems since you have to go on story mode and play the game

chapter 1: storyline 1

And so the adventure began
The yoshis see out to find the super happy tree.
Poochy the dog helped out.
Not even the elephants could stop the yoshis.
So far so good if they could stay happy the tree would be saved.

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  • [06/20/07 06:29pm]
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