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Aekis scribbles!
Mostly for my OC(s)
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Skade is a semi-anthro bunny-girl with magic powers. She stores parts of her magic in the form of butterflies.
Her parents were killed by a demon when she was young. In the attack the Demon slashed Skades eye, leaving it blind and cursed. Later she learned that she could see peoples true nature with her blind eye. After the attack she was taken in by a big group of wizards who tought her how to master her magic.
She is usually quiet and mild, but has a sense of power about her.

Skade has three black dots under her left good eye, and a scar over her right blind eye. Her blind eye is blue and glazed over. She has sand-blonde curly hair reaching down to her shoulders, with ears in the same color. Her ears are pierced with golden hoops. She has a tattoo on her left arm, a swirly, butterfly-like shape. She also have golden jewelry in her hair. Her clothes are purple, red and gold.

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Alternate outfit: X X X (feel free to make your own^^)

Photobucket gallery: Skade

Skade and Phase are a couple. X X

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Phase, like Skade, is a semi-anthro magician,but a wolfboy.
Phase has been alone most of his life, dedicating his life to practicing his magic, which has resulted in him being very skilled in the arcane arts. He always studies to become even stronger, and is a bit power-hungry. He has a bat as a animal companion, which always follows him and helps him when she can. Her name is Brushie, and Phase used magic to enable her to take human form when needed.
Phase is quiet and reclusive, wise and powerful. At times he may have a sense of madness about him, like any powerhungry hermit :3

Phase is a wolfboy- He has the ears and tail of a wolf, colored brown, like his hair. His left ear is pierced with two golden hoops. His eyes are green with a hint of yellow in them. He has black, slashlike markings at the bottom of his face.
His "sidekick" Brushie is normally a normal bat (fruitbat). Human version of brushie will be added soon.
Tattoo; X

References: X x
Alternate outfit: X X X X X X X X X x X x

Photobucket gallery: Phase

Vanir is Skade's cousin, and he has approximately the same color hair and ears as her, and is about the same age. Whereas Skade's parents only had Skade before they died, Vanir is the oldest of 11 siblings. Vanir has similar magic to Skade, storing it in the shape of dragonflies.
Vanir is very easy-going and cheerful, and he's good at getting what he wants. He is also very flirty, and he'll flirt with males and females alike (To the dismay of Phase, who often finds himself at the receiving end of his flirting).

Vanir is a bunny-boy, with sandy blond hair and ears. He has red eyes, and a scar across the bridge of his nose. He has a stylized dragonfly tattoo on his back, but this cannot be seen when he wears his top. He usually wears a gray vest, with chains through it that ends in jewels loosely resembling dragonflies, and red-brown pants(one leg is in two parts, bound together with chains), and black boots.

References: X

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