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My Life, Day By day...
Well this journal is about what goes on in my day. Somedays its ok but some its not. The first one is just about whats happened so far in my life then the rest will be day by day
Im gonna start off with a short detail of my life that way when I write down all the stuff all start writing day by day if my computer is actually working. If I have any spelling mistakes and it anoys you when people dont use proper english then screw u.

Name: Ashley
Age:14 (15 on march 28 )
Currently: Single
Embarassing moments: A life time full

Well let's start out with embarassing moments shall we? Well im only going to tell a little bit of them not all ok? Well lets start off in grade 3...

" Farted in my crushes face,skirt fell during concert,tripping everytime I walk by a cute guy,laughing to loud in class,looking at my crush and didnt realize he was staring back at me for a while " and many others.

Now i am going to explain my life in one word: Disasterous

I was sitting in a seat at a hockey game with my firends. We were having a wounderful time laughing and pointing out cute guys. When some guys from my class sat down 2 rows beneath us. They looked up. They went in the row beneath us. They looked up. They sat down beside me. Looked at me. The guy beside me said out of no where "do you want a cherry?" I was like "no" they left me alone for about 5 mins. He tapped me on the shoulder. "I want to give you somehting" I said "Leave me alone" He kept tapping on my shoulder. I yelled and said "WHAT?!" "I want to blow you a kiss" and he blew me a kiss. Of course i knew he didnt like me they always played jokes on me i was like their practice clown or somehting!

Now next....

I was sitting in french class doing my work. This guy yelled out my name (i am not going to say what their names are because it is privacy) "ASHLEY!" i blushed so hard. He came up next to me and put his arm around me and said "hi" I wa slike "hi..." and some people would think that this would be a wounderful moment for them but this guy is the class clown and VERY ugly! Well he took his arm off of me and went to the guy sitting next to me. The person that was sitting next to me was my next door neighbour. So the guy went up to him and said" _____ Do you want to go out with Ashley?" I was so embarassed and i said "Hell NO!" my neighbour said the samething and the class clown didnt bother us the rest of the day.

Another thing....

I was going to my locker with my friend katie, and when we got there, there was guys sitting on the stps next to my locker. One of them got up, put hid arm around me and my friend and said " You 2 and me at galaxie tonight at 7" we knew he was joking of course lol

2 things that happened on a same day...

Sittng in math class guy hands me a note and he said it was from _____ I opened it and it said will u go out with me. The guy who was supposedly have written the note said that it wasnt from him...
next hting sitting in the library and guy comes up to me heres my # call me it was a fake # but who cares it was funnny.

Last thing...

Sitting in math class waiting for the 10 minute bell to ring. Popular guy sits down next to me he says: Hi Ashley. Wats up Ashley. Whats new in yur life ashley. Ashley. Ashley.Ashley Ashley. We should go out sometime Ashley. and then after he said that he took off

well thats my life so far.

See how my next day turns out!!!!

xox Ashley twisted

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  • [01/31/07 03:22am]

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