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Random thoughts of mine Just whatever I feel like writing at the moment.

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Death's Hall: Lich- War's Blade
"So you must be the blood master," The teenage boy said stepping forward, "As Necron just said my name is Lich. I am the ultimate embodiment of those who are killed in war," Having said this he drew his collosal sword, "You will both be cut down by my blade for I will suffer no harm to Angel, Necron, or Death."

"Tch this guy ticks me off, Demize, mind if I take him?" Salamandra said walking into the conversation at last.

"By all means, have at it," Demize said stepping away to give his friend room. Salamandra's hands began to burn with their respective monochromatic fires.

"Fire and War go hand in hand. I'll teach you that you gothic punk," Salamandra said grinning at the sword-bearing teen.

"You will live only long enough to regret those words," Lich replied, then began charging Salamandra.

The sword swung at Salamandra's heand and he put up the hand covered in white fire catching the sword blade. He then pulled his blackflame hand back.

"Blackfire Finger!!!" He cried and drove the open hand into the young man's chest. Though Lich did not fall an explosive wave of black fire sent him sliding back about fifty feet. When he opened his eyes Salamandra was not to be seen. Then a searing pain accompanied by the sizzle and smell of burning fless caught his attention. Then came the pain biting into his back. Salamandra stood behind him his hand pressed against the teen's back.

"Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh," a gutteral cry of agony spilled from the swordsman's lips and he spun around at surprising speed managing to dig the blade of his sword an inch into Salamandra's side before a fiery hand grabbed it and pulled it back out.

"So you're a tough nut huh?" Salamandra asked, "I crack tough nuts,"

The white fire on his right hand began to expand fiercely an until he seemed to be holding a bonfire in his upraised hand.

"Pheonix Whiteflame!!!" He yelled and the bonfire seemed to take on the form of a giant bird. Lich looked on grinning and jumped back wresting his sword from Salamandra's grip.

"Send your chicken to attack me. I am war itself for I am war's dead. You will remember your death before your second one for it was not you who chose to fight me but you were chosen to be my opponent. In the same manner your friend will have to fight Angel for he was chosen as her opponent. Should you two somehow defeat us it will not matter for Necron will then be able to defeat you easily!"

"I'm sick of you," Salamandra said, "Pheonix Whiteflame burn him to a cinder," With a great cry the giant white firebird rushed at Lich and there was an explosion of white fire. When the dust settled a giant white inferno roared where Lich had stood.

"VICTORY!" Salamandra shouted and pointed at the flames. Suddenly a shadow appeared in the midst of the flame.


A ghostlike form bearing a wickedly curved sword gigantic broadsword stepped from the fire. He swung his sword once and the flames behind him snuffed out like that of a candle.

"You now face the true form of Lich," Necron said from behind Salamandra, "The Terror of War."

The Ghostlike figure roared in fury and charged at Salamandra. Salamandra stood stunned watching the imposing creature rush at him with terrible force and speed. The Blade was swung.

Salamandra ducked as the blade passed over his head then jumped into the air. He placed his hand's together and raised them above his head.

"Salamander Flame!!! War's Fiery blade," He parted his hands and the fire's formed a sword. An exact replica of the blade Lich held, "War's dead you may be," Salamandra said, "But War you are not. You do not know war because you are an embodiment born here never to live a true life. Memories of others will get you nowhere. My BlAdE iS sTrOnGeR tHAn YOurS!!!!"

With a cry of rage the beast swung the sword at Salamandra again and at that same moment Salamandra swung his. The two swords collided and slid past each other the two figures stood in silence a foot away from each other. The the Ghost's blade snapped in half and a line of blood exploded from a newly-formed gash in it's chest. The creature faded to a small whisp that entered it's sword. The sword reformed and floated to the hand of Salamandra.

"Most intriguing," the kid said smiling thoughtfully.

((And there we go. Angel is up next!))

Working toward new dream Avi

Gold needed 71,000 Gold to complete.

Death's Hall-The Revenants
Since Demize's victory over the Pyro-Maniac Salamandra, He and his new vassle have combed Death's Hall searching for the place known as the Reaper's Hunting grounds. All the while staving off the ticks and leeches that try to feed off the power of other fighters. While some of these are pushovers the two now find themselves confronted with a veritable challenge. They finally stumble upon the Reaper's Hunting Grounds and are met by the guardians of the reaper The Revenants.

"We've been searching for weeks, Demize," A peeved Salamandra complained, "I told you before and I'll tell you again that we won't find The Reaper's Hunting Grounds. They find you not the other way around."

"You're right," Demize said, "We won't find them. We've already found them."

"What do you mean?"

"Death's Hall is The Reaper's Hunting Grounds," Demize replied meeting the other man's gaze defiantly, "We haven't been searching for him we've been trying to draw him out. Wandering around Death's Hall looking for him was bound to bring him out sooner or later and now he, or rather, his last line of defense has seen fit to show itself."

A voice seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere, "So you knew we were here? You are more observant than we expected."

Another voice, "Tell us why you seek the Reaper."

"You must be the Reaper's three guardians, the Revenants," Demize said with Salamandra dumbfounded standing off to one side.

"So you also know about us. Very well then," A third voice said. A large flash filled the desert landscape where they stood and a bare fifty paces away were three warriors.

In the middle was a small man, more of a boy actually, who wore what you'd expect a punk kid to wear on the playground, a white T-shirt bluejeans too long for him and a cap planted over a rag of hair. He seemed to be the leader of the three. To the left of him was an older teenage looking boy who had long pitch-black hair and wore a black trenchcoat and jeans. On his back was a gigantic sword in the shape of a bat's wing. To the right of the kid was an adult looking woman who wore a long white robe and had Raven's wings and black hair cut to shoulder length.

"As you guessed we are the Revenants from left to right, Lich, Necron, and Angel," The kid said, "You will be hard pressed to defeat me and my subordinates here." The kid grinned at them and the wind blowing through Death's Hall carried deathly silence.

((Next time the Fight with Lich!!!))

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