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Blessings Angel: A dream and a Memory
here is the first part of my story. i hope you like it. if there is something that you dont like and think it should be changed please make a comment or message me. please dont hold back on comments, i am still looking for more characters so if you have suggestions dont hesitate to suggest haha. thank you. biggrin

I woke up in pitch darkness; I couldn’t see a thing, not even my own pail white fingers. I stood up looking all around for a dash of light…Nothing. I heard a growl in the background, it sounded like a big dog or a thundering sound. Then a whisper came to my ears. It sounded like a man talking to himself. “Come to the darkness, join us.” “Who are you?” I said still looking around well aware there is something larking in the shadows. “We will give you great power.” The voice started to get deeper and closer. I started to run, I didn’t know where I was going but it was worth a shot. Suddenly, a big growl shot through my ears and echoed in the room. I stopped running and carefully looked back. “Hahaha, what’s wrong megumi? Lost? Scared?” I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Not even a noise. I tried to scream, still nothing. I heard a soft growl by my left shoulder. I froze and slowly turned my head, until I was face to face with a big animal. I felt its breath on my face. Blind as a bat I slowly walked backwards, trying not to fall. In the darkness, I saw it getting ready to pounce and when it did…everything went quiet and still.
Suddenly, a blue light shone as bright as a new born star. It covered every corner, every dark space. I opened my eyes and saw the room was as white as the first fallen snow. There was nothing on the walls, no window, no paintings. I turned saw a random door. Its color was a very light blue, the design had three butterflies fluttering to the top, but there was no knob to open it. I tried pushing it, but it didn’t budge. Taking a few steps back I looked up at the door and noticed there was some writing on the top. “Guardian of light?” right then I felt a sudden presence behind me. I turned slowly and found a girl. She had a white dress with blue lace at the bottom and sides. She had long black hair and bright blue eyes. She stood there with a smile on her face as though she was waiting for me to say something or do something. The, I heard a small voice in my head. “Megumi…” I took a glance behind me to see if anyone was there, no one. “Megumi…?”
“Megumi! Wake up!” I felt something soft hit my forehead and heard a whimper. Sitting up realizing I was in my room, looking at a small chubby little creature, with blue eyes, tarnish fur, and three tails. I smiled “hey rain.” Petting his head and jumping out of bed. “Megumi lets go you’re going to be late!” “Alright! Keep your voice down.” Opening the closet and moving all my casual day clothes to one side and pulling out a new red and black school uniform. “Sign…drama here I come.” Walking down the stairs, I smelt my brothers bunt cooking. My sister was sitting at the kitchen table watching the ceiling fan go around and around. “Morning megumi, sit down, breakfast is almost done.” My brother, Azo kankio is the adult watching us for now. He looks like father in a way, with his black hair and red eyes. Out parents were killed a few days ago, by a guy who was hunting my father. He was from vanolia, a village in the east. My brother said that he had something the village wanted, but didn’t want to give it to them. He said we still have it, but he won’t tell us what or where it is. Maybe for a good reason, but I’ll find it sooner or later. “Megumi eat, you’re going to be late.” I scarfed down my halfway burnt eggs and bacon and grabbed my book bag. “Bye, have fun on your mission Azo.” I bolted out the door in a heartbeat. My sister Kita ran after me with a happy grin on her face. “Sister, wait for me!” she said laughing. I stopped running for a minute to let her catch up, then started walking again. A lot of people say we look a lot alike, I say only a little bit. She has more of a baby face, pink hair like me, and blue eyes like mother. We may look alike, but we have totally different personalities. But, you can’t help but love her.
The school was big, vines covered the walls, and flowers grew at all ends. Trees stood tall over the entrance of the campus. It almost looked like a collage, even on the inside, minus the dorms. “Oh my gosh! My first day in high school! I can’t wait!” my sister squealed. I looked at the tall Iron Gate that stood halfway open. It didn’t look that different from last year. They said that they were going to remodel the school; I’m just not sure what part of it. “Hey hey! I’m going to look around, want to come?!” “Na, I’m just going to chill here.” I said turning “try not getting late.””Ok!” kita scurried off into the school. I sat down under an old oak tree and put my music in my ears. A few kids were playing kickball, others were chatting away like no one can hear them. A few minutes passed and nothing changed. My music blocked out the noise coming from the kids playing kickball. I closed my eyes and felt the soft wind hit my face. BANG! Suddenly, I slightly fell forward. A kickball hit me on the back of the head hard. “Ow!” I said rubbing my head where it hurt. “Oh hey, are you alright?” I turned around and looked up at a boy that was pretty tall and looked around my age. “I’m fine. But would you please aim somewere else other then my head.” “haha alright.” He laughed and went off to play with the others. Then, the bell rang a few minutes later, and we all went to our assigned classrooms.

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