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User Imageyou can: climb a ladder to the sun !__♔ ♔ ♔
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` Alexandra Brooke Taylor▍▍the sweet one

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xxxx( ★`xx Alexandra watched as he leaned back in the sand. She, herself, watched the waves move it's way against the shore line, only to retreat back to the ocean a few seconds later. Part of her wondered how Cooks life had been. His childhood. She herself, never really had a childhood. She taught herself how to ride a bike, to swim. She didn't have any siblings so she had to play by herself. Her parent's never let anyone come to her house and she couldn't go to theirs. People thought she was a lucky girl just to have both her parents. But it really felt like she only had one, and that one didn't pay any attention to her. But, she rather not talk about her past. It's the past. It didn't matter now.

The high boy's sigh broke the nearly drunk girl's train of thoughts.

xxxx( ★`xx

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