User ImageI watch my feet dash one in front of the other
The freezing rain stings my face
I'm running as far as I can go away from my life

There is no direction, no path
Just my feet hitting the pavement
The steady sound of the rain roaring in my ears

The yelling, the lying and the fighting
And all the heartbreak that follows
Making me sick and so numb

I quicken my pace feeling the drops hit faster
My fingers trembling in my sleeves
Eyes filled to the brim with their own tears of heart break

I didn't know I would be hurt like this
I'm only a bird with broken wings
Flightless, scared and alone

Suddenly I stop running feeling my chest burning
The rain roaring even louder in my ears
Muting the cars speeding past me

The memories start pouring in
Drowning the last bit of sanity I have
Leaving only ruins in its path

I begin to shake and collapse onto my knees
My hands gripped tightly onto my drenched hair
Letting the tears spill over onto the pavement

Then there was only the sound of my screaming