A stop sign is not just a sign
No, a stop sign is a life-saving sign
It helps us to know
When to stop or to go
So we don’t hurt small children

Stop signs are useful in neighborhoods
Stop signs are useful and we always should
Listen to them for they are the law
You shouldn’t just sit there, and look in awe
Stop when you see that red octagon

A young man was crossing the street
He was soon about to see defeat
For a driver wouldn’t hit the brake
And the man would soon look like a rake
But, the driver saw the stop sign, which saved his life

A man was on trial
For killing a child
In a rural part of town
He ran her down
He missed the stop sign, which could have kept her alive

Stop signs are necessary in daily driving life
With them, our drivers will strife
The accidents will be gone
And the sign reading will be drawn
If you obey a stop sign, then you should probably stop yo car.