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My life as Tukiko, the Moon child
How I Am :)
Sad but i'm tough
Well i jus need someone to talk to right now. I don't have anyone so i'm goin to type it out. My week so fall was jus hell. Me and my boyfriend broke up. It was our fault, its jus that my mother got between us. I hate her to the point its a shame. I was happy and stayin out of trouble. She comes along and ruins it. Me and her ain't talkin. My and him are friends, i jus wasn't talkin to him as much. I kept everything to myself. It bothered him. Im jus not over the break up yet. I'm jus hurt that's all. To me its like he jus pushed his feelings to the side. Well i'm over it now.

Its beeen a long time
Its been a long time since i wrote in my journal, hehe. But things are going good with me so far. From my other entries you would think i have anger problems.. which i do but i'm learning to deal with it in a better way now. I've graduated high school YYAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! blaugh biggrin 3nodding it feels so good to get away from that hell hole they call a high school.

Mad As HeLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
evil evil evil twisted twisted twisted I jus want to take it out on someone, grrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like this boy around my side said something about my clothes and i got soo mad. He has the NERVE !!!!!!!!!!!! stressed to say "i'm jus trippin, hehe" his ugly fat a** self, mad mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we use to go together but all he wanted was sex and i said scream scream HELL NOOOOO!!!! I broke up with him mad stressed , he claim he broke up with me. He'd my friend's boyfriend's brother. I can't stand him. he said something about my clothes and i jus snapped and he was hiding in his house. stressed stressed I was kicking the door, then his sister told me their mother was home, so i stopped.I told him "if you man to say it then come in my face like the man you think you are!!" I jus pushed the door in and choked him, putting my nails in his skin, punching him in the bac, head, and side, so i walked off and i'm not sorry, i don't say sorry. evil stressed stressed mad mad

Very very very MAD!!!!!
I'm so mad stressed stressed at someone and he thinks i did something i probably did do it sweatdrop but he didn't have to curse at me sad . He could have jus talk to me about it. i meant he jus text me calling me names i don't like, he,.. he,... he is JUS A BIG JERK WITH NO MANNERS!!!! evil stressed scream he has some nerve stressed but i not going to worry about him, i jus won't talk to him for a while.

I'm sooooo bored right now gonk . there's a lot of red x's on almost everyone's avi crying I'm alone right now, but its just a glitch for now and it will get better after words xd . just remember that blaugh

Hi, this is my first journal entry on Gaia smile Well right now I don't have nothin 2 talk about sweatdrop xp

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