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Character log
Le Interview
[[Disclaimer: Alright, here's the plan. Instead of a bare-bones profile skeleton, we're gonna do something different. My OC, Tess, will give your prospective character a sort-of interview. She'll ask all the basic profile questions, name, age, appearance, back story, ect, ect. Your job, is to answer her questions [u]In Character[/u]
And keep in mind, this is also your writing sample, so don't just give Tess one-liners, or she just might bite.]]

[color=darkred]A young woman, maybe early twenties sat at a enormous desk, feet propped on the writing surface. The room around her was in a comfortable disarray, with a fair few empty pizza boxes and beer cans scattered around on the floor. The two couches were well-worn, as was the rug they sat on. One section of the room was dominated by a pool table, the cues laid out on the green plush gaming surface, and across the room from there was a battered but still functional jukebox. To the left of the desk was a set of stairs, leading up to a second story of the building.

The woman sat up, putting all four feet of the chair, as well as her own two on the floor, to lean on her elbows. Now in proper light, a pair of horns, light gray in color were revealed, nested in a head of jet-black hair. Just under the fringe of bangs two eyes, red as a pair of rubies were set over a straight nose. Lips were pursed over a stubborn chin that was jutted out at a mulish angle.
[b]"My name's Tess. I wont say that I run this place, cause I don't, but I will say that I speak for the owner on matters like these. Don't bother asking for him, Dante's off on a job. Now. You're obviously here because you think you're game enough to play with the big dogs. Maybe you are, maybe not. Lets find out." [/b]Tess said, her voice businesslike and impersonal.
[b]"What's your name and how old are you? I cant be calling you 'Kid' forever, especially if you're older then I am." [/b]Tess' cheek twitched; a hidden smirk perhaps?[/color]

[[Applicant name and age here]]

[color=darkred][b]"Alright then. This may sound a little odd, with me sitting right in front of you and all, but tell me what you look like." [/b]Tess asked.
With one hand the woman reached into the pouch at her waist, pulling out a compact folding mirror and sliding it across the desk.
[b]"Use that if you need it."[/b][/color]

[[Applicant description here]]

[color=darkred][b]"Alright then, good job."[/b] Tess smiled, that impish smirk now fully showing.
[b]"Now then. Tell me about your parents. No, I'm not asking because of anything Freudian or anything. I once had someone tell me that 'Your parents are a huge part of who, and what you are, whether you like it or not.' If you're demi-human and haven't mentioned it before, now is a good time to."[/b][/color]

[[Applicant's race here]]

[color=darkred][b]"Well, I'll say that I've heard of worse folks to have." [/b]Tess said, leaning over the desk on her elbows.
[b]"Now, how about yourself. What was your life like before you stepped in those doors? And on behalf of our handywoman, thanks for not taking them off the hinges.
Oh, and before you turn on whatever waterworks there may be, there are these." [/b]Tess reached under the desk and pulled out a battered, but unopened box of tissues.[/color]

[[Applicant backstory here]]

[color=darkred][b]"There there, feel better getting that out? Now, something a little bit easier then reliving a childhood.
What do you think are your greatest strengths? I'm not talking about personality, I'm talking talents or gifts. Like for example, our handywoman can lift a car above her head. So if you can fly, or use magic, or throw lava, now's the time to let me know."[/b][/color]

[[Applicant powers or abilities here]]

[color=darkred][b]"Alright then."[/b] Tess leaned back in her chair again. With her hands behind her head and feet back on the desktop she looked very nonchalant, but there was a serious glint in her eyes.
[b]"Now, the other side of the spectrum. Lets say that we do let you into our little buddy-buddy group, but you go rogue on us. Whats the best way for us to take you out? An example is, and I'm not naming anyone, one of us needs to eat. A lot. or else they cant really do much at all. What's your Achilles Heel? C'mon, everyone's got one."[/b][/color]

[[Applicant weakness here]]

[color=darkred]Tess nodded, looking much more friendly now. [b]"Alright. If Dante says so, and you get in, we'll do our best to cover that for you. Now, something less doom-and-gloom.
Describe your personality in ten words or less. Try to keep in mind the positive and negative aspects. Ready? Go!"[/color][/b]

[[Applicant personality here]]

Now Tess was grinning, an expression that made her whole face light up. From under the desk she pulled out a tape recorder, it's red light glowing, indicating that it was, in fact, recording.
[b]"Alright, that's everything. I'll give this tape to the boss, and he'll decide if you're up to snuff."[/b] Tess said, before pushing the 'Stop' button.
[b]"Any other questions?"[/b][/color]

[[Questions here]]

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