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Xarra H. Lotus' journal
Check or no check, as long as your happy. ^_^
The Last Guardian
Team ICO, The very talented creators of "ICO" and "Shadow of the Colossus", have once again made us go "YAAAAY!!" when we heard their new game “The Last Guardian".

It is NOT yet finished; however, they have just released a very early BETA footage of the game. It was AMAZING. (I ignore the fact the boy still looks cell-shaded... also the fact that it's CG.. >-< wink

My personal review score when the game's done? 10/10. The graphics will be awesome, the story will be touching (like the other games Team ICO made XD) and most of all... it would be number 1 on my "Best Games Ever Played" list. ^_^ (I'm still a fan of Team ICO. *sigh* I can remember the time my dad bought us a PS2 and also the game, ICO >w< wink .

The Trailer of "The Last Guardian" was released on May 2009.
"The Last Guardian" will be released on 2010 (Date and Month still unavailable)

Time for a little Q&A!

Q: What console is it published exclusively?
A: It's published exclusively FOR the Playstation 3. (YAY!)

Q: What language do the characters speak in?
A: The language they speak in is fictional, so you don't need to look it up. smile

Q: Are you a big fan of Team ICO?
A: YES I AM!! >w<

Q: This game SUCKS, the boy looks cartoony, graphics look stupid and the plot is SOO obvious! Again, I say, that game just SUCKS.. evil
A: Team ICO's spending millions creating the game, and, as I explained earlier, it's not yet finished since they are still adding more details, textures, and 3D Maps.
What do you mean "The plot is SOO obvious"? You don't even know what's REALLY happening in the game yet!
And if you're gonna say that in front of me one more time I will personally put you through the shredder and feed your remains to my carnivorous turtle, Suzie, and she'll **** over the cliff where the damned are pushed... And no one would even know you're dead... How's that sound? ;D
Reply: um... sure. O_O

If you haven't played ICO or Shadow of the Colossus, then may god have mercy on your soul! twisted (If you have PS2, buy those games NOW! )

It's a Trilogy. And "The Last Guardian" is the last in the series. ( sad aww.... Oh well, hope it's GREAT!! biggrin )
If you want more information about the game, go to gamefaqs, gamespot or gametrailers.
If you want answers directly from me, feel free to ask me. ^_^

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