Ok , so like yesterday and the day before yesterday I went to the park. Not the same ones. The day before yesterday , it was rainin' and Bob and Maria were there. It wwas thundering and hailin when we left. Me and Bob were playin' soccer with my bros and his friends. The soccer was funny , I don't even think they were playing good. And Maria was with my sister! Then she finally came when Bob said to come. And like , it was thunderin' nd all. When we were leavin' Bob nd Maria came to my house ans stayed there until 1:00 in the morning. Literally. We were all playing -lol- Monoply and I was the shoe. Well , Maria and my bro who was the banker cheated 'cuz they took Bob's nd my other bros money. That's why Bob was so poor. And Maria was the poorest in the game , until she stole Bob's money 'nd hit the jackpot. Well, when she did , we all were like " take her to jail" lmao. I was on Facebook talkin to Aliyah and White Pele , but then I kinda stopped. And my cousins from N.C. came on Friday...they are leaving today. Oh well. And I need to study for my friggin' tests!

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