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V's Writing
Here I will post some storys or just some random writing. I have REALLY bad handwriting so no one can read them so I will post'em here!
*Okay heres the OTHER one. This ones got a similar FEEL to the first one I posted, but note this one I wrote first, about two days before the other one. But they both share a lot of triples, repeating the same word at the beginning of a lone, whatever that gets called technically. They also both share this undertone of resistance, kinda like you're trying to beat something better than you. I was in a similar mindset for both. The big difference is the resistance thing is the MAIN THEME for this poem while for my other one its an undertone. Hope you enjoy.*

Used to play a game, It was called League
Simple competitive game, kill the enemy
Played with friends, wasted a lot of times
But I learned one thing from that game
One thing more important than anything else
When it looks bleak
When it looks lost
When it looks like its over
Keep going
Keep fighting
Keep it up
Because you never know when you can find your break
You, in those moments, will find what you’re truly capable of
You NEVER give in
You NEVER give up
You NEVER surrender
You are great, and you are capable of anything
With enough effort and time and practice
So never let yourself off easy, and keep going
Never give in
Never give up
Never surrender
And you will find your true boundaries.
I intend to do just that.

Okay, so here's another one. Still don't expect anything good, but I'm finding a Ramian fixation on threes. This one and the next one I'm going to post in like 5 minutes will both have a lot of threes in their flow. But this one's about something thats been bothering me. I used to be really cynical during like the middle point of highschool and I was really not cool. Now that I've gotten over it I've noticed how shitty that behavior was. This one also starts with a Fallout quote.

I was once told
War never Changes
I’ve been told the world is broken, and needs fixing
The World is hurt by the people who live on it
That society is evil and suppresses the will of the individual
I’ve heard of the wars raging across the globe
The missiles in Gaza, The Nukes in Iran, The Media in the U.S.A
And all the pain held therein
I’ve heard of the protests of soldiers funerals, the deaths of small children, the ending of eras
And in our mourning there is one thing we lack. Something that should be growing and grasping at us
We lack resolve
We become dark and cynical, the world is broken and it can not be fixed
We see a piece of a shattered masterpiece and we refuse to put it back together
And I will be frank, those are the thoughts of a coward.
The cynic is a coward. The cynic is a man who sees the broken world, but refuses to fix it.
The world is broken, I will not deny, but it is within my resolve to make it a better place.
I try to make the world a better place
All day, everyday
And Ive become pretty happy just with that.
So war, war will change. It will change if you will it to change
And if you have the resolve to make it so.
******** peace.

Kamakazie Squirrle
Community Member
Kamakazie Squirrle
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