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Even more words. omg.

p h u k k k
Community Member
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.

Stranger: hey

You: salutations

Stranger: whats up?

You: nothing much.

Stranger: g or m

You: just having fun. i'm so happy

You: girlyy

You: wow, that sounded really perverted. O.o

Stranger: hahaha

Stranger: Sometimes perverted is good

You: sometimes

You: are YOU a lady?

Stranger: nope

Stranger: I am a man

You: are you sure?

Stranger: Manly man

Stranger: not really...

You: i knew it.

You: i'm sorry to hear this, jason. maybe you should go see a doctor

Stranger: What you doina awake at this late our

You: it's not late, only nine pm here

Stranger: Jason your d**k was cut off by your crazy girlfriend

Stranger: oh

You: oh wow

You: that's a legit story

You: what time is it for you?

Stranger: only 12:12

Stranger: Oh s**t

Stranger: its a sign

You: a sign of what?

You: the apocalypse?

Stranger: More of we are bounded together...

You: oh how magical

Stranger: we have the power to cause the apocalypse

Stranger: Yeah its 12 13 now sooo...

You: i think before we make mass destruction we should get married

You: i'll start on the wedding plans right now

You: (it's a joke)

Stranger: WHAT

Stranger: this is all a joke

You: no, darling

You: i'm sorry, i was talking to the mailman

Stranger: BTW

Stranger: when we bang

Stranger: that will cause the end of the world

Stranger: our sex will be soo,

Stranger: whats the word

Stranger: mind blowing

You: oh i'm looking forward to it smile

Stranger: It has to be in a cool place

Stranger: hmmm where could it be

You: like the arctic?

Stranger: nahh like on top of the effil tower

You: that'd be so pointy

Stranger: Hmm we might cause the world to flood our sex would melt all the ice in the artic

You: it's already melting

Stranger: We would multiply global warming time 100

You: is that such a bad thing?

Stranger: ehhh we might as well go out with a bang

Stranger: while we bang

You: haha oh sweetums you're so clever

You: wait-- how are we getting to paris?

You: err, the arctic

You: my bad

Stranger: Um we can ride the polarbear I own as a pet cause i am that badass

You: damn. that's hot.

You: polar bears are the s**t

Stranger: They are.

Stranger: Can we stop by in paris

Stranger: it is the city of love

You: pfft not the city of making love though

Stranger: Touche

You: touch where? wink

Stranger: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/touch%C3%A9

Stranger: thats the word

You: i know. i was making a "clever" attempt

Stranger: sorry

Stranger: i didnt understand

You: ah, s'all good

Stranger: I will touch you everywhere

Stranger: soo...

You: even up my nose? O:

Stranger: ehhh if it gets kinky

You: great.

You: that's not disturbing at all O.o

Stranger: wink

Stranger: hahah

Stranger: What kind of sex shall we have my dear

You: the good kind?

Stranger: Um aggresive

Stranger: pasionate

Stranger: HARDCORE (always must be spelt with caps lock)

You: well then HARDCORE it is.

You: since caps lock is great

Stranger: Damn your hot

You: that's right i a

You: *am

Stranger: What you look like darlin?

You: uhh buck teeth, mousey hair, fat as a tree stump

Stranger: Boner achieved

You: success

Stranger: You got me with the buck teeth

Stranger: thats hottttt

You: thanks babe. i know just what to say.

Stranger: That you do

Stranger: Hmm Well let me make my attempt to "turn you on"

Stranger: I am fat

Stranger: so fat during sex if I am on top you wont breathe

Stranger: Yeah thats sexy I know

Stranger: I got HUGE tits

You: mmmmmmmmmhmmm YUM

Stranger: btw

Stranger: my dicks tiny

You: oh i'm looking forward to our HARDCORE sex

Stranger: me too, you swallow right?

You: yeupp. and choke and blow

Stranger: Atta girl

Stranger: s**t I dont think I got your age

Stranger: you could be like 11

You: yeah i'm definitely eleven

Stranger: score

You: oh yeah.

Stranger: How old is this wonderful women I am talkin to?

You: not old.

You: sixteen

You: how about you?

Stranger: I have reached the prime age of 65

Stranger: just kidding 16

You: damn

You: i was hoping you were 65

Stranger: Your not a slut

You: maybe i am, maybe i'm not

Stranger: Tricky tricky

You: ssx?

You: that's a good game.

Stranger: ssx? no idea what that is?

You: ssx tricky.

You: it's a game for xbox.


Stranger: Hahahah

You: and you call yourself sixteen

You: O:

Stranger: Um, I enjoy playin sports

Stranger: Enjoying outdoors

Stranger: I am more of COD guy though

You: eww cod.

You: my brother plays that all the time.

You: it's very loud

Stranger: i enjoy killing zombies

You: you can kill zombies?

You: that's ******** awesm

You: *awesome

Stranger: Yeah dude

Stranger: COD zombies

Stranger: ALL DAy

You: fish zombies?

You: strange

Stranger: BACK TO SEX!

Stranger: wink

You: alright fiiiiiiiine

Stranger: Whats your perferred d**k length?

You: 1700 cubic feet

Stranger: Damn

Stranger: I am only 1650 ********....

You: ahh sorry.

You: i GUESS i can settle

Stranger: Where shall we meet up?

You: canada

Stranger: oooooo

You: they've got all the polar bears

Stranger: true dat

Stranger: what state you from

You: i'm from canada smile

Stranger: ohhhhhh

You: haha yeah

Stranger: I dont know if I can do this anymore

You: oh no

Stranger: smile

You: whyyy

Stranger: YOu near quebec?

You: opposite side of the country, actually

Stranger: I gottta go

You: oh yeah sure

Stranger: whats your cell?

You: 1 800 p***s

Stranger: okay

Stranger: mines actually 802 99947 29 bye

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