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~Mellow's Mellowlicious Journal!~
Roleplay info (RPC's, Starters, etc); Stories; and other stuff!
The walk from Ardell to Pandor had started out fairly quiet, as Iris had expected. These Princesses were in a foreign land, on the run from a King who was so overcome by his grief that he was willing to do anything to get his dead wife back, including bringing them and their worst enemies together in one place. When she had found the group of females, they seemed lost and some afraid, as Iris would have expected. They were in unknown lands and likely being hunted by the King and his guards. In the beginning, Iris assured the princesses that she could lead them to Pandor where they would be kept safe in the Resistance headquarters. In turn, they briefly filled the lieutenant in on what had transpired after they all arrived at the castle earlier that day.

The mountains were becoming closer in view as they continued their trek towards Pandor. Iris was sure that Ingrid would be waiting at the entrance to allow them passage through. She was grateful she had convinced her friend, the Magician, to put up his magical barrier around Pandor no knowing there were so many powerful beings staying at the castle, according to the princesses stories. As they continued on, some of the girls had started to pair up and speak quietly amongst themselves - it was clear some had found common ground amongst each other. Iris took that time to turn her attention to the brunette princess who she had heard mention of being the one to take action when they first arrived.

Iris slowed her pace to match Belle's and gave the girl a small smile in greeting. "That was very brave of you taking charge, back at the castle. The King has become quite cruel since the death of his wife, but to think he would go to this extreme to bring her back..." Her voice trailed off and she blew out a soft sigh. There was a time she loved her King and the kingdom, but since he changed, it just was not the same anymore. Shaking her head, Iris stared forward towards the mountains - Pandor was coming into view. "We promise to keep all of you safe within Pandor, however we could really use bravery like yours in the Resistance. If you could consider aiding us, hopefully with some extra help we could get you and the other girls home much quicker." She glanced sideways at the princess, curious as to her reaction of the offer.

------------------- RESPONSE

Regardless of the bad feeling in her heart after everything that just happened, Belle smiled at Iris, looking away slightly bashfully at the compliment, then returning her gaze with a confident smile and a nod. She lost herself for a moment, but knew now was not the time to be timid and unsure. Doubt was a luxury none of them seemed to be able to afford at the moment, and hesitation wasn't going to bring her back to Adam any faster. In fact, it was very possible she may never be able to return to Adam at all, but Belle pushed the thought, or tried to at least, out of her head as quickly as it came for it was too much for her to bear to think about.

"Oh, it was nothing, really," Belle smiled to the woman newly dubbed their protector, "I just know we're not going to get anywhere unless we calm down and think things through with caution. Going around willy-nilly hardly ends well!"

Belle sort of chuckled to herself and almost covered her mouth slightly, thinking back to years ago when she first met her Adam and how her caution-less expedition very nearly cost her her life. She wasn't about to let the same thing happen to her new friends. In her heart she knew they were all like her, poor souls yearning for something more and to be with the ones they loved... With such a strong connection to them so quickly, how could Belle let anything happen to these women? Regaining her composure after a moment to let everything start to sink in, she then directed her attention to the other statement Iris said... Something about joining a resistance?

"The Resistance...?" Belle sort of repeated, but not really because she wasn't paying attention, but rather to reaffirm that was what she heard to herself, then adding after regaining her composure, "Well..."

Belle didn't really know the first thing about actually fighting in a war, though she had read many books about it, and many more tales revolving around it. What she did know, however, was that it was dangerous and if they engage in this Resistance it was possible not everyone would come out of this alive... And Belle couldn't bear the thought of losing anyone... But what choice did she, or any of the others, really have?

Would they just stay here, running away for the rest of their lives, longing to be with their loves but never being able to return to them while constantly on the run from the King?

No, Sir! Not a life she wanted for herself, and certainly not a life she wanted for her friends, either.

She took a deep breath, and almost nodded to herself. It was almost funny to her, how, she yearned for a storybook adventure all her life and when she finally got it, she thought she was done with crazy adventures forever... How wrong she was!

"I'd love to," Belle finally said, done with hesitation, then turned to the others, adding, "I think we should all join the Resistance. The King won't rest until he has us in his clutches... We can't have that... The way home won't come to us by itself, we have to go out there and fight for it..!"

She encouragingly smiled at them, and then turned to Iris, "I trust you. If you think I could be of any help at all, then I'm happy to help. Even if I had a way home now, I couldn't leave here in good conscience knowing what is going on. Though this might be a bit more of an adventure than I'm used to, I 'm willing to lend a helping hand to the Resistance, and I hope the others do as well. Besides, I think if we band together and put our minds to it, there's nothing we can't accomplish!"

She then again looked back at the others while stating, "It will be just like the story of a small boy who took down a giant with a slingshot I read in a book once! If he was able to do that, then we can do this, we just have to be cautious and focused...!"

She then again turned to Iris after addressing the Princesses.

"Heh, I read that in a book, as well," Belle explained, adding a slight wink after saying that.

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