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Kiki- kun's journal

Cannibalistic Affection
Community Member
Jesus Christ Monkeyballs!!!! Something so peculiar and abstract happened to me recently (Not actually recent!! It happened a few months ago and I recalled it today.) and I MUST share it with the rest of you!!!:

This really odd and random dude (Who was obviously a stoner....) talked to me about the Vietnam War. Now, it's common knowledge (Gah! I don't know if I spelled that right!!) that the Vietnam War is over, but this crazy-faced stoner dude told me that the war is still being fought. Not only that, he said that the reason that people go missing is a direct result of this war.

His direct words to me were--"I know it sounds crazy, man, but don't you ever wonder why people go missing every day?! It's because The Man picks random people off the streets and abducts them from their homes to fight in the god damn Vietnam War, man!! These innocent dudes and female men all lose their lives in this war 'cause of The Man!! He needs to be taken down! ........" (He looked around suspiciously at this point) "I need to go, man. I can feel the government's eyes staring at me! Good luck with the abortion, Flowerchild! I will be back!" He then sped off on the bike that he was riding.

He wished me good luck with an abortion. I'm a 15-year-old virgin. (And I'm in no way FAT!!)

He also called me 'Flowerchild'.......... Do I seem like the type of person that was concieved by flowers??

And, yes, this spastastic guy actually adressed the female persuasion as 'female men'. Don't ask me why, 'cause I'm just as confused about it as you are.

You know, the weird thing about this situation is that I actually took him seriously when he was telling me this..... Don't you laugh or scoff at me!! >.< I bet you would have reacted the same way I did! Seriously man, how ARE you supposed to react when someone tells you something like this?!

Well, now I'm going to go eat some cookies and think this over. Bai, everyone!!!

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