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Kerana's Journal
My so called life
9/7/2006 Fate frowns on me the day I got my Wedding License
With the head cold I had to get up two hours earlier then usual so that my fiance nad I could get our license. Along with that I got to get to Union Station much earlier then usual and got to do a little shopping whee ah yes, this day started out great. In a month from today I'll be married and the whole thing will be done.

I go into the office today. I had made an agreement with the team leader to handle more postings in order for me to get more practice with procedures, since the e-mail requests for updates and postings have been so sparatic, I realized that if this keeps up I would not be prepaired for Comission day Meetings (the day when we have to get things up to date up to the minute). There's a lot of stress that goes into this but I know it can be managed with some practice.

So I'm doing this through out the course of the day along with an IT Weekly Calendar that displays available IT courses we provide. So that can get send out before next week.

I was working on a module for the home page, I get a call from one of the team members needing a QA so I agreed to do it. Then I was juggling between the home page, and the QA.
IT Support Center calls indicating that there's a call from the print shop about a poster I requested and asked if I was busy. I replied yes. He let's me know that the call would be transfered and not to answer it....the phone rings...my reflexes respond immediately STUPID OF ME to do such a thing. She's telling me that there's a problem with the pdf file I sent, I keep asking if this could be handled later and that I was busy with something at the moment but she responds that her manager wants to talk to me I tried to see if it can be handled tomorrow (THE DAMNED POSTER DOESN'T HAVE A DEADLINE THIS MODULE ON THE HOME PAGE DOES IN A MATTER OF MINUTES) the call was over. The manager calls me and she won't let the matter be handled tomorrow and I was getting the stress shakes. Trying to focus on the module and at the same time to stay calm and nice about it. Call was done. Module with changes was not.

The during the phone calls the web team leader pointed out a link that should not be there. I did not catch it, the client did. This is not a good thing we as the web team need to do all this for the client so the client does not need to worry about it. I remove it, and posted the page from staging to production.... without posting the icon that went with it... I checked for it but it was in staging that I looked at it so that's why it looked fine. I continued the QA for the other web team member the client had a 16 page document that includes changes and deletions had to make sure he was doing it right because this web team member is also new. The client checks the home page and sees a missing image. Not good. The new team member fixes this while I was QAing his work. The client also had a couple of minor grammatical changes to make, he makes the changes in production instead of staging first (they have to be insync in for when people make updates to it). Even though the changes were done immediately the web team leader had to call him to tell him not to do that and highly stress the point.

After that the team leader calls me points out that he needs my help with a couple of postings (one of them was an e-mail request which I needed to tell him to ask more time on it this unfortunately was not done soon enough yet another missed one sweatdrop ) I teach him how to do the other type of posting and how to do other things within it. I go back to my desk and continued QAing.

MEANWHILE...the Maid of Honor was dealing with e-mails from the other bridemaids trying to come up with another plan for the bachelorette party (since the first did not work for the others due to financial circumstances) and the other bridesmaids don't seem to like the ideas she comes up with. You can imagine the frustration one feels after completely planning out the party with no complaints until the month before the wedding and having to cancel the reservation for it. Then not having any ideas work when talking to the other bridesmaids and having one of them point out THE SHOE subject again (which I've pointed out in the VERY beginning black closed toed heals which appears none have or are affraid that the very subtle difference of shade in black would clash with the dresses or with the other shoes or "too casual" WHAT SO F-ING CASUAL ABOUT BLACK SHOES grrrr stressed I swear the first thing I think of for formal events is black shoes not silver shoes which she was sugesting we would all get (where would people where silver shoes?)). So after all the frustration the Maid of Honor calls me while I'm QAing saying "I don't think I'm the right person for the Maid of Honor" literally I was about to break gonk I breath and smile and say " can I call you back later so that we can discuss this"

With the continuing head cold and and watery eyes I continued the QA to check every little thing on the rest of the 16 pages. Then finally posted the darn thing. Then I had to go back and check on the postings he made while I was QAing that was when I caught the missed request for more time. burning_eyes

So with a heavy heart I had to report to the Web Team Leader and she had to record it and give me a lecture about timing and see if my hours can be shifted from what I normally do.
So instead of 5-8pm 3-8pm.

Then I try to test the pdf the printing people were having trouble with on the same type of printer. Guess what there were no problems with it lol burning_eyes I swear I was going to start maniachaly laughing from insanity. While testing that I missed the 8pm shuttle meaning I would get home even later then usual.

To top that off I skipped lunch *stomach rumbles* gonk

I called the Maid of Honor asked her what was going on. She told me about the frustrating e-mails. It seemed as though 2 of the bridemaids were telling her that she did not know the rules about the wedding so I had to clarify to her that I don't give a darn on those and merely regard them as guidelines. I also pointed out that she DID do her part, they did not do theirs. She also pointed out that Matron of Honor wasn't online which is completely forgivable seeing that she has a fulltime job of being a mom and with another on the way. I called her and give her an update about the wedding she manages to get me laughing at this, I don't know how she's just magic that way.

I called the bridesmaid that was planning the bachelorette party and asked for the other bridemaid's number. She asked a couple of things such as times I'm available and about restaurants I like. Which I didn't mind answering. Also while I was at it I gave her the number of the Matron of Honor.

My fiance picks me up and once more I smile. The rest went up hill from there god he's so worth it.

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