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My Life
I'm just gonna write in here whenever I feel like it, about whatever I feel like writing about! I might include ideas for story startings, poems, or just rants about my life... whatever!
Mood: xd (awesome!)

So. I've been in this freakin awesome mood all day! (except when I heard from my friend that a river back home is no more - I mean really, how can a river just dry up?!)
(blackthourne: river? you mean the one behind Sarah's house? eek it's dried up?! how did that happen?!)
I dunno. It's wierd. Sarah already talked to a couple of people from the DNR, and I told her to get in contact with even more, to make sure the message gets through. She's also dead-set on talking to the village board, and knocking some heads together.
(yeah, Sarah's like that, isn't she?)
Heck yeah! xd Sarah's kick-a**! eek Oh, man, imagine if she got Mom to go with her!
(... eek there wouldn't be any board members left... Mom and Sarah would tear them to shreds!)
Yeah, Mom's cool like that too! Booyah! Actually... Mom drives past a different part of the same river every day on the way to work... maybe I should e-mail her and see if the river's gone dry there, too...
(yeah, you do that. now, aren't you a bit off topic?)
Oh! Right! Thanks, black! heart Anyways, yeah, my awesome mood! It started during Japanese, for some reason I can't completely understand. But I was doing really well in class, and then I found out that part of the assignment for Monday is to learn the numbers, one through twenty, which I already know (heck, I can count to one-hundred, as long as I don't get mixed up or lose count!), so that made me even more pumped!
And apparently, today is Constitution Day. So some Political Science peopel had a dunk tank outside of Reeve Union, and it was free! Just answer a question about the Constitution, and you get two shots to knock the Dean of Students into the water! Well, I decided to try something else, and I asked "What if I recite the Preamble to the Constitution?"
Of course, the people running it laughed, and didn't think I could do it, but one girl was grinning, and she said "If you can recite the preamble, you can walk right up and press the lever!"
So I started, and then they hushed everyone, and I recited the whole thing! And I GOT TO DUNK THE DEAN OF STUDENTS! WOOTWOOT!
( stare you nerd. how do you even remember that, anyway?)
Hey! I am not a nerd... emo But I remember it from that US Government class we had to take in high school, remember? Mr. Tucker made everyone memorize it! And Deanna remembers it too, so don't even start making fun of me!
(...but wasn't Deanna Mr. Tucker's teacher's-aide? rolleyes she was in that room for that class two years in a row, of course she remembers it!)
...so? crying I am NOT a nerd... Now quit distracting me! scream The next awesome part of the day was that I got three freakin AWESOME posters of Japanese prints, and a Metallica - Master of Puppets poster for Robby! And they're not wimpy little things either, no, they're big ones!
(I noticed that you passed up a Ninja poster... does this mean you're coming over to the Pirate side? pirate )
What? No! Never! ninja Ninjas will forever pwn your nooby pirates!
(*sigh* and here I thought that maybe there was some hope for you... looks like I was wrong! twisted )
Hey, you be nice to me! Or I'll block you outta the rest of this entry!
(fine, fine, i'll behave...)
*pats on the head* Good boy! heart Now... actually, I think that's just about all I have to talk about.
(really? then I'm outta here. hasta luego.)
Yeah, I'd better take off too, I'm getting hungry! xp Ja ne! heart

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