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i gots a gaia journal !
my thoughts on what ever i feel like writing about.
my family vacation part 4
so my little brother, lil bugger, and i were supposed to ride horses on a preset mountain trail. the overall time of this trip was supposed to be about an hour.... it took us almost two hours. this is why. when my mother and father dropped us off at the horse ranch, since im like 6 foot 4 and all, the horse lady has to get me the biggest freaking horse that they have, right. so im waiting in the shack, waiting for the lady to come back , right, when she comes around with this horse-zilla on steroids. i mean this horse what huge. but the funny thing was that i fit perfectly on horse-zilla, named rocky. so we start to head on out on the trail. yippy kai-ai oh! now the trail is like, id say it was like, one foot wide . now there we were, the horse lady, me , and lil bugger. this is how it went down. now us bigg guys, we like to take it easy. so my horse was walking really.......really.......slow.....right. so im far behind the rest of the group. the horse lady was up in front and lil bugger was in the middle. lil bugger had a horse that would stop every chance it got and ate grass for like five full minutes then walk five feet then eat for five minutes and so on and so on. so when my horse got the nerve to actually gallop a little, we would stop behind this horses arse . the horse lady would have to turn around, get behind me , and try to force lil buggers horse to go. now the order is lil bugger, me, and the horse lady. lil buggers horse has a problem he doesnt want to be first in line, yet he didnt want my horse to be first either. so when i went around this horses arse, lil buggers hors would steer its head in front of mine and stopped, so my horse wouldnt move. and this happend all the way to the turning around point. finally we were going back . this part of the trail, lil buggers horse decided he was full and we were back in the proper order again. half way back, we manage to get to this murky, green slimmy, gross looking pond thing. and he whole time we were out there, we didnt realize that the horse ladys dog was with us, so when we got to the pond, he just jumped right in and when he got out, he was wet, he was gross, and when he tried to dry itself off, guess who he splashed? i was really mad because i think a crawdad landed on my head, but i wasnt sure. when that cleared up, i didnt get but five feet away from the pond when my horse just stopped. i tried to get him to move, but he wouldnt budge. i was thinking he was tired, till i smelled something fierce. thats right. he did.....gross. when we returned , my familia was waiting on us to get back. we took our horse around back so they could get in the stables, when my horse stopped....again. i thought he was doing it again,but he wasnt. he just decided to stop. by the time it took for the horse lady and lil bugger to get to the stables, get down, and get back to me, thats when my horse decided to go. i got off the horse and when i was about to leave , he went so bad, it left one mighty of a puddle. i was so grossed out, i hauled my butt out there and to the truck. my mother and father was telling me that we were going to the next camp sight as soon as i got in the truck. and when we got there, things took a turn for the worst...

to be continued.....

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