I’m a cow! Moo moo moo! But that was totally random and has nothing to do with the story. Hehe.
Once a chicken fell into a radioactive pool of pumpkin seeds and gained super powers likeeee: Cheese Thrower, Turkey explosion, flying, Dramatic pause, and slow-mo. Dramatic pause and Slow-mo are just there to make his fights seem more dramatic. NOWWW IT’S TIIIMMEEE TOO RUMMMBLEEEE!!! (IN AMERICAAAA! Well, wasn’t that educational eh?) Radioactive Chicken flies to save chickens from KFC, but sometimes he eats there. Yes, Radioactive chicken is a cannibal, but he saves as much as he eats, which is not a lot. Once on his great expedition to save chickens from the super mega chicken killer area-thingy, he danced for two hours and still saved all the chickens, but he sacrificed himself to save 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 chickens.

Maybe, just maybe is Super Chicken got eaten, the person who ate him would get superpowers. And Jimmy did. Jimmy happened to eat chicken on October 29, 7789 and got superpowers and he didn’t know why. He got sad had for some reason it got slower, and he was in a boxing match and it paused for one second and he K.O’ed the guy. He wanted to go to the story, and he teleported there. He realized his powers were great so he shouldn’t abuse them. But he stole 300,000 dollars for his College Fund, then made 5,000,000 snowballs and sold them for 10 cents each and returned the money. It was now October 31, 7789 and Jimmy was ready for Halloween, but *Dramatic Pause* he had school first. He figured he would wander the dark halls and find some Baddoers. Then, he found Jacob, The dark candy dealer and said, “You will not give out razorbladed candies to innocent pre-schoolers!” Jacob replied, “NOTHING, NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Defiantly, Jimmy replied, “Oh yes I can!”, then he used slow-mo and K.O’ed Jacob and threw those candies out.

But there was a more sinister force to be unleashed. Nyck the Wicked was at work. “Stop calling me “The Wicked” FOOOOO my name is Nyck!!! Not Nyckk The Wickedddd! Oh well, I give up.” Nyck also went to eat chicken that day, and he got the last package. The last of super chicken. He gained the power of super farting so he was gonna destroy Halloween by farting on all the candy. Nyck was a selfish man, and he always hated the prospect of Halloween with all the candy sharing, and all the fun, scary, and ridiculous costumes. It was his least favorite holiday, even after Easter, which he hated because of the “Stupid” Bunny Rabbits.

Jimmy though, loved holidays, and when he heard of Nyck’s plan on the afternoon news (which was very stupid indeed) he headed to Nyck’s house to save Halloween. He teleported there in front of the door and broke it down. But instead of Nyck, he found a note saying, “This is for my electric bill enclosed is 500 dollars.” Jimmy thought in his head “-.-“ Then he used his dousing chain to find Nyck. Odd enough, he was flying over The Sea of Cows. He flew to The Sea of Cows and found Nyck and started a conversation with him. “WHY THE HECK DO YOU WANT TO DESTROY HALLOWEEN?” “I want to destroy Halloween because it brings happiness to those who enjoy it” “THEN WHY WOULD YOU DESTROY IT?!” “Because I hate everything.” “ THEN I MIGHT AS WELL END YOU MISERABLE LIFE!!!” and so Jimmy fought Nyck and Destroyed him with a dramatic pause followed up by Super Chicken Style Ultimate Move: Ultra fast sonic speed pecks, and saved Halloween! Or did he?

To Be Continued…..

Note: Written in 4th grade, nothing to do with my writing now.

Minor Credit to i devour squirrelz for minor writing help back then.