This is Rynava. She's my original and I do not know if this name is real or not but I'd like to claim ownership of it! XD

- Drawn in just a plain ol' #2 Pencil
- Her arms aren't the correct size
- The wings aren't symmetric
- I forgot when I drew this. I only remember it was last year

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This is my drawing of Gimpi, the item here on Gaia! Haha I love him so much! XD

- Drawn mainly in 0.7 lead pencil (mechanical) and shaded using a #2 Pencil
- His arms and legs may be a little long, but does it count since he's not human?
- It's like he isn't wearing pants. Haha
- Drawn at 6-4-09 at 5:23pm and finished somewhere around 8:10pm

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Sorry I don't have a scanner so I used the webcam on my lil' bro's laptop. Took a pic then cropped the image. I still suck at drawing compared to my friend's art...Haha biggrin