I want to be able to speak fluent German one day. The German language just appeals to me a lot. All of my friends cant really speak any other languages and don't honestly want to.

I can speak a little German like phrases:
I love you
You smell so good.
Come here to me.
Come play with me.
What is your name?
I follow you.
I want the car.
and etc.

I also know most of the colors and family member names.
I can also count to 10 in German, Spanish, and Swedish. I cant seem to get past ten on any of them, maybe I just need to choose one and go with it.

I wish I could go back in time and have taken a couple of foreign language classes in school, but my parents wouldn't have backed me up on that at all. I wish I had a friend that would just speak German to me so I could learn faster instead of on my own.