Hey guys!!!
It has been awhile since I have written to you.
Uh life is going ok.
But more importantly I am involved in a new project.

User Image Hitai Huggers!!!!User Image
User Image

I have gotten into sewing hats you know the ones you see at anime detour except I got my own twist and orignality that make mine different. ^_^. I am hoping it goes well. I am costantly posting new hats and getting new ideas for everyone. I hope they like them . I am trying.

I am selling them for $15 a piece. unless of course I do a lot of hand sewing or it is very complex like the dragon on I made not to long ago.

anyway to see constant updates on the HitaiHuggers here on gaia go to this thread---> http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/textiles-and-crafts/can-i-get-your-opinion-on-the-hitai-huggers/t.51174691_1/

and don't be afraid to give us your opinions we are always looking for new ideas.
OH!!! and don't forget to pm hugs to the hitai panda. it makes us all feel better . ^_^