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School story again Lost first page this still makes sence xD
I finally had reached my house after what felt like ages of walking in wet cloths and boots, I walked into my house to get new cloths, but when I walked in there was a creepy guy was standing there... waiting....
" I've been expecting you." He said as I walked in.
" What are you doing in my house?" I asked, furiously.
" I am you and you are me." He said.
" What do you mean?" I said puzzled.
" That means exactly what it sounds like." He said, and walked out the door... I MUST be insane...
After this delema I sat down and thought about how weird that was and who was that. Is he really me? After a while past I fell asleep. Once I woke up I walked to work still wearing my drenched cloths. When I got to work, the creepy man was waiting there as I got in. He sat around watching me and I watched him back. I made a decision, I'm going to kill him the next time he's here and no ones else was around. So I waited and waited, but there was always someone in here, if someone left, two people would walk in, it was getting ridiculous so I decided I was going to follow him and kill him. I waited, eventually he stood up and walked through the door he climbed into a carriage and I climbed onto one of the horses from the horse keeper next door and followed the carriage. I road past the carriage to see if he was in there, as I past he was the only one in the carriage. Up ahead I let the carriage past me and then followed it. When it got to its destination I quickly climbed off the horse and ran up to the carriage and ripped the man off the cariage, and began choking him. After five minutes without him struggling I let go and let out a sigh of relief. I heard a yell as I stood up and I was quickly pinned to the ground and heard running around the carriage. Who cared about that crub anyway? I looked through the crowd of guards not seeing any dead man, but a dead woman. Not just Any woman, the mayors wife to exact. I heard a snicker from behind me.
" I am you and you are me, and now were both dead." Said the creepy man, I could tell he was smiling without looking at him. Quickly I was uploaded into a prison like carriage that I could not escape from. I got punched in the face shortly after, getting knocked unconcious.
" Let the punishment of this man commense. Let his head roll and blood be spilt." Said someone who sounded loud and perful. It took me a moment to figure out where I was, I was in the public punishment building. A place where people can go to see criminals be exterminated. I was being executed by The Guillotine. I was at the bottom of the contraption, all I could do was wait for The Guillotine's blade to rush down and behead me. I looked forward and saw the creepy man. I heard the crowd roaring with there anciousnous and excitment.
" I am you and you are me," He said. " If you die I die, and now we both die." I could clearly hear him over the crowd. He took off my brown hat and threw it on the ground and stomp it, then made a huge creepy and Unrealistic grin, suddenly his head popped of no blood nothing, it just rolled off. He was laughing hystericlly, I heard the execution giggle like a lil' gurl (xD) as he dropped the rope. The blade quickly fell, Instantaniously decapitating me. Everything went blaxk and was hurting, and all I could hear was the sound of menacing laughter of my split personality.

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