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my stuff, stories, poems, random ect this is where ill be putting up my stuff i guess

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how do i get my diary back?
my ex bf has my diary. i can't talk to him, dont suggest it, and i dont trusy any of his friends enough to aske them to transport it. any advice?


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Well... I just finished watching Fruits Basket, I really do have to go and get the rest of those books to read. I'm going to the mall to meet with my Aunt later today. She's a great lady... and she acts/looks/is a lot like me! yes, that does mean her eye make up is...abnormal STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrr.... damn normal humans.... a tad bit moody today? why yes, thank you for noticing!


Severus, don't lie
“Mummy?” Ember was almost asleep, her blue eyes, so like her mothers, were drooping lazily and her thumb in her mouth. I sighed and sat down beside her on her bed, “mummy’s not here now, love” I murmured. Her eyes stared at mine, almost through mine, like X-rays. Gods those eyes were beautiful. “Why daddy?” she slurred through her thumb. I sighed and brushed her black hair behind her ear, smiling at the soft black ringlets, “mummy’s busy now, she’s very busy,” I told her. “Okay”. Her innocent face seemed disappointed. I looked over her to the child laying next to her, already deep in slumber, “ember followed my gaze, then turned back to me, “ daddy, why don’t you like Ri?” she asked, all sleep now forgotten. I felt myself tense as pictures of Black whipped through my head, Black and Potter, tormenting me, I kept myself from scowling, instead I smiled lightly, “that’s ridiculous, Emmy. I love Riley. Just like I love you. Now it’s time to sleep”. I stood and as I passed through the doorway I heard Ember say, “you’re lying daddy, I can tell”.


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I've got one, but I can't keep it with me.
My grandfather left it to me in his will.
He used to let me hold it,
in a room that smelled like cigarettes and sweat.
With his swords and katanas,
but I liked the dagger best,
smooth and silver, glinting.
And what will I do when I get it back?
Don't ask.
I always thought silver and red
were a perfect match.

suicidal much? sweatdrop


Little Soldier
My little ray of sunshine, turned out to be just like me. Only stronger 'cuz she does get beat, not just threatened and she can take it. But when I'm around he can't do it. Can't get her, can't get me, but when I'm gone, I know my little soldier is fighting and losing. And when I see her again she's bruised all over, my little soldier, my ray of sunshine, safe for another few days before the war continues.

My little sister has to put up with her abusive father, hopefully not for much longer. I'm in court, technically he's not allowed to do anything to her, but who's there to stop him since my mum kicked me out of the house? it's been 8 months since I seen my sister, and I miss her.


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Awkward night
Roxanne lay in bed reading, nudging Severus leg out of her elbow space. A gentle snore was his only response. Roxanne's eyes felt heavy and tingly, she rubbed them and a yawn reached out of her throat. She marked her page and Severus stirred, his eyes blearily fluttering open. He yawned to and stretched, rolling his shoulders, making popping noised. Roxanne grimmaced.

She couldn't help but to let a loving smile play her lips as she looked at his long, messy hair and groggy expression, "Wha' time 's it?" he mumbled.

Roxanne looked over at the lumonous numbers on her clock, "it's nearly two in the morning, Sev. Go back to sleep".

Severus blinked a few times, "what're you still doing up?" he asked.

Roxanne held up her book, "but I'm going to sleep now so-"

Severus grabbed Roxaznne around the waist and pulled her into a tight hug, "Mmm... Roxy.. I miss you love".

He closed his eyes and moved his hand to her lower back. She tensed and gently pried Severus' hands off of her, "Sev... you're half asleep.. don't-"

"I know," he said bitterly, "don't do anything stupid," he muttered to himself. He turned and laid back down, "Well, g'night".

Roxanne sighed, "yea. right".

crying yes, Roxanne and Severus are still good friends, but Roxanne has a boyfriend. Severus can't seem to get this through his head, he misses his Roxy too much. Guess he shouldn't have broken up with her.


Pain on the Dance Floor
James and Sirius were laughing at the bar, and Lily Evans sat a little farther away on a bench, tapping her feet impatiently.She was wearing a flowing green dress and diamond earings, her crimson curls flowing freely down her back. She watched the other students on the dance floor, wishing James would ask her to dance. He had invited her, after all. Someone tapped her shoulder, and she turned around, a pair of black eyes meeting her own green ones.

"Care to dance?" asked Severus Snape.

Lily looked over at James who was goofing off, trying to balance the punch bowl on top of his head.

"Yea, why not." she replied.

She stood up and Snape held out his hand. She took it in hers, shivering from the cold of his touch. He led her to the dance floor, and she placed her hands on his broad shoulders. Snape held her waist and pulled her close to him, looking down at her with his cold black eyes. Lily leaned her head against his chest, avoiding his penetrating stare. She closed her eyes and listened to his heartbeat, quick, strong, and steady. Snape started to lead her into a slow dance pattern. She looked up at him, he was still gazing intently at her, however, his eyes had softened. They still shone with dignity, but the icy look seemed to have melted slightly.



"Why are you being so nice to me all of the sudden?" Lily asked.

"This is nice? It's only dancing. I simply noticed your..." his eyes hardened again, but only slightly, " date... was too busy fooling around to do so himself."

Lily glanced back at James who was turning Sirius hair tye-dye. She rolled her eyes,

"He's still so immature-"

"Do you love him?" Snape interupted.

"Sorry, what was that? I didn't quite hear you." Lily said.

"Do.." Snape sighed deeply, "Do you love him?" he repeated.

Lily smiled, " Yes, I do.".

Her eyes lit up, and she took her hand from his shoulder, showing off a gold band adorned with a small, elegant diamond.

"We're engaged, isn't that wonderful? He proposed to me yesterday."

While lily's face glowed with happiness, Snape's face drained of all color, and the fire in his eyes flickered and extinguished, hurling his gaze into a bitter cold glare.

"I- is that so?" He asked.

Lily beamed and nodded. Snape's lips were forced into a small, twisted smile.

"Congratulations. Well, it's been a lovely chat, Evans, or Potter, whichever you prefer," he sneered, "But I have somewhere to be.".

And he left her standing alone in the middle of the dance floor. He hurried from the Great Hall, and headed down a corridor, eventually breaking into a run as he fled to the dungeons. As soon as the dungeon doors slammed behind him, he fell to his knees, letting tears find their way down his face, twisted in agony. For seven years, he had worked up the courage to try to start a relationship with the girl of his dreams, and now, thanks to Potter, she was hopelessly out of his reach.

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He was a shadow, dark and alone,
She was sunlight, brightly shown,
He cursed his life while she held hers dear,
He denied it, while she thought it was clear,
Their first stolen glances, there was a spark,
Then suddenly light flooded the dark,
She held his gaze, green eyes bright as day,
His black eyes flickered, and he looked away,
She reached out to him, completely unarmed,
He shied away, too many times harmed,
Though time passed, he kept her in mind,
How sweet she was, and how very kind,
Then one day, she gave him a clue,
She told him she loved him, he didn't know what to do,
He was confused and suprised, even slightly afraid,
Amazed overall by the choice she had made,
She stood there, waiting for him to respond,
Waiting to see if he was willing to bond,
He stumbled on words, unable to think,
Blushing and staring, unable to blink,
Grasping onto a feeling he never knew,
He relized then that he loved her too,
But he didn't say it, He was too scared,
So he left her thinking that he never cared,
She was hurt and upset, he felt guilty inside,
He avoided her, trying to hide,
Tear filled eyes, stuck in his head,
As well as the things he wished he had said,
But each time he saw her, she wouldn't go,
She was the same girl he met years ago,
She was patient, she was kind,
She was the girl that he left behind,
No more smiles betwixt them, he turned her away,
He went back to the shadows, sure that's where he'd stay,
She reached out to him, offering one last chance,
A friendship or love for him to enhance,
He looked away holding invisible tears,
His chances conquered because of his fears,
When he was in trouble, she rushed to his side,
In his anger, he hurt her, she cried,
Tears of pain, she'd never cried before,
He hurt as much as her, if not more,
The way she lashed back after what he had said,
Filled him with anger, regret and dread,
He felt too guilty to try to explain,
To face the trust he had so ruthlessly slain,
He plucked up his courage and wiped his face dry,
But upon finding her, again did he cry,
She was tightly embraced by another man,
He turned on heel, sobbed and ran,
He locked up his heart, threw the key out the door,
And he was lost forevermore

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