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Faith's Random Thoughts....
whatever pops into my mind is probably what ill put in this here journal....
Surrounded by Psychos
Warning: This entry has been contaminated with some foul language. Readers discretion is advised.

This entry was made for me vent out all the anger and frustration ive got, and that ive have had since last Monday. So, I dedicate this to the creator of my ever increasing rage. You know who you are.

First of all, this started because of a simple, meaningless, joke (those involved know what i am talking about). For those who arent involved, lets just say a certain someone took a joke about their boyfriend's sexuality literally. And that certain someone blamed me, even though i didnt even say it, and then decided that i had to "earn her trust back." Wait:

Does anybody else see the insanity in this situation?!?! Am i the only person who thinks this is total bullshit?! (Keep in mind that the certain person and i have been best friends for...8 years.)

I am now filled with the anger of a thousand people who have just been unrightfully sentenced to 5 years in prison. How the ******** am i suppose to succumb to her slightly self-centered, attention-seeking requests by aplogizing and kissing her a** for a few months, to "earn" her trust back? Who in their right mind would do such a thing to themselves? The sad part is, her and her boyfriend have managed to turn everyone they told this story to against me. Is there anybody in this damned, twisted world with some common sense? Or am i the only one? I believe i am surrounded by psychos', or am i the crazy one?

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