Ok i am currently watching the VMA awards. and i must say, Green Day, Taylor Swift, and Lady GaGa were cool, the host and kanye west are total bastards, and why can't madonna keep her mouth shut?


sorry they just showed it. i really can't wait for november.

ok fangirl freak out over not. as i was saying all the numbers have been amazing so far, but every time one of these people opens their jaws they make asses of themselves. i mean kanye west telling taylor swift that she didn't deserve her award? that was messed up! i don't have any respect at all for that man anymore. i was glad that the audience started booing him.

so what's been up with me? not much. rehearsal everyday, which i must say is lots of fun. there are some amazing people in the cast that i'm working with and they nerve fail to make me laugh. which can sometimes be a bad thing when you miss your ques or when you're supposed to be playing a bitchy old lady but you're too busy laughing your a** off.

friday night i went to the first football game of the year, which was fun. however our team lamely lost but one point. thats right ONE POINT! i wasn't that happy. i think the ref was on crack. they got another goal he just didn't count it cause he was a b*****d.

lastly i must mention that my friend lacey gt me addicted to Odin Sphere. i just finished he first book and i love oswald. i was so sad when i thought he died. but is all good. what isn't good is that i now spend all my time playing that and not doing my essays for my college class. but i got it done and i finished the book, so is all good.

so thats pretty much all thats up at the minute. so i guess i'll ttyl everyone.