Dream 1: I was in this auditorium getting ready to watch a play. Ashley, Cassy, and Jessica (my friends) were there, and so was Bill's (from the show Still Standing) mom. O.o Strange... So anyway, I don't remember actually watching a play, but I guess I left before it was over because I was the only one outside. However, when I went outside, I was on this hill and it was sunset and there was this fence. I look over and BAM there sits the ocean. So I walk up the hill and here comes this runaway stroller! No kid in it, just a random stroller. I get out of the way and some guy who looks like James from Twilight stops it. He eyes me like he wants to...well drink my blood. I start to walk and he grabs my arm, says something and lets me go. I walk up the hill and this Indian man (looks like a Quillette(sp?) from Twilight) jumps in this white van and heads off down the hill after "James" I suppose. I walk a little more and I'm at the top of the hill. There's this "forest ranger" and he's a Quillette (sp?) I suppose. He says something to me and walks to the woods that suddenly appeared. Weird...
Dream 2: I don't remember too well. I know it involved a really tricked out Hot Topic with Yoshi plushies and Powerpuff Girls plushies O.o including Mojo Jojo.

Last night I had a dream that I was in the laundry room but it was like huge and not undergrounf...and I was trying to rearrange the room or something o.O' ... it was strange. There was a bed, kitchen, washer, dryer...it was like...a house on My Sims or something...

So last night I had another dream about Hot Topic. It was a superstore Hot Topic and I was shopping and buying things like crazy! And the best thing was my card was unlimited. Obviously, I need to go to Hot Topic seeing as how this is my second dream about it in less then a week.

All I really remember from last nights dream was that it had to do with work sweatdrop

Ok I know that the last one was lame, but I'm copying these as I wrote them in my dream journal. I know they're strange too lol.
I will post my January 2009 dreams soon!