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Rat Scratch

Lady Rat
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Letters From A Beloved Pet
This is my own composition. I encourage you to share it with others, but i do ask you give me credit.

this was originally called "Letter from a Little Rat" but i decided it applied to all.

Letters from a Beloved Pet

Dear Lord,
Thank you for my mama. You know the one, my human mama. She picked me! How awesome is that. She could have easily chosen another, but she heard me calling to her. She cuddled me on the way home instead of leaving me in the carrier, and gave me the most special foods that night to make me feel welcome. She has given me a new family and they are still unsure about me, but i think everything will be ok because my mama is there to keep me safe.

Thank you for my mama. She constantly tells me I am beautiful and perfect even though I know I have flaws. Only you, Lord, are perfect, but mama says that my flaws are what make me perfect. I don’t understand that but I guess that is what true love is about.

Thank you for my mama. She makes me take my medicines when I am sick and I hate that, but I do not hate my mama. After all, she is trying to make me better. Afterwards she gives me something yummy to try to take the bad medicine taste away. I can’t wait to get better so she doesn’t have to put up with my grumpiness about taking my medicine too long.

Thank you for my mama. Did I say that already? I can't say it enough. She makes me feel needed especially when she is having a bad day. All I have to do is be there and her troubles melt away. She doesn't know it, but I am always with her, and i feel when she stresses out away from home. I tell her I love her and send calm thoughts to her, but she doesn't hear me very often. Still, I won't stop coming with her in spirit, after all, it is my job. If she thinks of me even once in the middle of her day, she instantly smiles, and I know I have done an extra good job that day.

Thank you so very much for my mama. My final days are here and she is worried. I want to tell her she has done a good job. The pain I learned to live with was barely noticeable because I love her so very much, but I can hide it no longer. I want her know that she isn’t playing God if she helps me leave this body, she is giving me the greatest gift of all: an honorable release from the pain. Knowing that she is willing to go through such pain to help end mine gives me the courage I need to face this endless night while she watches over me. My time is complete and you already have a plan set in motion to send another to her when the time is right, one to help her heal, one who will feel just as special as I do in her arms.

Tomorrow we will go together to that place where I will be helped out of my broken down body. I can already see the animal spirit who has come to help guide my way when the time comes. If I happen to slip away when my mama isn't with my physical body, I know I will still feel her thoughts surrounding me like a warm blanket of love, keeping me safe.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for my mama. I just wanted to tell you that in person, Lord. I finally understand how love works, now that I am here with you. There is no limit to love and my mama will never need to give her love for me to anyone else. I will always have a special place in her heart. And I will always be able to visit my mama even though she cannot see me. She gives me purpose even now, though I have left my physical body behind. I will tell her every day that I love her, and I will tickle her memories with my whiskers to watch her smile when she remembers how I looked at her to tell her I loved her.

this was inspired by many many pets who wanted me to add that this also applies to daddies

by M "Angel" King

(If you have issues with my use of religion, tough. It's not gonna hurt you.)

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