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Journey across a sea of games
Something's wrong...Amnesia?....what is that? Oh god, what happened. Is this some sort of hangover? But, I didn't drink. Wait, what's happening? Who's there?...no...my name? They're names? Who's name? The guys...yes, I remember them. Brian, he's...he's...oh god, what is it? He's a tall white kid with short brown hair and lots of bruises. Yes...that's Brian. And...Kyle, adoptive...brother? Yes, Kyle, short white kid, brown hair, glasses, a little bit of a softy...and Cody. Cody. Curly brown hair, skinny, lanky...Me...who...am I? Daniel? No, I'm a girl. Jane...Janelle! That's right. Then...who's Daniel, and what...what is with...Amnesia?

My head was pounding, the light from the window poured over me, sending a strange warming, yet chilly sensation down my body. I groaned, pushing myself up as the strength came back to my limbs. Around me several other groans sounded as if an echo. My heart pounded for a moment from the unknown as the house, or wherever I was, creaked from the old age. It smelled like time, an old sort of stale smell of old parchment and ink, but an underlying scent that tainted the air.

"Oh god, what happened?" I grumbled, sitting up. Several faces turned toward me, all covered in soot, their hair matted and making them look mad. It took a moment for me to realize my glasses were thrown across the hallway. I grabbed then, rubbing the dust off with the cotton fabric of my dress.

It took me two seconds to realize that I was wearing a dress and a corset, and then another five to realize we were somewhere that didn't add up.

"Janelle, holy s**t, what the ******** did you do?" Brian stood up, looking down at his attire; a brown leather vest with a cotton undershirt and pants. He looked up, his eyes wide, but, shining oddly in the shadow as he stood by the wall. He stepped forward, looking around as he rubbed the side of his head. "What happened to you? It looks like your ears?"

I stared at him as his hand moved. At first it looked like his hair was sticking up from the side. But after a moment, both the clumps of hair moved. He stepped forward again, revealing the things on the side of his face to be ears: two, rather big, grey, fluffy wolf ears.

"What happened to my ears?" I looked at him, shocked. "What happened to yours!?" My hands went to the side of my face, mirroring his movement to the T. Both our hands gripped what was now our ears, mine long and pointed, sticking straight out from the side of my face, sensitive to every touch and sound. His twitched, moving around as he looked upward. "What happened to my ears!?" We both yelled at once. We looked at each other. "What happened to your ears? Look at mine!" We shouted. Our eyes lowered. "What's that?!" We both pointed behind each other, both of us looking around, grabbing what was following us, ending up being attached to our behinds. "It's a tail! I have a tail! What else could go wrong?!"

Kyle and Cody laughed lightly, examining their own changes. Once we were human, there were no animal ears or tails, we weren't wearing 18th century clothing. Kyle didn't have scaly wings emerging from his back and Cody didn't have the bright blue eyes and appendages of a black and white husky.

It took only ten minutes to download the game, ten minutes in which I contemplated whether or not I was sure I wanted the stupid thing on my computer or if I was just being too nice to my friends who had begged me allow them to use it. The hype in the room had gone from quiet horror as we all watched the first part of the tutorial to loud anticipation. The hype for the game came from a friend of mine via the internet, a video of grown men’s voices going from ground rumbling deep to high soprano within seconds caught my attention, the rest came from watching all the tutorials from a well known gamer named Toby. As the sound of the game finishing its download echoed through the room, I placed my computer in an area where everyone could see as the game started. The screen turning black, the speakers turned up and emitting growls and whispers as the words 'Amnesia: the Dark Descents' crumbled onto the page. I felt a tremble run up my spine as the page groaned into the recommendations for playing the game. I felt like if I allowed it to start, I wouldn't be able to turn back.

"Amnesia," I whispered, looking down toward the old brick and chemical stained carpet. The guys looked at me. I bit my lip, chewing it roughly til it bled. "Amnesia. We're in the ******** game." I said, looking at them, I could feel my heart pounding against my ribs.

Cody gave a small laugh. "Well, we did say we wanted to get into the game," he said, a gust of wind ruffling his hair, also blowing in a door, the old hinges screaming from the sudden moving before slamming against the back wall.

I squeaked loudly, jumping back, my mind spinning wildly. Everyone seemed to have a similar reaction. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath before walking in, grabbing the letter to Daniel. "We need to get this over with."
I whispered. "If we get done soon, hopefully we can go home, and," I touched my ears, which caught a hint of growling somewhere deep within the castle, "change back."

"Please, Janelle," Brian laughed lightly, shaking his head as his tail wagged in excitement. "It's every gamers dream to go into the game world. What's so bad about this game that's got you so jumpy. It's just the wind, after all. It can't be worse than Dead Space."

I looked back at him, stepping forward. I could feel the tips of my ears burning both in embarrassment and fear. "I know I'm jumpy," I whispered. "I know I have the tendency to leave the room when someone is playing a game that scares me or makes me sick, but this one has an underlying reason that I'd rather not stay and meet face to face. In those games you play, you had the means, the ability to fight the monsters, kill them, see them, avoid them with walkthroughs and tutorials-"

"Which I never used," Brian cut in, eyeing me curiously.

"Right now I don't give a ********," I said. "But in this game, you don't get a map of where things are going to be, when they'll pop up or even a weapon to defend yourself." I took a breath. "You play the games that have an ending is happy." I turned toward the guys, feeling the wind whip my hair around behind me. "This ends bad for us." I turned, looking down at the floor. "This game ends in death."

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